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Homeschool Complete K - 4th Grade & Unit Studies {Homeschool Complete Reviews}

I was really excited when I saw Homeschool Complete in the list of upcoming Homeschool Review Crew vendors. When I was selected to review their First Grade Complete curriculum I was ecstatic! I had actually been looking at purchasing it in the near future. So this was a huge blessing to our family.

What is Homeschool Complete?

Homeschool Complete is a literature based curriculum with biblical roots. Families can borrow the recommended books from the library, purchase them or even find many of them read aloud on YouTube.

Homeschool Complete provided me with a digital copy of their First Grade Complete Teacher’s Manual, including Student Workbook for Semester One. Included in this download are 18 Units topics with a total of 72 lessons.

I printed out the first 9 units and placed them in a 2 inch binder with dividers. This way I have all the teacher instructions and worksheets in one place. When we get closer to completing the first half of this semester, I will print out the last 9 weeks.

What Will We Be Studying?

Below you can see the list of Units we will be working through in Semester one.

Before writing this review, Zakari and I worked through and completed 3 of the units. Each Unit has a main chapter book for you to read aloud to your child. For the Family unit we read Beezus &Ramona. During the Seasons Unit we read Balto and the Great Race. For the Unit on Graphing we read Cam Jansen and the Basketball Mystery. Next week we are starting the Animal Unit and we will be reading Ralph S. Mouse.

What Subjects are covered with First Grade Complete?

First Grade Complete is an all inclusive curriculum. The teacher manual will walk you through, calendar time, Language Arts, Bible, Math, Physical Education, Art, Music & Science.

Parents can use this as a stand alone curriculum or to supplements what your family is already doing.

Gathering Literature

Our family decided that we were going to borrow the books listed from the library. For us it did not seem economical to purchase a new list of books for each unit as they are only used for one week. (Though the book hoarder in me really wanted to buy they anyhow.)

A week before we are going to start doing a lesson, I go on my local library website and place the books we need on hold. Because I live in a smaller city in Canada and some of these books are more “American”and not available. So I try and find similar books that will fit the bill. If I can’t I honestly don’t worry too much about it. Zakari and I read a lot as it is, and the curriculum manual offers lots of information on its own. So if we miss reading one books, Zakari really doesn’t suffer. If you are someone that needs to do it all to feel complete, check out YouTube and many of the books are available there read aloud.

Organizing the lessons

How We Get Ready For The Week

The night before I sit down and take out the lesson of the day and place it in a Duo-tang. Then I gather up the books we will need for the next days lessons. I find this is much easier for me then lugging around the large binder. Some families might find it easier to just print up the lessons one at a time. Or bring the PDF up on their tablet or phone. For me its easier to have it all ready to go. Honestly if it wasn’t a wasteful, I’d put each lesson in its own Duo-tang and just grab if off the shelf each morning. But with all the homemade books we make, I cannot sacrifice so many Duo-tangs.

How Homeschool Complete has changed my homeschool routine

Zakari and I have been doing calendar time every school day since the beginning of the year. I thought we had a pretty good routine set up. But after using First Grade Complete, we have completely revamped Calendar time. We now practice personal information, counting to 100, and skip counting too.

In the short time we have been adding this in I can see a huge change in Zakari’s ability to recite back this information with confidence.

Book Selection

If you’ve been on my Instagram or have followed this blog for a while, you know Zakari & I are big Bookworms. But over the last year I have been focusing mostly on chapter books. Because we are using First Grade Complete, we have been enjoying a lot more picture books. I have been taking out even more picture books from the library based on the topic of the week.

What We Love About Homeschool Complete

Homeschool Complete has:

  • helped us established a better homeschooling routine. Only 3 units in I can see the benefits to this already.
  • exposed us to many new great books we might not have otherwise picked up.
  • many options for different types of learners. Whether your child is a visual, auditory or kinesthetic learner, this program has something for you.

What we have been skipping over:

Besides the math practice we work on during calendar time, I found that so far many of the math component in this curriculum is not a great fit for Zakari. Because of his autism we have chosen to stick to what we were doing previously. However, I think of a typical child he math in this curriculum would be great. That being said when a lessons math lesson looks like it can work for Z we through it in. But it is not our main program for math.

We also will be tweaking the unit on American Government, and changing it to study the Canadian Government instead.

Will we keep using this program?


We plan on continuing to use this curriculum, overall it is a great fit. Homeschool Complete offers lots of different assignments in each lesson, which allows us to cherry pick the ones that we feel best suit Zakari.

I love curriculum that is literature based. It forces me out of my comfort zone when selecting books. Sometimes opening my eyes to a whole new series of books we had never heard of before.

Thank you Homeschool Complete for allowing me to review First Grade Complete

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Homeschool Complete K - 4th Grade & Unit Studies {Homeschool Complete Reviews}
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Have you ever used any of Homeschool Complete’s products? If so what did you think?

2 thoughts on “Homeschool Complete: First Grade Complete Review

  1. Do you still use this curriculum? If not, why not? I’m really thinking of getting it, and as a fellow Canadian, but now living in the Caribbean, I’m curious about how easy it was to modify it for other countries.

    • Hello! I’m sorry I didn’t see this sooner. I haven’t been using it as much as I’d like but only because of having to adjust our homeschool because my son was having some health issues. But that being said I think it could be easily adjusted to add containing content like Wow Canada or some Donna award curriculum.
      I hope this helps!

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