Canada Day Long Weekend Adventures

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The first weekend of July was the Canada Day Long weekend, and we decided to spend the weekend at a cabin with friends. I have to mention, it was a nightmare trying to book a cabin. I think I applied for 4 on a cabin designed for private cabin owners to rent out their cabins, and was declined. Turns out the owners were often too lazy to change their calendars on the sign and they had all booked them out using other methods.

Finally as our last ditched effort, my friend told me to call this place directly that someone had recommended to her. Lone behold, they had 2 cabins left, side by side, right in front of the playground. This resort was totally kid friendly and our kids were in a safe environment for the most part to just play and have fun. I loved that people were only allowed to bring their vehicles up to the cabin to upload their belongings and load them up at the end of their stay. Keeping the roads in the resort safe.

20160701_034416924_iOSThursday after my daycare kiddos left, we quickly picked up my stepdaughter and head out. We arrived around 8:30pm, unloaded the van and got the cabin all set up. The kids played for a bit, then the boys went off to sleep and the adults hung around the fire relaxing.

20160701_193249115_iOSFriday morning we woke up and the kids ran out to play. The resort was very comfortable with each cabin having air conditioning, a fridge and freezer, running water, washroom with a shower. However there was no TV and no wifi. However they did have a few shelves of board games and books for the kids. So we spent a lot of time playing board games and reading. iPads were reserved for just before bed.




We did take a walk to the beach near the cabin. But the water was full of debris as there had been a terrible storm in The Whiteshell the week before. While it was out of my comfort zone the kids didn’t seem the mind. I enjoyed hanging out on the shore with my little goddaughter.

20160702_002311345_iOSThat night we enjoyed a delicious steak dinner. Wes was kind of sick of playing board games and wanted to ride his bike around, so he was bit of the odd man out. Be he was so excited when hubby asked him to come help him bbq.

20160702_031254998_iOSSince it was Canada Day, the community of Falcon Lake had planned fireworks for the evening on the beach. They were expected to go off at 10pm. So we walked over to the beach for 9:55. We were all working very hard at keeping Zakari awake. He had been talking about them all week.  However the fireworks landing up running late and we lost him at 10:25pm. The fireworks started 5 minutes later. Even though they were so loud, there was no waking him up from his slumber.

We walked back with the crowd to the cabin. I moved Little Z to his bed since I already had him in his pjs. Wes was acting like he was pretty tired to, so sent him off to bed too. Then the adults relaxed around the fire.

Saturday was a bit rough for me. We had been up late the night before and Z decided 5am was a great time to wake up for the day. On top of all the late nights for him this was way to early for him. When he’s tired it’s hard for him to function, and he tends to get into a lot of trouble. We tried everything to get him to sleep. I took him for a walk, my best friend too him for a drive,etc. Nap was not coming easy. Because I was sleep deprived, and we were out of our element my nerves were shot. I’m so blessed my best friend came in calm nerved and helped get him to sleep. Then she convinced everyone they needed to go to the beach. So I stayed behind, had a nap and sorted out the cabin while Little Z napped. It was exactly what I needed.

20160703_032658779_iOSWhile I was getting Z down for the night, the rest of the adults made s’mores with the big kids. I was not forgotten sitting in the cabin waiting patiently for¬†Z to fall asleep. There was a small knock at the door, then the door slowly opened and a hand came through the small opening holder a delicious s’more.

Once Z was fast asleep, I went outside and enjoyed the fire with everyone. We stayed out quite late. When we came back in, it was after 2am. I did a few dishes and tidied up a bit before I turned in for the night.

The next morning I was the first one up. I was actually quite glad because I needed to get things sorted out to leave. I had actually wanted to get everything done the day before and packed, but since my day didn’t go according to plan I left it for the next morning. I ate a leftover hamburger for breakfast and got packing. When I went outside I saw the clouds coming in and decided I needed to move fast so I wasn’t packing in the rain.

Luckily we got most of the stuff in the van before it started drizzling. The kids said bye to their newly made friends and we drove away and headed home.

Last year when we did not respond to the check tire light fast enough.

Last year when we did not respond to the check light fast enough.

One the way home our low tire light came on. Now 9 times out of 10, this just means we are down a pound or two in one tire, not a biggie. But the last time we had this light come on we had a nail in our tire with a leak. Then we can’t forget last year when we were stuck on the side of the road with a blown out tire.

So when this tire light came on, it struck fear into our hearts. I was pretty sure Prawda was not too far, but I wasn’t 100% sure. I white knuckled the steering wheel and reviewed what to do if we blew out another tire. Relief came a few minutes later when I saw this little rundown restaurant. motel and gas station. We pulled in and locked but could not see an air pump. This place was creepy, like if I were to film a horror movie I might use this place. So I quickly ran in to ask them if they had an air pump. There was no gas station front desk or anything, just a restaurant, which a was dead. A man came from the back kitchen and informed me there was no air pump. I sighed and went back to the van. None of the tires looked bad, but I wouldn’t be happy till I could test them and make sure they were all good.

We drove up the road and about 5 mins away was a large, fancier gas station. We pulled in and found the air pump. Lucky for us, the light was only to tell us one tire was a pound or two low. No real emergency and we made it home in one piece.