Halloween 2016// Halloween Autism Diet

img_4379So, I have to admit that Halloween was a little less exciting for me this year. Usually, it’s my favourite holiday of the year. I love all things, scary, creepy and eerie. But this year I guess I was preoccupied with Zakari’s Halloween Autism Diet.

Right now we have started following some recommendations from the IAHP: What To Do About About Your Brain Injured Child course. So far we have limited or eliminated gluten, yeast and processed foods from Little Z’s diet. We are currently under the care of a naturopathic doctor and supplementing his diet with vitamins and other minerals.

Part of me wanted to let him have a cheat day. But I know that is a slippery slope. What will be the next even that we can cheat on his diet? Then we all know, we will take it less and less seriously and next thing you know we are back to our old eating habits.

Going back to our old ways is the last thing I want to do. We have noticed so many changes in Little Z for the good. Who in their right mind would want to undo all that good.

In the past when Wes was gluten and dairy free, I wasn’t as concerned about sugar and preservatives as I should have been. So I was always able to find things in his bag that were “safe” for him to eat. So on actually Halloween day I shared this video with the people on my IAHP parents Facebook group.

I just felt heartbroken that my 4 year old would not be able to participate in what I feel is a right of passage for kids. I received a few comments and some private messages. The one that really helped me was from someone who was on the Institutes program. She told me that she never felt deprived at Halloween. She went out with all her friends and when she came home, her mom would buy her candy off her. She would then get something she really wanted. Hearing that she still enjoyed Halloween and never felt deprived, helped calm my nerves.

img_4392In the end we decided to send Wesley to go start trick-or-treating with his friend(who’s mom happens to be my best friend) and we took Z down the block. I held his candy bucket so he wouldn’t get too distracted by the candy and junk. Afterwards when we got home we traded him his bucket for some homemade “snails” aka gluten free, low sugar, no preservative or yeast mini cinnamon buns. He was completely happy with his treat.



img_4385After I got Z off to bed, I went out an met up with Wes. I took over and took the two big boys trick-or-treating so my friend could go home and get her two little ones to bed. They boys had a great time, despite the rain. Well I had a easier time because I just followed the boys in the car. Joys of parenting, you can sometimes take the easy way.




img_4390SWe came home and sorted through all of Wesley’s treats. I let him take a couple pieces and I locked up all the rest in a suitcase. Yes there is enough to fill a suitcase!! I think this weekend I’m going to have him pick out a little bowl and we are just going to get rid of the rest. No one needs that many candies.

So overall Halloween was a great success! I think next year I’ll be able to go back to Halloween being my favourite holiday. I’m going to be able to go in with a game plan. We will talk about what I will trade them for their candy, and then we will plan where we are going to donate the candy to. I may also take a completely different approach and plan an activity like a movie or a trip to the indoor playground instead. But I have a whole year to decide.

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