Happy 7th Birthday Zakari!!

May 5th was a special day, but I couldn’t find the words to express myself.

Zakari turned 7.

I don’t know how my sweet little firecracker is already 7 years old. It hasn’t been easy to be this guys mom, but I wouldn’t trade him for the world. His laugh, his smile, his sassy personality, all of that keeps us going.

Whenever I look at him I see so much potential, and I know how smart he is. I will stop at nothing to help him come out of his shell called Autism.

This last year, so much growth and changes has been happening with him. Any autism parent knows that the fight is real. It’s the child’s parents against the world. His father and I are starting to see the fruits of this great fight. I see things that were hard coming to him more easily now.

Exciting Things We Did This Last Year

Six years old was such an amazing year, I love that we are getting to do more and go to more places with this awesome kiddo. He was able to attend his first Jets game, go to the Red River Ex, loved his trip to the fire hall, blew out his birthday candles for the first time and started to be able to running with his dad.

For a little boy crippled with anxiety and impulse control issues this is so huge in our world.

Getting here was not a smooth process. There were many bumps in the road.

Birthday Party

This year Zakari had a joint birthday party with his cousin at a pool the next city over. We had celebrated his birthday the year before and it was just perfect for him.

Sparky the Fire Dog was such a hit this fall at the fire hall, Zakari’s

Things We Tried Between May 2018-May 2019

Somethings we did with Zakari this past year was some

  • DNA testing and other lab testing.
  • New Supplements
  • Ionic Foot Baths
  • ABA therapy: This year while I figured out Zakari’s genes and supplements according the DNA tests and other lab work we took a break from the IAHP. It was the last year we were able to access school age ABA. So we decided to take advantage of that while we decided where we wanted to go. I talk about it in the video below.

Big Plans for This Year!

Doman International: I plan on sharing more about this over the next few months, but we are having an Evaluation done with Doman International in August. I’m excited to be able to work with experts of the late Glenn Doman’s work that are open minded to other approaches.

If you want to know more about why we decided to leave the IAHP and go with Doman International, you can check out this video.

Bowling: We started taking Zakari to Kids Bowl Free once a week with his brother. My goal for him is to be able to participate in group settings that might be overstimulating. I want him to learn how to play a game with his siblings.

School Plans: Another post and video will be coming out about our Grade 2 homeschool plans. But that being said, this year I want to be adding in a lot more hands on manipulatives. Reading of course will continue to be our cornerstone.

Happy Birthday Little Z!

Your mom, dad, brother and sister love you so much. Here’s to being 7 years old!!

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