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Britfield & the Lost Crown  {Reviews}

Any chance I get to review a book, I jump on it. Especially when I can read it aloud to one of my kids. This month we were blessed to be sent a digital copy of Britfield & the Lost Crown by C.R Stewart to review.

What Happens When Two Orphans Have Had Enough?

For as long as Tom can remember he has lived a hard life moving from orphanage to orphanage, until he landed up in Weatherly. A horrible child slave camp disguised as an orphanage. One day Tom finds out his family might still be alive. With the help of all the orphans, Tom and his best friend Sarah make a daring escape from Weatherly, with only the word “Britfield” to work with.

Soon Tom & Sarah find themselves in deeper trouble then they expected. With Scotland Yard, every police officer between Weatherly and London, not to mention the management of Weatherly’s henchmen after them, everywhere they turn someone is out to get them. Why are so many people so interested in two orphans?

Study Guide

The first thing I noticed when we started reading though Britfield & the Lost Crown was the educational value the fictional story provided the readers. The author took the main characters to real places with historical meaning, so the reader is “accidentally” learning history and geography.

The author is not afraid to used vocabulary that might require the reader to look up a few words in a dictionary. However he is careful that the use of new vocabulary is not discouraging to the reader. Homeschoolers can use the free 8 week study guide to go over vocabulary words used in each chapter.

Students also have the chance to work through comprehension questions. Afterwards there is a section called Going Deeper, where students are given more thought provoking questions to work thought. These in my opinion would be great question to talk about together as a family.

The Perfect Read Aloud

While at nearly 400 pages, Britfield & the Lost Crown is quite a bit longer then most books Zakari and I read aloud together. As he is only 7, I usually prefer books we can read in 2-3 reading sessions. We generally read 45 mins to 2 hours a session. But this books sucked us in. So it was well worth the extra reading sessions. Zakari stayed engaged, and did not seem to get lost, even though it took us nearly 2 weeks to finish up.

Britfield & the Lost Crown is well written. The author wrote with such style and skill. Honestly I put it in the same class as the Harry Potter series. But don’t worry if you are a family that prefers to not do any type of magic, wizards or witches, this book does not contain any of that. It is one that I will continue to recommend to other families.

The only frustrating thing is the sequel will not be out till Fall 2020!!

Curious To Know What Other Homeschool Families Thought?

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Britfield & the Lost Crown  {Reviews}
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  1. Monique, Your review of Britfield was a pure pleasure to read! Thank you for your wonderful feedback! Please tell Zakari that he only has to wait until fall 2020 for Book II and he is going to love it!

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