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Has anyone else hit the after the holidays, homeschool slump?

I know I did! So that is why I was so excited when I got the chance to review My family was blessed with a Ultimate Annual Yearly Membership, and we were happy to jump right in!

What is is a Christian, Self-paced, Online Homeschooling Courses with Customizable Curriculum. They offer over 425 course options for all students ranging from preschoolers to seniors in high school.

The best part is that there are no textbooks or workbooks to buy and it is self paced. Allowing families the flexibility to go as fast or slow as they want. Parents can also allow their children some freedom to help select courses they may have a passion for. Since everything the student will need is available on the site, cost is not an issue.

They also offer members access to other great sites like World Book

Many of the course throughout use World Book as their spine. You also get access to great ebooks, timelines, games and printables. You basically have a library available to you at the click of a mouse.

SchoolhouseTeachers screen the books in the course from World Book and warns parents of pages that might contain content that might not match Christian benefits. While they remind parents that World Book must be used with caution like a public library, they try their best to spot things that might be opposing to your worldview. Video Library

With your Ultimate Annual Yearly Membership, you have access to 450+ videos at no cost to you! They include:

  • several academic areas, like Science, Math, Bible, etc
  • kids’ entertainment,
  • marriage
  • parenting,
  • apologetics,
  • Bible study,
  • holidays
  • and more!

How Did We Use

All of the stuff I mentioned above on its own is great, but the more I dug around on the more great stuff I found. Some of the resources we used since we started with are:

Starting Out with First Grade Math

Zakari and I are always looking for new ways for him to learn new math skills. While we have a few curriculums we are currently using, I love throwing in new ways to review information we have already learned, or coming at a subject from a different angle.

As a parent who really isn’t organized enough to put together my own curriculum, I loved that this course was laid out for me. 36 weeks, 73 lessons, 5 days a week. I either present a slide show presentation, or print out a worksheet for us to work through. There is no more then 5 mins of prep required before hand by me as the teacher.

So far the lessons are interesting enough to hold Zakari’s attention, while short enough to allow us to just add them into our current math programs.

Parent eBook Library has a collection of 40+ ebooks for parents. They include topics such as homeschooling styles, gifted children, devotionals, homemaking, budgeting and more.

One of the Parent eBooks I had the chance to read through was The Value of Homeschool Conventions.

This short eBook takes parents who might be trying to decide if the expense of attending a local homeschool convention is worth it.

The author takes the reader through the Factors. For example:

  • The WOW Factor
  • The Encouragement Factor
  • The Camaraderie Factor
  • and several more

World Book Learning Ladders: My Body

We tend to lean towards a literature based curriculums, so when I saw these Learning Ladders books from World Book under the science Unit Studies, we had to check it out.

Zakari and I have been learning about bones, muscles, organs, the 5 senses and more. Near the end of the book there is a puzzle page, fun facts, as well as true and false quizzes.

Parent Course: Encouragement for Homeschool Moms

I love that there is a section dedicated to parents. They offer different courses for us to use. While homeschooling mom’s are always focused on educating their children, it is important for us to keep our minds fresh too!

I chose to download, print and have bounded Devotional Bible Study called “Encouragement for Homeschool Moms”. But this is not necessary. You could just read off you computer and tablet and write in a blank journal.

This 31 day devotional is designed that one day you read the Scriptures and answer questions about what you read and conclude with prayer. The next day you are given two pages for journaling your own thoughts on the topic discussed the previous day.

I’m hoping that over the next 31 days I will have the chance to make sure I’m taking care of my heart too. We can only pour into our children if our cup is full. So its important to take into consideration our own self care. I love that remembered this, as a lot of mom’s miss this important step in our journey.

Who would work best for?

After spending some time on, this site is a gold mine for mom’s who love to build their own curriculum. The Planning type will love having so many lesson, videos and unit studies available in one spot to choice from. There are even printable planners available to help mom’s do just that.

Now if your homeschooling mom like me who prefers a curriculum that is laid out, is still a valuable tool to have. Doing a quick search, I’m able to find videos, World Book content and so much more on topics we are learning with our current curriculum. Now I have a vast library available to dig deeper on subjects my son is really enjoying.

Click the banner below to read other great reviews: is a HUGE site full of great materials. So there is no way that I could possibly talk about every great feature. To hear about what other homeschooling mom’s have liked about this site, be sure to check out the other Homeschool Review Crew reviews by clicking the banner below.

Thank you for allowing me to review your amazing site! My son and I are excited for this to be a big part of his homeschooling journey this year. Quality Online Homeschool Resources { Reviews}

If you think would be a fit for you family, this is a great time to join. My readers can use the Coupon Code: CREWFOLLOWER and pay only $90/year (Regular Price is $179/YR).

Let me know below in the comments if you’ve ever used If you have, what did you enjoy most? Quality Online Homeschool Resources { Reviews}
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2 Responses to Review

  1. Katie Julien says:

    I’m wondering if you could tell me, now a year out from this review, how the program has worked for your autistic children? I have a son with an Autism/ADHD diagnosis that we have been considering homeschooling for a while, but now because of the pandemic we’re kind-of being forced into it sooner. I’ve been joining facebook groups and digging for information online, but it seems especially difficult to find info on CHRISTIAN curriculum that is also good for children with autism. I’m totally new, and only just realizing that I’m probably going to have to end up using several different resources, but I have seen them offering a deal on the schoolhouse teachers page so I wanted to know if you ended up enjoying it long term. I’m also looking at Sonlight (my son LOVES when I read to him, though he’s 8 and still unable to read for himself) and maybe even Time 4 Learning. I’ll probably need to do some kind of assessment test with him, first, to find out what grade level he’s functioning at in each subject as he’s obviously struggling to learn but I know he’s smart. He just learns differently. Any insight you can offer would be greatly appreciated! Thank you!

    • earlylearningmom says:

      Sorry for the delay in reply!! I wish I could tell you how things are a year later, but sadly we landed up switching things up and doing a more read aloud kind of year. My son landed up dealing with back to back ear infections which he still is suffering from while we wait to be seen by and ENT and I decided on a more gentle approach.
      Out of the three curriculums you mentioned, my person experience says to go with Sonlight. We have used Bookshark(their sister company in the past) and loved it. Once this ear infection problem clears up we will likely lean into Bookshark more closely again.
      I hope this helps.

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