My First Guest Post: 5 Tips for Avoiding Burnout

Last month Morgan Doman from Doman International contacted me to do a guest post on their blog. To say I was honored was an understatement.

What Is Doman International?

Doman International helps empower parents to transform their kids lives. They gives parents knowledge and tools to help their children with special needs grow and develop. Most importantly they give parents hope. When doctors and specialist are handing out diagnoses and list of things special needs children will never do, Doman International shows parents what their kids are able to do.

The Guest Post

Morgan basically gave me the freedom to share what was on my heart. So I decided I wanted to share my story about my battles with burnout. I love that I could be raw, blunt and truthful without fear of censorship.

You can read it here on Doman Internationals Blog: 5 Tips for Avoiding Burnout

How Am I Associated With Doman International?

A few years ago I went to Philadelphia to take the What To Do About Your Brain Injured Child course. The following year we went back so I could take the second set of lectures and so that my son could be evaluated. During these visits I built relationships with several of the staff members. Then a few months after our visit, the Institute split into two separate entities. Families had to make the choice which group they wanted their child to continue with. I found everyone my family and I had made connects with was with Doman International, so it was an easy choice for us.

At Doman International Parents Have a Voice

Another thing that I loved about Doman International is they listen to the parents. If I am doing something with Zakari that I find is helping, they want to know. Not only do they want to know, they want to call the company and dig deeper into it. They are open minded, and are always looking for new ways to help kids.

The Advance Consultation

This summer we will be doing an Advance Consultation with Doman International. What this will look like is we will receive seven video conference calls with the Doman International staff. The first call is an evaluation phone call. This is where they will perform a remote evaluation and discuss the last period of program. Then the second phone call is a summary call with a director, where we get to discuss the most important events from the last period. The staff then meet and design Zakari’s new program for the next six months. We will then have four calls to learn our new programs — a Nutrition call, one Respiratory call, a Physical Program call, and one Intellectual phone call. After these calls, we have an overview call with one of the directors. This is to ensure all our questions have been answered, and we are ready to move forward!

So stay tune this summer for a more detailed break down of our experiences with the Advance Consultation with Doman International!

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