Homeschooling on a Budget: Children’s Hospital Book Market Haul

Homeschooling on a budget.

As most parents who have even looked into homeschooling, it can be EXPENSIVE! But I have discovered over the years that if you shop smart, you can get everything you need for much cheaper, some times even free.

Why We Buy Books Used When We Can First

One thing you’ll find is common books often don’t retain their value. So you may buy a chapter book for $4.99-$9.99. But then land up at a thrift store and find it for $.50, $1, or even sometimes $1.79 at more expensive thrift store like Value Village.

It literally makes me sick to pay full price for a children’s chapter book, only to see it at a garage sale for .25cents. So I try to avoid buying books new.

Why We Support The Children’s Hospital Book Market

According to their website:

“The concept of Book Market is simple. Members of the community drop off used books at our various outlets and volunteers sort, mark, pack and price books in over 65 categories that are then sold at two annual sales, April and September.

Since its inception, the Book Market has raised over $8 million in support of child health care in Manitoba.”

As a parent in Manitoba, I hope we never have to use the children’s hospital, but when the time ever comes I want it to have the best machines and resources possible to help my child.

Over the years my eldest had his tonsils and adenoids taken out, which required an overnight stay in one of the wards at the Children’s Hospital. Both boys have received speech and occupational therapy there. Not to mention a few emergency room visits when they were younger. I was always grateful that all of the machinery, supplies, and resources were always available to give my children the best possible treatment.

This month the semi annual The Children’s Hospital Book Market is running from April 25th-27th at St Vital Centre.

In September 2018 we found tons of awesome books like:

  1. Kitty Corner: Guide to Kittens
  2. The Puppy Place 31: Molly
  3. Jake (The Puppy Place 47)
  4. The Lying Postman (Jack Russell: Dog Detective)
  5. The Buried Biscuits (Jack Russell: Dog Detective)
  6. Sprite’s Secret (Pixie Tricks 1)
  7. Sporty Sprite (Pixie Tricks, No. 6)
  8. Double Trouble Dwarfs (Pixie Tricks, No. 7)
  9. The Wicked Wizard (Pixie Tricks 8)
  10. No 3 The Pet Store Sprite (Pixie Tricks, No. 3)
  11. The Greedy Gremlin (Pixie Tricks)
  12. Puppy Puzzle (Animal Ark Pets 1)
  13. Chick Challenge (Animal Ark Pets 6)
  14. Kitten Crowd (Animal Ark Pets 2)
  15. Rabbit Race (Animal Ark Pets 3)
  16. Foals in the Field (Animal Ark Series 24)
  17. Sheepdog in the Snow (Animal Ark Series 7)
  18. Hound at the Hospital (Animal Ark Series 33)
  19. Hound on the Heath (Animal Ark Hauntings 6)
  20. Terrier in the Tinsel (Animal Ark Series 34)
  21. Beagle in a Backpack (Animal Ark Holiday Treasury, No. 45)
  22. Pup at the Palace (Animal Ark Series 30)
  23. Puppy in a Puddle (Animal Ark Series 28)
  24. Husky in a Hut (Animal Ark Series 36)
  25. The Midnight Mystery (The Cul-de-Sac Kids 24)
  26. The Upside-Down Day (Cul-de-Sac Kids Book 23)
  27. Fred on the Ice Floes (Formac First Novels)
  28. Maddie in Trouble (Formac First Novels)
  29. Maddie Wants New Clothes (Formac First Novels)
  30. Fred and the Flood
  31. Will and His World
  32. Maddie Needs Her Own Life (Formac First Novels)
  33. Toby’s Best Friend (Formac First Novels)
  34. Marilou, Iguana Hunter (Formac First Novels)
  35. Disney’s Doug Chronicles: Funnie Haunted House – Book 6
  36. Ghostville Elementary 1
  37. Beware, Pirates (Canadian Flyer Adventures 1)
  38. Hoppy Easter (Little Apple)
  39. A Christmas Carol: The Junior Novel (Disney’s a Christmas Carol)
  40. Rio 2: The Junior Novel
  41. This Little Pig (Janette Oke’s Animal Friends)
  42. Christmas Around the World (Young Reading Level 1)
  43. Cam Jansen: the Mystery of the Gold Coins
  44. The Runaway Racehorse (A to Z Mysteries)
  45. Snowflake and Sparkle (Best Friends, Book 1)
  46. Skipper and Sky
  47. Lily Finds a Friend
  48. Who Killed Mr. Boddy? (Clue, Book 1)
  49. Nate the Great Goes Undercover
  50. Nate the Great and the Hungry Book Club
  51. Zoe’s Rescue Zoo: The Playful Panda
  52. Ready, Freddy! 6: Help! A Vampire’s Coming!
  53. #12 Ready, Freddy!: Stop that Hamster
  54. Ready, Freddy! 26: The Giant Swing
  55. Wild Paws: Lonely Wolf Pup
  56. Wild Paws: Cubs All Alone
  57. A Wild Paws: Bunnies in Trouble
  58. Wild Paws: Orphaned Beluga
  59. The Boy’s Book of Positive Quotations
  60. Mini Manners (Little Steps Books)
  61. Map Skills Grade 1 (Practice Makes Perfect)
  62. Canada from A to Z (Alphabasics)
  63. Gifts Kids Can Make
  64. Our Favourite Stories: Children Just Like Me Storybook

$90 total $1.40 per book

Homeschool Collection {Monthly Round UP}

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