Cure Autism : A Child’s Journey out of Autism(Updated 2017)

A Child's Journey out of Autism. Cure Autism

A few months ago I sat down to read “A Child’s Journey Out of Autism: One Family’s Story of Living in Hope and Finding a Cure” By Leeann Whiffen. Now everytime I hear that someone’s child has a diagnoses of Autism, I recommend that they read it. It is a perfect fit for families fighting to cure autism.

There are enough books and articles that make it out that there is no cure for autism. It is so refreshing to find a story where a family has found a path to cure autism that has worked for them.
The book is a story about a mother who pulls her son Clay out of autism and saves him from being trapped in his own little world. Her story truly touched me, I could not put the book down. I myself was in the process of setting up an ABA program for my son and I really truly felt the emotions she was writing about.
I feel blessed to have read her book because she helps mothers like me see that we are not alone. She gives us hope that we to can save our children. It is amazing that she puts her heart and soul into the pages she write, her pain and suffering, and her great successes out there for us to read.
I think its important that people with children who have autism, and heck even parents with typical children learn that it is our responsibility as parents to protect our children. Not everything the doctors and specialist say are right for your child. I had one specialist telling me that the gluten and dairy free diets would not help my child. That his digestive issues were not related to autism. Well we did it anyways and poof, I have a whole new happier child.What I’m trying to say is educate yourself, ask questions, and follow your gut.

I combined a lot of therapies and make them work. My son:

  •  attends a full time ABA program,
  • attends daycare full time,
  • is on the gluten free/dairy free diet,
  • has an at home Doman program,
  • home schooled in the evenings,
  • has a good pediatrician,
  • sees a naturopathic doctor,
  • a speech therapist
  • and an occupational therapist.

All these programs as contradicting as they may seem all have there time and place. I am very involved in every aspect of my son’s life. I’m sure let him live his life but all these people know that I have high expectations out of all of them, and if they fall short and fail my son I will be following up with it.

I also pull my weight with this, I research, provide materials and make sure they have what they need to help my son. This has put me thousands of dollars in debt, but the window of opportunity is closing a little everyday. I will have years to pay off my debt. Right now I only have 10 months left till my son goes to kindergarten.
The author helped me realize I have to fight to save my son and it is possible to cure autism. She had the strength to challenge people and the fight to prove them wrong. Even when they told her there was no cure for autism.


Now this book might not sit right with everyone. Some people get very upset when people want to cure autism. While I agree we should love our children how they are, I love mine too much to leave him where he is. The reviews I have read about this mother have broken my heart.

In 2012 I had another amazing son, and in 2014 he was also diagnosed with Autism. However in 2016 we also found out he was diagnosed with ADHD and anxiety.

People that say I’m a terrible person for wanting to cure autism have clearly not been beaten and attacked by their own child. Are you arms covered in bites, scratches and bruises?

However, do you know what is worse than that? When you see your own child hurting himself. When he knuckle is so swollen from chewing on it. He is trying to hold back because he doesn’t want to hurt you. But he has to do something. Or his poor forehead when he headbanged against the floor so hard he either has a bruise or rug burn.

Christmas celebrations are particularly heartbreaking for us as we typically spend the holiday confined to the basement instead of being surrounded by family and friends. I do my best to create a meaningful holiday experience for him; we watch a “Charlie Brown Christmas” together and Grandma brings his presents downstairs to be opened separately. Even so, he understandably wants nothing more than to be upstairs with the family but to do so results in an almost immediate meltdown. The boisterous conversations, laughter, music, and hustle and bustle of people are just more than he can handle.

When I say I will always want to cure autism, I don’t want to change my son’s personality. I love his wild personality. He is one of the toughest and bravest kids I have ever met. Never in a million years do I want to change his strong spirit, even though it can be a pain in the butt from time to time. None of this is autism, it is who my son is.

What I to do is help stop his body from running in overdrive from the time he gets up till the time he goes to bed. Not because it is hard on me. But because he cannot sit down long enough to do the things he loves. Read a book, watch a TV show for more than 5 mins.

My youngest loves birthday parties. But 9 times out of 10 they are too much for him. He gets overstimulated and we have to leave. Never does he wants to leave, but he has no choice.

So before you judge a parent for doing they do. Before you criticize them for changing their child’s diet. Or spending thousands on therapy that you don’t believe in because the doctor doesn’t believe in it. Think, what better suggestions do you have for that mother and father? If you need some support, there are many useful websites such as support for autism which can help you out.

This review was originally written in 2009. But was updated in 2017. The opinion expressed is that of my own. I was not offered any compensation for this post.

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