100 Years Of Glenn Doman

This August marks my hero’s 100th Birthday. If Glenn Doman was still alive he would have been celebrating 100th year on August 26th of this year.

Who is Glenn Doman & Why Is He So Special?

Glenn Doman was a physical therapist, who realized that traditional therapies were just not working for brain injured patients. Instead of continuing with the way things had always been done, he started looking for new ways to help this patients.

Doman journeyed to many countries, and lived with many different type of people. He observed how children grew and developed in different cultures, from the Inuit children in the north, urban children in major cities, to the children living in remote communities.

Through all these observations, and with the help of the best and brightest people like Temple Fay, Glenn Doman created the Development Profile that is the back bone of the work at Doman International. Using this profile, families can now diagnose where in the brain their child is injured. So instead of treating the symptoms, parents can now treat the brain itself through specially designed programs. Many of which can be learned through the several books on the subject he has written. Most of them are available for free at your local library. More in dept programs can be learned at Doman International.

What made Glenn Doman special was the fact he was not OK with the same old, same old, mentality that has been failing brain injured children for so many years. He spent his life researching and creating programs that have been life changing for my son and millions of other families.

The Brain Grows By Use

One of his most important discoveries in my option was that the brain grows by use. All children needed to be stimulated and the brain will continue to grow and develop. How many special needs children are institutionalized and left to rot, even though their brain desperately needs to be stimulation to grow.

Glenn Doman Lives On

Glenn Doman may no longer be here on Earth with us anymore, but his legacy lives on. To start with a person only has to type “Glenn Doman” into Amazon, and they will find several of his books. Run the same search in YouTube, and you can hear him speak on the subject of brain injured children.

So just because your just being introduced to the world of the Doman Method now, don’t think you missed the boat. Glenn Doman wrote his books just the way he spoke. OK yes, sometimes he could be a little wordy, but everything he wrote was clear and easy to follow along with.

The 4 books I think are must reads are listed below. I feel as a professional mother, ( a term Glenn Doman used to refer to moms using the Doman Method), you should read all of his books, but these 4 are a good start.

Doman International

Another way Glenn Doman lives on is through the works of Doman International. His family there have followed in his footsteps and dedicated their lives to helping children like my son grow to their full potential.

Like Glenn Doman, they strive every day to teach parents programs to help rewire the brain of their injured child. They also are constantly looking for new ways to help brain injured children. The staff at DI believe that parents are the most powerful teacher and therapist for their child. Never do they make parents feel like they are inferior to them like other programs tend to do.

Why is Glenn Doman My Hero?

That is such an easy question to answer. Glenn Doman is my hero because he gave me hope during the darkest moments of my life.

NOTHING hurts more then being told your child has this horrible condition and they are hopeless. NOTHING crushes a mother more then being told no matter what she does, she can’t fix it.

Glenn Doman had a different outlook. If you work hard, and never give up, you can help your child. Not everyone makes it to complete wellness, but if done right these programs give your child the best possible chance to succeed, and grow into the best person they can be.

The growth and development I have seen in my children using Glenn Doman’s methods gives me so much power. Usually in a situation where a child has been diagnosed with a condition like Autism, parents have the power taken from them. Glenn Doman realized, no therapist loves their patient more then that child’s parents. Therefore parents are the best teachers and therapist.

Glenn Doman, then and now to me can described in one word…


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Happy Birthday Mr Glenn Doman, though I never met you in person, I still feel like I know you so well. Thank you for making the world a better place for my children. I will always be in you debt.