Wesley’s 11 Years Old! What??

20160609_234227396_iOSAt the beginning of June, this guy turned 11. ELEVEN YEARS OLD?!?!?!?!?! I don’t even know how that happened. One month after my 20th birthday, this guy came into my life.

Another thing I can say is this… I managed to keep a child alive for 11 year. Woohoo me!!!

My life was changed. I have learned so much from being Wesley’s mother. I calmed down so much. I was an obnoxious hot head. I’m still a hot head, I may still be obnoxious. However I have toned it down several notches.

This guy showed me what unconditional love is. He made me appreciate what my parents have done for me all these years. I like to think he’s made me a better person.

A few days ago, I got to attend his Grade 5 Farewell. In September, he’s off to middle school. The option to homeschool is always on the table for him. Right now he’s enjoying the social aspect of public school, but only time will tell if I will bring him back home. Right now we are just supplementing his education.

Wes currently is learning to play piano, and is quite good at sight reading music. This September he will be trying his hand at the clarinet. We also signed him up for tumbling and trampoline lessons starting in the fall. After reading reviews on sites like: https://www.sportzbits.com/best-trampoline/ we decided to make space in the garden to fit a safe trampoline for him!

He actively participates in the local Lego clubs.

I’m so proud of this guy. My heart explodes with pride knowing how far he has come, and how much potential he has.

I love you Wesley.

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