My Word of 2019 & Top 5 Most Popular Post of 2018

Looking Forward To 2019

The last few weeks I have seen fellow Schoolhouse Review Crew picking words for the year 2019. As hard as I have been thinking about it, nothing came to mind. But as I was working on other posts a word popped into my head. I don’t know why it took so long to come to me, but better late then never right?

Drum Roll Please…

My word of 2019 is

Consistency has always been my downfall. I’m always great coming out of the gate. But this year I would like to make a conscience effort to be more consistent in several areas in my life. For Example:


When we started homeschooling our youngest in September 2017, I was worried I would not be able to be consistent enough. I’m happy to say while we were far from perfect, we managed to get what we needed done. I was more consistent then I expected I would be. However I know with more consistency Zakari could have a richer education. So after a rough December, we are going ahead full force and January is the start of being more consistent in our homeschooling

Weight Watchers:

My goal this year is to get to lifetime before my 34th birthday in May. With consistency this can be easily achieved. However I have really been pushing boundaries with the program and I need to go back to basics and just get it done.


This year I need to enlist the help of my older kids and focus on teaching them the life skills needed to keep a house. I need to be consistent and not stop having them help. Yes, I tend to get frustrated with the amount of time it takes them at the beginning. While its faster to get it done myself at the beginning, the investment of that time is better in the long run. This is important for them, and relieves the pressure off me. Plus if they are required to help more around the house, maybe they will be more careful about keeping it clean.


Consistently write the set amount of post I planned to get posted.


Consistently post the set amount of videos I planned to get posted.


I love to read and I’m VERY consistent reading to Zakari. However this year I have to make sure I am consistently feeding my thirst for knowledge too.

Do you have a word of 2019? If so please share it in the comments and let me know why it is so important to you!

Top 5 Most Popular Post of 2018

Every year I love to go back and see what the top 5 post viewed on Early Learning Mom. Its a great way to reflect on the year. On thing this year I noticed was my top post were mostly older post. Now normally that would be discouraging to me. But this year I was thrilled to see that. Why? Because I had spent lots of time this year revamping old post. I’m glad to see that work paid off.

So without further ado here are Early Learning Mom’s Top 5 Most Popular Post of 2018:

Post #5 Top 8 Tips Before Attending the “What to do About Your Brain Injured Child” Course

In September of 2016 I attended the What to do About Your Brain Injured Child Course. In 2017 I went back with my son. We had a full evaluation and I took Lecture Series II. I have to say I was way more prepared during my last trip because of these 8 tips.

Post #4 TouchMath for Homeschoolers!! A Review

Well I have wonderful news! For homeschooling and afterschooling parents out there that LOVE TouchMath, but could not afford the classroom size prices, guess what! TouchMath listened!! They have recently released a special AFFORDABLE homeschooling program!!

Post #3 Top 7 Math Websites For Kids

I often get asked by friends in real life what different education sites I would recommend to help their child with math, reading, etc. So I thought that I would compile a list of my Top 7 Math Websites for Kids.

Post #2 IAHP VS NACD – Autism Treatment Options

Debating between programs to help your child with autism? Family led autism treatment are a great option. But which program is better? Two that come to mind are Institutes for the Achievement of Human Potential aka IAHP and National Association for Child Development(NACD).

Post #1 Teach your Baby Math, Reading & Music

Teaching Your Young Child Reading, Math & Music:
If you are interested in teaching your baby, toddler or preschooler to read, do math or learn how to read music, but you don’t have tons of time to plan, create materials, and figure out how to get your child to participate, BrillKids products are something to definitely look into.

Thank-you to all my readers! You have helped make my little piece of the internet more special. Happy New Year! May 2019 be everything you would like it to be!

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