Book Review: Love in a Time of Homeschooling

I am so behind on blogging. There has been so many wonderful books, products and experiences I have wanted to share with you guys, but life has sucked up my blogging time. For some reason I find vlogging a lot easy, however I know that many of my long time readers much prefer the traditional blogging method over vlogging. So I’m trying to mix both of them together.

This summer I read this awesome book by Laura Brodie called Love in a Time of Homeschooling. I stumbled upon it at our local library. It is a journey of a mom and daughter who decided to homeschool for one year.

What really hit home with this book was the fact Laura was so honest. She did not try to paint their experience as perfect and flawless. It was far from. Her daughter and her were constantly butting heads. She also had to come to realization that sometimes you can come up with an awesome curriculum and lesson plans, but have to let it go because it is not a fit for your child.

Another point that was made in this memoir was it is ok to homeschool short term. They looked at this year as a sabbatical. They were able to have one year to reboot and experience a new type of learning.

This whole story was very eye opening to me. It allowed me to view my own children in a new light. I have to adapt how I teach my children so they understand. To try and make them adjust to my type of teaching is the wrong approach for everyone involved.

If your interested in hearing more about this book from my perspective, check out the video I made about it after finish the book this summer.  However I strongly suggest if your contemplating homeschooling, are homeschooling or afterschool your child, look for this book at your local library.


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