Raising Bookworms: What We Read in January 2019

Where Did January Go??

January has come and gone. What a crazy month. Like I promised last month, I’m back to share what we read in January. If you missed the first post of my Raising Bookworms Series, be sure to go check out Raising Bookworms: What We Read in December 2018.

The first month of 2019 was a hard one for our family. First both myself and my hubby were hit with a nasty bug. The big kids were also hit with it, but it seemed to pass them quickly. However this sickness seemed to not want to let the adults in the house go. Any Mama here knows how hard it is to keep the house going when we are under the weather. Especially those special needs moms out there. Really brings the meaning of no rest for the wicked to life.

While we were still trying to recover from our sickness, we got a call no one wants to get. My hubby’s grandfather passed suddenly. This was a terrible shock to the family. While we knew he hadn’t been feeling well, no one really expected this.

So we were sucked into a world wind of emotions. There were late nights being with our family. The day of the funeral we had several family members over afterwards to continue celebrating Grandpa’s life. My in-laws are a very close knit family, so this hit them all very hard.

Throughout this month we still managed to spend lots of time reading together. I was glad to have my voice back after a bout of laryngitis in December. I’m happy to say this month we read 17 chapter books. There were more night then I liked that bedtime was later then ideal. So instead of reading 1/2 a book, we only got through a chapter or so. But 17 books is 6 books ahead of our 11 books a month goal! So I’m going to call it a huge success.

Now Without Further Ado, Here is What We Read In January!

1)The New Year Dragon Dilemma (A to Z Mysteries: Super Edition #5) I picked this book off my shelf without reading more then the title. Then a few paragraphs in, I realized that it was about Chinese New Years that is celebrated in February. Not January 1st New Years. Well Zakari was already interested so we decided to continue reading. If I had planned this better we would have read it in February. But that’s OK!

2) High Tide in Hawaii (Magic Tree House #28) Once again the Magic Tree House did not disappoint! This time we went back in time to a Hawaiian island of long ago. We learned about what the islands were like before, and all about tsunami.

3)New Year’s Eve Thieves (Calendar Mysteries #13) This is a series that I choice not to read in order. We just grab the book of the month and read it together. So far I haven’t found that we are missing anything by reading them this way. I feel they can be stand alone books.

4)Callie (Kitty Corner #1)

5)Monsters Don’t Scuba Dive (The Adventures of the Bailey School Kids #14)

6) Mystery Ranch (The Boxcar Children #4)

7) The Scarlet Dragon (The Kingdom of Wrenly)

8) No Grown-ups Allowed (Cul-de-sac Kids, #4) If you have a child with ADHD, this is a book you might want to check out. My son has ADHD and we really have to watch how much sugar he has, and how much sleep he gets. Otherwise he can get really dysregulated. In this book we follow Jason, who decided that when his parents go out of town for the weekend that he is going to trick his grandma. He chooses not the take his medication, sneak too many sweets and stay up late. We follow him through the story while he discovers the consequences to his actions. While we don’t do mediation, Zakari is not crazy about the supplements we have him on. So this was a great story to share with him!

9) Who Was Neil Armstrong?

10) Princess (The Puppy Place #12)

11) Chill of the Ice Dragon: A Branches Book (Dragon Masters #9)

12) Hockey Rules! This was another new series we tried this month. One of Zakari’s aunties who loves hockey got him the series for Christmas. This was an amazing book that talked about rules, and the importance of using your head when it comes to the internet. Things you post online are there forever and can’t be taken back.

13) The Hidden Stairs and the Magic Carpet (The Secrets of Droon, #1) This was another win for us this month. This is a series about a group of kids that find a stairway to a secret world in their basement. I’m happy to say its a series that has 36 main books and several special editions. I feel if your kiddos like the Magic Tree House for the adventure they will like this series.

14) Ivy & Bean (Book 1) Well I’m going to be honest, we were not overly crazy about this book. It wasn’t terrible, but I mean I feel like there are other better books on the market. We own a few of these, so we will try one more and see if we get drawn in. But if we don’t I think this series might not have a permanent space on our bookshelf.

15) Fred’s Midnight Prowler I was so excited to find a few of these books at the local book sale this fall. It is a Canadian series that I thought was only available in French. However I found some in English and grabbed them up.

16) Usborne Pinocchio

17) Stories of Cowboys (Usborne Young Reading: Series One)

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What books did you read with your child last month? I’d love to know in comments below!

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  1. So many of our days are just a free for all with reading. I really think that I should do more to keep track of what all we are adventuring into.

    • It’s really neat to keep track and really see how much you are reading. Looking back on the list also helps remind us of series we like but may have forgotten about.

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