Many families with children that have a autism diagnosis dabble in or completely changed their child to a gluten and dairy free diet aka The Autism Diet. But is that the only answer?

Jumping on the gluten free/dairy free diet for children with autism can be tricky at first. Once you get use to reading ingredients, figuring out secret industry names for gluten and dairy, it’s completely do able. Especially if they are removed before your child is old enough to really knows what they are missing.

The problem comes when they are older. Birthday parties become a nightmare, play date, family gathering. Will meaning family member or friend try and get something your child can have, only to find out that they don’t know the secret code that the industries use to hide these items in our food. Now you have to tell them, even after all their efforts your child can still not eat it.

Next thing you know, no one is inviting you over for meals anymore.

Your child is not getting invited for sleepovers or birthday parties because the parents are worried they will feed your child something they shouldn’t.

I was actually told by a family member that she was scared to kill him. No one wants to be the parent to have to call an ambulance to pick up someone else’s child right?

Then Came Nambudripad’s Allergy Elimination Technique

7+ years later, I stumbled upon something very interesting while I was reading a book called Naturally Better: Dramatically Improve Your Child’s Life Naturally . I was introduced to something called NAET, aka NAMBUDRIPAD’S ALLERGY ELIMINATION TECHNIQUES.

Instantly I was on google learning as much as I could about this technique. And oddly enough, it seemed to have way more positive reviews than negative. Could it be true?

I started chatting about what I had discovered with my youngest son’s cranio sacral therapist. She told me one of the woman in my Facebook Attachment Parenting group had done NAET with her child and it worked.

So I contacted that woman and chatted with her for a little bit. It seemed promising. Her son could not have any dairy or citrus, otherwise he’d get terrible blistering diaper rashes. After a few treatments with this woman he could eat both triggers and had no reaction.

So I made a phone call.

As soon as I started talking to her, I was instantly reassured, this sound like the real thing.

So at our first appointment we tested the basic 15 items. To my understanding, these items have to be cleared for the body to run properly and before any other specific treatment to trigger allergies can be treated effectively. This does not mean you have to have 15 treatments first before starting, each person is different. My oldest reacted 6 of the 15.

In order to tell if your body reacts or doesn’t react the NAET practitioner did muscle testing on me while I held my son’s hand and he held a vile of the allergen. At first, I thought this was too much to believe, until my boys were holding a trigger for them and my arm turned to jello and I could not keep my arm up when the practitioner was pushing my arm.

You can read more about what NAET is and the process HERE .

Since starting our NAET sessions, Wes was cleared all of his 6 of the Basic 15 he tested positive for. Then we started working on Gluten and Dairy. Gluten was a tough one. The first time we treated him for it, he had to avoid ANY contact with it for 25 hours after the treatment (which was fairly easy since he was gluten free already.) The following week we retested and he was not clear, so we would do a boost, and then we treated something else as well. Gluten took one treatment and 2 or 3 boost.

Wes had tested positive for casein, whey, cheese, milk protein, basically anything dairy related. We treated him for casein and then did one boost and he cleared it. Best part was, we retested all the other dairy related items and he cleared them too. We are also working on treating Wes’s reactions to immunizations, heavy metals, etc.

He seems more focused now and is loving the freedom of trying new foods. At the first family birthday party, it was the first time since his 1st birthday he could participate in birthday cake. He was so delighted and everyone there was so happy to see him allowed to live! A family friend even negotiated him a second piece.


But the biggest difference I have noticed with NAET is in my 2 year old. He didn’t have food allergies that we were aware of, But we were told he most likely has ADHD, but they will not give him an official diagnosis till he’s 5.

Three and a half months into NAET he is a different child. I finally feel like I’m caring for a typical 2 year old. Not the tasmanian devil in a 2 year old’s body.
We really noticed a difference about 2 months in. Once the changes started happening, it was like a snowball effect. And literally we would have a treatment done and the next day he would start doing something new. Or stop doing something old.

We went from a child that was only safe in a playpen, to us packing up and putting the playpen away.

A child who would not make eye contact, to a child who is making eye contact way more.To a child who didn’t care whether someone other than mom was around. To starting to show interest in extended family members.

From a child who just runs back and forth all day, to a child who will sit down and play with toys or watch a show.
I feel like I’m getting my little boy back. And I know this would not have happened without NAET.

Overall if you have a practitioner in your area, give them a call. Our NAET practitioner was very helpful and able to explain a lot to me over the phone.

Does NAET help ADHD? Autism?

NAET Allergy treatment… Does it really work??

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