So I’m finally going to do it!  I feel like a little kid counting down till Christmas or my birthday. As of tomorrow there are only 2 weeks till I head off to the IAHP for the week course on What To Do About Your Brain Injured Child.

I have been DYING to go to this course for years. With a gentle push from a friend who has taken the course for well babies, I signed up.


In the last 2 weeks I have managed to make Little Z 41 homemade books and TONS of sets of flashcards. I want to have my stocks ready to be able to jump right in. The Monday I get back, Hubby is have surgery, so once he’s back to himself, we are going to sit down and go over everything and come up with a game plan.


I must have looked like a crazy lady at Walmart two nights ago when I bought out all their 15 cent duotangs. I had been there the week before and bought what I thought was a bunch, but when I used over half of them I decided I need to stock up before the prices double outside of back to school season. I might even go check out another Walmart this weekend.


I figured out a few ways to create homemade books quicker than the way I was doing it before. I look for stories that lets say are featured on Super Why, like Little Miss Muffet or the Tortoise and the Hare. Once I find them online, I copy them and paste them into a word processor and alter the size and words per page.


I also created books that contain several Mother Goose rhymes. I look for vocabulary list based on topics of his interest, copy paste, boom flashcard sets.


My dad already has the ladder portion of our brachiation ladder ready, I just need to measure the ceiling in the basement, so he can make it to fit where I would like it. My AMAZING dad managed to make it for much less than $100.I’m also hoping to be able to vlog each day I’m down at the IAHP and share my experience.

Have you ever attended a course at the IAHP? If so what were your thoughts? How did it affect your child’s life.  

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