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Learn to Play the Piano with Music & Creativity - Foundation Course {Simply Music Reviews}

Are you and your family looking for a FREE music program for yourself or your child? Then you should check out Simply Music!

For the last 6 years my oldest has been taking private piano lessons. However things change, and he was really wanting to participate in activities that have more of social component to them. There is only so much money and time we can dedicate to extra curricula activities. So this May was his last private piano lesson.

However now Simply Music has provided us with another option. My son can follow along these online lessons, free of charge, using Simply Music’s Music & Creativity – Foundation Course. No credit card is required!

What is Simply Music?

Simply Music is a FREE online piano course founded by Australian music educator, Neil Moore. Whether you are a complete newbie or have a few lessons under your belt, Simply Music just might be for you.

The free portion of this program is 21 lessons. Neil Moore talks about the importance of moving through the program at a slow rate. He mentions that it is more beneficial for a student to focus on what they are doing, and pay close attention to what their hands are doing, then to work through the program quickly.

Short lessons also allow the brain to absorb what the program is trying to teach them. If the student is rushing, they increase their chance of making more errors.

When your child is working through the program, and it is their turn to practice the image above is what they will see on their tablet or computer screen.

What Equipment Do You Need?

  • Online access. This allows you to watch the videos, listen to the soundtracks, and read the digital written materials.
  • a piano or a keyboard. The keyboard should be a minimum 61 key, (you can make a smaller keyboard work, but you might find it a bit limiting)and have a jack to be able to listen to your instrument through headphones. A bonus would be a keyboard that has a sustain petal and has touch sensitive keys.
  • ear buds
  • full size headphone

Our Experience

From my observation as a parent, this program would not be a good fit for my youngest son. He is 7 years old and is quite active. The calm, slow pace of the program is not enough to keep him engaged.

Some students just need to have a live teacher. This was the situation with my oldest. I love the idea of working through a free online program, however because he is use to having a teacher by his side once a week, he wasn’t as interested in this program. Because the teacher is not physically present, he cannot read my son’s body language and see that he is losing him.

Who Do I Think This Program Is Great For?

  • Adults who want to learn how to play piano, but might not have time to attend lesson.
  • Self motivated teens and children that might have too busy of a schedule to attend a regular private lesson.
  • Students with a drive and passion to learn how to play the piano.
  • A family who might not be able to afford private lessons

Final Thoughts

Even though this program was not a fit for my children, I still believe it is worth checking out. It is a free product, so there absolutely no risk to you to give it a try.

One day when I have a bit more free time, I would consider trying the program out myself.

Where To Find Simply Music Online

Website | TwitterInstagram | YouTube

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Learn to Play the Piano with Music & Creativity - Foundation Course {Simply Music Reviews}
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  1. Kristen says:

    Interesting…I can see not having a teacher present to provide correction being something that one would have to get used to.

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