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Supercharged Science

I love science, and I want to install that love of science in my son.

So when Zakari and I had the chance to review Supercharged Science, we jumped on it. We were given access to e-Science Homeschool Science Curriculum for all levels, K-12.

We were expected to share with you how we did a few of the experiences with our children. However I made a request to write this review from the point of view of a family that running experiments is not always possible. Some kiddos, like mine have impluse issues and difficulty with fine motor skills. Other families maybe road schooling, so experiments may not be doable. But that does not mean they cannot use Supercharged Science.

What Is Supercharged Science

Supercharged Science is an online library of 1000+ videos, designed to excite even the reluctant science student.

It is divided two ways.

  1. By Topic
  2. By Grade level

How We Used Supercharged Science

Sometimes hands on Science is hard for Zakari. What intrigued me about this program is that all the experiments are presented in video format. So while Zakari’s fine motor skills and impulse control prevent him from doing a lot of these experiments, he can still experience them!

We just sit down and put on the video. Aurora not only explains what is happening, and demonstrates it as well.

One of the lessons we worked on what about Sensing Temperature. Aurora explained to us why our body can react to differently to room temperature water when we are cold vs warmer.

So for example Zakari and I started off by watching the 12 minute video introducing the topic of temperature.

Then we dived into the reading materials, and started expanding on what we had learned from the video.

Using This Program With The Doman Method

As many of my readers know, we follow the Doman Method, when it comes to teaching Zakari. Like all homeschoolers, we adapt everything to help Zakari learn to his fullest potential.

I went through the Lesson Section on Temperature Reading. Using this 18 page PDF I created Doman Word Cards with the Key Vocabulary section. I split them into 2 groups and show each group 3 times a day for 5 days.

After about 5 days, and we have retired the key words, so I start presenting retired words in the form of a sentence. 3 sentences for 5 days, after which we retire the batch and start a new batch of 3 sentences.

Once I have introduced all the Keywords and have put a good dent in the Sentences we start to introduce Homemade books! This is Zakari’s favourite part! I present this book to him about 3 times one day, then we retire it and introduce a new book the next day!

Honestly the reading material is like GOLD to a Doman Mom!

On top of using this awesome materials, that is not dull and geared for kids, we watch the videos regularly on the website.

What Did We Like?

My son & I loved that this program is not dry or boring. Aurora teaches with passion and lots of expression. She clearly loves what she does, and her passion is contagious.

What We Might Change

One thing I would change are the amounts of emails sent out to subscribers. Some days as many as three emails arrived in my inbox. For me this is way too many, to the point I don’t even open half of them.

When I get an email that says Important! (Please Read), as a subscriber I thing that its something I need to know, like password changes, etc. Not another ad for summer camp registration, that is apparently closing. When I opened the email 5 days later and registration was still open.

The infomercial like sales tactic is a real turn off for me.

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e-Science Homeschool Science Curriculum {Supercharged Science Reviews}
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