Back off Marie Kondo! Book Haul: What We found in January

Why Book Hauling Matters!

Creating a wonderful home library for my kids to have access in our home has been a major goal of mine since my first born was little.

At first I would buy Wesley brand new books. But this was very expensive. Especially as a single mom. Finally one day I realized that buying books used at thrift stores and garage sales was the way to go! Then I started frequenting book sales, Facebook Buy & Sell groups and Kijiji.

Now our home library is exploding for a fraction of the cost! My kids can never say there is nothing to read in our home.

I want to share with you some of the books I was able to find used this month to add to our collection. I hope for some, you will see what kind of awesome books you can buy used. For others I hope it will give you some great ideas on different kind of books you might want to read with your child.

Thanks to Marie Kondo’s Netflix show, I find that the book selection at thrift stores is amazing right now! Thanks Marie Kondo! And yes, books make me happy! I see them on their shelves and it just warms my heart knowing that they are right there at my finger tips.

And without further ado, our January 2019 Book Haul video & Book List!

January Book Haul

1)Butterfly Blues (Nancy Drew and the Clue Crew)

2)Camp Creepy (Nancy Drew and the Clue Crew Book 26)

3)Ready, Freddy! Shark Tooth Tale

4) Valentine’s Day from the Black Lagoon (Black Lagoon Adventures, No. 8)

5) Daisy the Kitten (Dr. KittyCat 3): I was so excited to find this book at Once Upon A Child. A friend of my told me how much her son loves this series, so I’m excited to try one out with Zakari.

6) Nate the Great and the Mushy Valentine

7) Splash’s Secret Friend (Dolphin School 3)

8) Horrible Harry Bugs the Three Bears

9) Chomp of the Meat-Eating Vegetables: A Branches Book (The Notebook of Doom 4)

10) Whack of the P-Rex: A Branches Book (The Notebook of Doom 5)

11) Watch Out! Man-Eating Snake! (The New Kids of Polk Street School)

12) Happy Little Family 

13) Lost in the Snow (Pet Rescue Adventures)

14) Barkley’s School for Dogs 8: Blue Ribbon Blues

15) Barkley’s School for Dogs 5: Snow Day

16) The Case of the Zoo Clue (Clue Jr. 5)

17) Save Our Squirtle! (Pokemon Junior 3)

18) Surf’s Up, Pikachu! (Pokemon Junior, No.1)

19) Raichu Shows Off (Pokemon Junior 6)

20) Bulbasaur’s Bad Day (Pokemon Junior 4)

21) The Snubbull Blues (Pokemon Junior 12)

22) A Pokemon Snow-Down (Pokemon Junior Chapter Book, No. 8)

23) Double Trouble Monsters (Bailey City Monsters)

24) Vampire Baby (Bailey City Monsters)

25) Snow Monster Mystery (Bailey City Monsters, 8)

26) Happy Boo Day (Bailey City Monsters, 9)

27) Mrs. Jeepers’ Batty Vacation (Super Special, No.22)

28) Frankenstein Doesn’t Slam Hockey Pucks 

29) Holiday Special: Leprachauns Don’t Play Fetch (The Bailey School Kids)

30) Ogres Don’t Hunt Easter Eggs (The Adventures of the Bailey School Kids, Holiday Special)

31) Dracula Doesn’t Play Kickball (The Adventures of Bailey School Kids, 48)

Please share in the comments if you found some book gems this month! I always love hearing about what awesome books other people discovered.

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14 Responses to Back off Marie Kondo! Book Haul: What We found in January

  1. Annette says:

    Some of those books look excellent. Good job!

  2. Going to have to check some of those out – Right now my boys are reading Diary of a Wimpy Kid (the whole series), How to Train Your Dragon and Captain Underpants.. Some of those look like fun additions to our next book haul! My younger daughter has taken to Dick & Jane readers; I couldnt believe our library had them AND how much she loves reading them! lol

    • earlylearningmom says:

      My oldest is reading Diary of a Wimpy kid too. I need to get my hands on How To Train a Dragon. My youngest loved the movie. I forgot about the books!

  3. Margaret says:

    One of my daughters loves Nancy Drew!

  4. Kym says:

    Good job!! It’s always been my goal to own plenty of books for us all to choose from. Some of those look like real gems!

  5. Dusty H says:

    Those look like some really good books!
    We personally prefer getting books from the library or getting the digital copy on our Kindle/iPads because of how much we move and our plans to travel but… I do think that it’s a lot of work constantly supplying my kids with enough books to fill their wants from the library, sometimes I wish we just had a little library of our own!

    • earlylearningmom says:

      I’ve always wondered what I’d do if we had to move often. My kids don’t so well with books on screens. I’m glad you can make it work. They are lucky to have a parent who puts in the extra effort like you do! 💖

  6. Dawn says:

    We love buying used books at a fraction of the cost! It has allowed us to have an amazing home library, often paying a quarter or less per book.

    • earlylearningmom says:

      That’s awesome! Honestly a well stocked hone library is the best investment in your kids education in my opinion. I can’t wait to visit the USA next month and get my hands on some more cheap books!

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