Afterschooling 5th Grade

So a few weeks ago I had a parent teacher meeting with my eldest teacher. Putting him in school was a tough thing for me to do. I’d rather have him here at home where I have more control over his education. But at the same time I don’t want him to resent me when he is older for not allowing him to have the school experience.

His school is amazing, however I was not impressed with his behaviour or report card. He had really not been putting 100% into his education. So after seeing his report card and hearing about some poor decisions he was making I was ready to pull him out. I told him I was not going to allow his behaviour affect his education or his classmates education.

But I went to parent teacher conference and his teacher and I had a heart to heart with him. He agreed to try and work harder in school, and behave in a away that was not disruptive to himself or his peers. I told him because he had allowed his grades to slip he had to decide between me pulling him and homeschooling or him staying and afterschooling. He decided he wanted to stay in school.

Now while I respect his decision, he is still a child. I told him I would allow this to continue based on reports from school on his behaviour and his next report card. He had snuffed off for 3 months, so he would have a lot time to make up. Meaning we would be afterschooling.

Also meaning that instead of going to winter break camp the week after Christmas, he will be staying home with me. I feel like a mean mom, but I have told him if he can turn things around this term we can talk about spring break camp.

If you’re interested in learning more about the program I am doing with Wes, check out my YouTube videos below.

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2 thoughts on “Afterschooling 5th Grade

  1. Way to go Mom!!! Great job taking charge of your sons education! By keeping him out of Winter break camp to recoup on the mistakes that he’s made you are NOT being a mean mom, but a meaningful mom! He will learn more than academics by missing Winter break camp. He will truly experience a lesson in responsibility, recovering from mistakes and “doing the right thing.”

    Even including him in the decision and giving him a second chance, you are doing a great, great thing for Wes.

    • Thank you so much. It is so hard being a parent. You want to do everything to keep them happy. But sometimes its more important to be a parent then a friend. This was one of those times. Thank you for your supportive words.

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