IAHP Nutritional Plan Update


IAHP Nutritional Plan

I know, I know! I still haven’t finished writing about my trip to Philadelphia. Like I said there is so much for me to process. That being said I’m almost done writing about Wednesday!

However I’m going to jump the gun here and update everyone on our Nutritional changes. Tonight we are going to the naturopathic doctor to review doses and other options. So I really want to share what we started doing on our own, so I can come back and compare the differences.

Right now Little Z is taking:

A few weeks before I went to the IAHP, started  Z on Goji Berry Juice. I had read in the book Naturally Better that this was very helpful for children with Brain Injuries.

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We also started him on probiotics. Of course nearly all holistic methods of treating autism include probiotics. I say most because our herbalist did not want the boys on them. However I decided that we are going to try them. I had also read they are also recommended by the IAHP.

Fish Oil/ DHA Oil

Then there was fish oils. I had read about other families on the IAHP program using fish oils with their children, so we added in Nordic Natural Children’s DHA oil. I picked this brand because it was recommended by our naturopath years ago, plus it is easily available. That being said, I don’t believe it is strong enough and our naturopath confirmed that via email last week. Through my research I discovered the boys need about 1000 mg of DHA. In four chewable “bubbles” as they call them, contains only about 220 mg. In order to get them to the 1000 mg mark they would need to 17 “bubbles” each. Yikes!! I have no doubt we can find another brand for Wes, as he’s able to swallow pills and such, but Z needs something that taste good and is chewable. He won’t take liquids, especially if they are oily.

Vitamin C

After coming home we added in Vitamin C. Right now because I’m unsure of the doses we are only giving him a 500 mg chewable tablet. I’m hoping to have this reviewed at adjusted tonight.

Changes in Behaviour

We noticed a major difference in Z. He’s calmed down, was able to force on what he was doing, and does not seem to struggle to sit still when he wants too. We are also seeing a huge difference in his ABA programming. He is flying through programs at such an accelerated speed! This is amazing because we only have one year left a ABA and I want him to get the best of both ABA and the IAHP program.

I mean we all know packaged foods are bad for us. But sometimes the western culture is hard to break away from. But now seeing the HUGE difference, I’m happy we tried this route. I can’t wait to learn more tonight with our naturopathic doctor!

Check out my latest video on our nutritional update!!