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Rhythm & Writing with the Get Write Crew {Rhythm & Writing Reviews}

Hunting for a New Penmanship Curriculum

Last month my son finished the printing workbook he was working on, but the issue was he was not ready to move onto the next level. I was in the market to try something new when the Homeschool Review Crew teamed up with Rhythm & Writing to review their product Rhythm & Writing with the Get Write Crew.

Within spending a few minutes on their website, I realized that this workbook was going to be a fit for my son. So in my head I was going to get this in front of Zakari. I prayed I would get selected to review it, but planned on purchasing it even if I did not get selected. Thankfully our family was picked.

What We Received

I was sent a physical copy of the workbooks as well as a transparency sheet. The transparency sheet is meant to be paper-clipped to the work pages so the child can practice letters before actually taking a pencil to the page.

We also received lifetime subscription to access instructional video. These videos are designed to help kids learn the proper way of writing each letter. Each video presents a catchy tune to help a child remember the proper way to write a few letters.

Why Practicing Proper Handwriting is so Important?

I have watched first hand with my eldest child what happens when proper letter formations are not engraved in a child. Old habits are hard to break and they also slow the child’s writing down.

When I was homeschooling my eldest son, I was constantly over his shoulders, making sure that he was forming his letters correctly. Then when he went off to public school, he started writing letters his own way. But the teachers sadly did not have the time like I did to correct his form.

After witnessing this I decided to make sure that this was a priority for Zakari. I wanted to make sure he practiced his letters so much that the proper formation became like tying his shoes. He could do it without thinking.

This became even more important for Zakari, as he has fine motor skill issues. He has to practice even more then the average child.

How We Used “Rhythm & Writing with the Get Write Crew”

The Pre-Assessment:

At the very beginning of the workbook, Zakari was required to take a Pre-Assessment. This assessment is available to anyone thinking about using the program through their website. You can request a copy HERE.

Video & Story Time

At the beginning of each section or episode there is a story and a video. Zakari and I first sit down and watch the video. The ones we have watch to date have been little catchy rap songs. They include a rhyme about how each letter in the episode should be formed.

Then we go to his desk and read the story together. Below you can see an example of the story for the letters V,v,W and w.

Work Pages:

Next we move on to the work pages. This is were the transparency sheet would come in handy for some kiddos. You could paperclip it to the work page and have the child practice with dry erase markers or crayons.

However for us we decided to skip this step and jump right into our hard copy. Zakari’s occupational therapist wants him to feel the pencil to paper. Sometimes dry erase markers are just a lot slipperier. So kiddos with fine motor skills don’t feel the natural resistance of the pencil on the paper.


At the end of the whole workbook, your child will complete a Post-Assessment page. I’m excited to compare the Pre-Assessment to the Post, and see the difference. I’m sure it is very motivating to a student to see the progress they have made over the term of the program.

What Did We Think Of The “Rhythm & Writing with the Get Write Crew” Program

Overall Rhythm & Writing with the Get Write Crew has been a great addition to our homeschool day. We plan to continue working through the program.

I love the green, yellow and red line method the workbook uses. The same colors used on a traffic light. When forming the capital letters, the child starts on the green line, slows down on the yellow and comes to a stop on the red. Its a wonderful visual clue.

Another small thing I love is the book is spiral bound. Usually with other workbooks I cannot get them to lay flat enough to make it easier for Zakari to write. In some cases I either a)rip out pages one at a time to use, or b) cut the book and pay to have it spiral bound. Because this book is already spiral bound, it lays perfectly on our desk.

Dream Makers Youth Foundation:

As a mom to two special needs kiddos, it makes me so happy to hear 20% of each Rhythm & Writing purchase will be donated to the Dream Makers Youth Foundation.

Dream Makers Youth Foundation (DMYF) is a non-profit organization that provides community-based educational, recreational, and therapeutic services to children with special needs throughout Metropolitan Atlanta.

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Rhythm & Writing with the Get Write Crew {Rhythm & Writing Reviews}
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