Glenn Doman Inspired McGuffey’s Primer Books// Free Printables!

Glenn Doman Inspired McGuffey’s Primer Books// Free Printables!

Glenn Doman Inspired McGuffey's Primer Books// Free Printables!

So I’ve always been the type of home educator who likes a solid structured program in order to teach reading to my kids. That being said Little Z is doing so fantastic following the Glenn Doman method that was laid out to me in the book “How to Teach Your Baby to Read”. As well as the lectures I went to in Philadelphia at the What To Do About Your Brain-Injured Child course.

So now looking at the traditional programs that I have from the past, for example, Hooked on Phonics or Pathway to Phonics, they seem very redundant and easy. It almost seems like an insult to him to use these programs.

But there was another set of books that have been used for a long time called the McGuffey readers. These books have been around since 1836. So I decided that I was going to take these books and seeing that there available online, copy and paste them into my Google Drive account, and then blow up the font to a 72 in bold. Then I could print out individual lessons and present them in a way that still honors the teachings of Glenn Doman.

Well if the Glenn Doman method is working so well for Little Z, why would I need to add another program?

We don’t NEED another method. I guess it’s not to say that the Glenn Doman method is not working for a little Z, because it is. For myself, I just don’t like to put all my eggs in one basket so to speak. Here is a way I can create Glenn Doman/IAHP style materials, and include literature that was used to teach kids back in the 1800s to the 1960s. Back when the standards for what vocabulary our children should be exposed to was much higher. So the main reason why I figured I would include the McGuffey readers is for the rich vocabulary. They also work at a pace that is appropriate for a little Z. The lessons are short and quick at first, working their way up in difficulty.

That being said I will not be using lessons 1 through 10 and the primer book. That is because they are too easy and boring. They reminded me a lot of why I don’t want to use Hooked on Phonics. However, after that, the lessons start to include more words and more of an actual storyline.

So far I have adapted the entire primary book into Google doc files that can easily be printed and put into page protectors and then into duotangs or binders. They are not fancy, I am no Pinterest queen. What they are is functional. Anyone could have done this and it did not take me that long. However, I figured I would share it with people because it is much easier to press print. It is easier than it is to copy, paste, adjust the font size, fit to page, and then press print. The McGuffey readers do not fall under typical copyright laws as they are over 100 years old. That is what I am able to share these files.

For those of you who are following the Glenn Doman Method, these printouts would count as homemade books. So once your child is ready for homemade books you can start working these printouts into the mix.

1)McGuffey’s Lessons 1-10

I know I said I will not be using these, however, I added them here in case someone needs to start at Lesson 1. Everyone is different, and some kids might enjoy starting here. That’s fine. That being said, watch your child, if they seem bored, skip these. Really everyone should just skip this step, especially if you are doing single words and couplets with your little one.

2)McGuffey’s Lessons 11-20

3)McGuffey’s Lessons 21-30

4)McGuffey’s Lessons 31-40

5McGuffey’s Lessons 41-52

If you found these helpful please let me know. I will be updating and adding more files of any of the other readers we land up using.


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11 thoughts on “Glenn Doman Inspired McGuffey’s Primer Books// Free Printables!

    • Hello! If you click the hyperlinks in the post it will bring you to the Google Document. There you can print it out. Or if you have a google account you can go to File> Make a copy.

      Hope this helps 🙂

  1. Are you planning to upload any other books, or do you have any other books on your site?

    • Currently I don’t have other books on my site, but I’m hoping to change that in the near future.

  2. Hello,

    I noticed that you used the Little Reader for Z. Did you ever do any customization or editing with the program? I am going back and forth on whether I should just buy the curriculum, which is significantly cheaper or buy the basic which allows you to edit. I wonder if most people simply use it as it is rather than taking the time to edit. I am curious if you think it is worth it to spend almost double the amount so that you can have the editable version of Little Reader vs just the curriculum.

    • I never did much editing on the software myself because back when I used the software a lot the community on the BrillKids forum was huge. Many of them created amazing sessions and shared them. So I had such a wealth of session without the work.

  3. Hello, I just want to thank you for sharing the reader. It is extremely helpful and I am using it with my children.

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