Book Review: Naturally Better by Kristen Morrison

Naturally Better By Kristen Morrison

While I spend the next week or so preparing for my adventure to the IAHP, I decided to reread the book Naturally Better, by Kristen Morrison. I went through my past post looking for a blog post about this book. Surely I must have written a book review. Apparently I never did!! I made mention of the book in an entry on NAET, but never elaborated much on it past that.

After reading it a second time, and enjoying it even more than the first time (and I loved it the first time), I decided I needed to share more about it with my readers.

If you clicked the link above you might be wondering why on earth I’m writing a book review about a book on Down Syndrome on a blog mostly about autism. Well I’ve learned that while Down Syndrome is a genetic condition, children with Downs or Trisomy 21, also suffer from mid brain injury, just like kiddos with autism. Many of the programs and therapies that Kristen used with her son described in this book can benefit children with autism.

How Did This Book Changed My Gameplan 

1.NAET Therapy(Nambudripad’s Allergy Elimination Technique)

Two years ago, when I read this book I was introduced to the world of NAET aka Nambudripad’s Allergy Elimination Technique. This was game changing for my oldest son Wes. He had a dairy allergy since he was 15 months and we had him off gluten since he was two and a half years old as we found it was a major cause of his digestion and behaviour issues. After going for a weekly appointment for 2 months, he as cleared of those allergies.

NAET has also been used to used to help heal areas of the body which are affected by chemical, emotional, environmental and food allergies. Kristen tirelessly researched what areas children with Trisomy 21 have issues, and she used NAET to help prevent her son Gryffin from dealing with these issues.

After reading this, I knew I needed to explore this for Wesley. But I also needed to research how this therapy could help with autism. Then I stumbled across the study that had already been done on children with Autism. You can read the actual study HERE. They even have a specific kit designed for children with autism.

Sadly this year I have not been able to take them as often due to financial issues. Which is sooooo frustrating as we do have insurance coverage, but I need to be able to put the money down first and wait for reimbursement, but our therapist does not accept credit card. So that money would be tied up for a few weeks while the claim was processed. But after speaking to her we have been able to work out a payment arrangement. So this past Thursday they went back for their first visit in months. Our goal is to go through the rest of the autism kit, by the end of the year.

2.Legitimizing The Institutes For The Achievement of Human Potential (IAHP)

I had heard about the IAHP many years before reading this book. I also did a reading program with both my boys inspired but the IAHP. However, I never really could see, if I read all the books, why would I need to go to the course?

After reading this book, I made me realize that my boys could really benefit if I went and attended this course. I also had a good friend who took the course for well babies, insists I make attending the course happen. So now I leave this coming Saturday.

3.Suggesting Probiotics and Goji Berries

While reading through this time around, I learned the benefits of Goji berries. I went online and found a local store that sells a good quality Goji berry juice, and the next morning I went and picked it up. I was so lucky that they happened to be on sale, buy one get one half off.

While reading about Gryffin take probiotics, I started thinking, why are the boys not on probiotics? Wes had been on probiotics when he was younger. I also had Z on probiotics as a baby to deal with colic. So while I was at Sobey’s last week, I was wandering through the new health food section. I noticed they had a cooler full of different probiotics. I found a brand that I recognized and trusted so I grabbed them.

These simple additions were added to Zs diet only a week ago. We noticed a difference in him about 2 days later. His tutors are commenting he is much calmer. I have noticed his language is improving. His sentences are getting longer. He is following more instructions. His dad came home after a 10 day trip. He commented his calmer as well.

So for now Goji Berry juice and probiotics are part of the morning routine. I have also added DHA oil this weekend, but it’s way too early to comment on this.

4.Making Me Realize I Need To Take Their Diet More Seriously

Before we started ABA I was drowning. Honestly, I felt like I was losing control. I felt isolated, scared, exhausted, etc. So when it came to food, I kind of just did what was easy. Hot dogs, chicken nuggets, store bought freezer waffles junk, crap… Basically now that I’m in a better position mentally, I see it as poison. But I have addicts now.

I knew this before reading this book. But now knowing that the better part of next Thursday’s sessions at the course will be about nutrition, then reading about Gryffin’s diet. I need to step up my game. So when I get back, and we have settled back into routine, things are going to start changing. How? I’m not sure yet. I know I will be in the kitchen more. Making much healthier, homemade versions of my kids favourites. The details though, I will know after I return from my course and do a bit of my own research. I’m also planning on taking my plan to our naturopathic doctor for her to review first.


Overall I found this book to be very insightful and well written. I believe all parents of brain injured children need to read this book. I’m glad I was open minded. Honestly I don’t think I would have picked it up if I hadn’t read they had been using the IAHP method. Up until reading it I did not realize how much children with Down Syndrome and Autism have in common. Kristen is a inspiration to me. Top notch warrior mom, doing what she needs to do for her child, even when people told her to save her money and buy a big tv.