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Learning Dynamics Reading Program  {Learning Dynamics Reviews}

Learning Dynamics: Start Reading in 4 Weeks!

So anyone that has followed my blog for even a short time knows I believe parents should start teaching their children to read as young as possible. So when I had the chance to team up with TOS & Learning Dynamics it was a no brainer!

Zakari & I were sent the complete Learning Dynamics Reading Program to review.

This kit included:

  • Lesson Manual
  • 50+ Full-Color Books
  • 30+ Songs – Music CD: If you are like me and don’t use CDs very often, the music can also be downloaded from the Learning Dynamics Website.
  • Activity Book / Workbook
  • Letter Rewards
  • Flashcards

Right away I could see the whole kit was reusable, with the exception of the workbook. However when I went on their website I saw that extra copies of this workbook can be purchased for additional students.

All of the books and flashcards are printed on high quality paper, and I feel are very durable. They can easily withstand being passed down to younger children when done.

Want a closer look at what is included in this kit, check out the video below:

Can You Use This Program With Special Needs Children Too?

As mom to a special needs kiddo, this is a question I ask myself while reviewing each product. But I’m happy to say, yes! This program is an awesome way to help teach little ones with special needs to read.

Learning Dynamics assumes that the child has no reading experience what so ever, ans starts right at the beginning with letter sounds. Within 4 weeks your child will be reading their first book.

What if your child already knows their letter sounds?

That’s OK, just flash through the beginning part of the program as a review and slow down when you get to an area where your child starts to seem more unsure. For us that look like using the first part of the workbook as penmanship practice and then flipping further ahead really diving into the materials my son needed practice on . Like lesson 39 where Learning Dynamics starts teaching the student about vowels.

How Does The Program Work?

Learning Dynamics requires very little prep work from the parent. It is recommended that your child use the program 3 days a week.

The parent reads one page from the manual, then follows the clearly laid out instructions to teach a short 15 minute lesson to the student. Afterwards parent celebrates the child’s success and then you casually review what they learned during the day.

Our Overall Thoughts

After using this program for a few weeks, I have to say I am quite happy with it. Many other programs on the market only include a few small books for your child to work through. Learning Dynamics includes 50 books for your child to work through. This is especially motivating to a student, as they work through the lessons, their collection of book that they can read grows and grow.

Artemis the cat trying to read over Zakari’s shoulders

I love keeping the books that we have already gone through accessible to Zakari so he can practice reading at his leisure.

Now Available in Canada!

When I first received this product, I had it shipped to the border parcel service, because at the time this review was only open to US members of the TOS Review Crew. But

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Learning Dynamics Reading Program  {Learning Dynamics Reviews}
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