Doman International Remote Advance Consult: August 2019

The Doman Method has been part of the way I parent since I was first introduced to Glenn Doman back when my oldest Wesley was almost 2 years old. I have seen with my own two eyes how much a young child is capable of when given the right learning environments.

Back in 2016 I finally took the plunge and went to The Institutes for the Achievement of Human Potential. There I took a 5 day course, and learned how to use the Doman Method to help my youngest son Zakari who lives with Autism develop.

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Our First Appointment

In August 2017 I flew back to Philadelphia for our first appointment. This time I was not alone, my husband and Zakari joined us.

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Sadly I didn’t get around to blogging about the rest of the week. I don’t regret much, but this is one thing I do regret. I have tried to sit down and remember how the days went, but sadly because so much time had passed, it didn’t flow just right.

Split Between Doman International & IAHP

In December of 2017 Janet Doman sent out a letter to all the families stating that what was suppose to be a split, but under the same umbrella with IAHP American and IAHP Europe was not happening.

The letter was shocking to me as a parent. I felt it was unprofessional announcing who the IAHP had “fired”. Something didn’t sit right with me after reading this letter. I also realized because of this letter that I had just lost a lot of respect for Janet Doman.

Making the Switch

This is when Doman International was born as its own separate organization.

After that I realized the staff that my family had mostly connected with were what made the IAHP special. With that team of people gone, I was not getting the support I needed to help my son. I felt like they didn’t want to answer my questions during our 6 months of support, but just wanted to get me to commit to coming back the Philadelphia.

Eventually after I started asking the staff at Doman International my questions. Even though I was suppose to be supported by the IAHP, it was actually Doman International that carried my family through the remaining of our support period. They did not receive a cent for doing this, but did it anyhow because in the end the children are what matter to them.

Over the last year and a half, I have noticed several soft digs at Doman International in the IAHP newsletters. However through this whole ordeal Doman International has never said or implied one ill thing about the IAHP. Instead they choice to focus their energy on helping kiddos like Zakari.

Break From The Program

During the 2018/19 school year we took a break from our Doman programs. I felt like I as being pressured to explore another avenue and complete our ABA program, before I fully committed to the Doman Method. In the end, I know this was a mistake. But that being said, now I know with 100% certainty we are on the right track.

Book & Canceling Appointments….

I must have booked and rescheduled our appointment with Doman International a million time before I fully committed to the week of August 2019. Honestly I must have drove poor Emma(Doman International’s Clinical Manager) crazy. But she accommodated us with each change with absolute patience.

I didn’t do this because I wasn’t sure this was the way to go, but because I really needed to do this appointment during the summer. Originally I thought that I could schedule our visits during my daycare children’s nap time. But soon I came to my senses and realized if I was going to do this, I needed to commit a full week without distractions.

Our Remote Consult with Doman International

In the past I have been just too tired after a visit or day of appointments to blog about our journey. I figured I would do it at a later date. Problem is, weeks and months later, it becomes harder and harder to remember all the details.

With this appointment I committed to sharing our journey via YouTube videos. Sometimes its just easier to say what I have on my mind, instead of trying to write about it. So I apologize to my readers who prefer blogs over vlogs, but this time around I believe a few vlogs do this story more justice then I could ever blog.

Day 1

Day 2

Day 3

Day 4

Final Thoughts About Our Remote Consult

There are a lot of benefits to meeting the staff in person, and I am glad almost everyone that is working with us at Doman International has gotten to meet Zakari in person before. However overall I felt this appointment was easier on our whole family.

  • The appointment itself is more affordable. Because the staff can remotely call us from anywhere for the appointment, the overhead costs on their side are much lower. Therefore the appointments are much cheaper then an in person appointment.
  • No need to pay for hotels, car rentals, plane tickets, meals out, etc.
  • Zakari could stay in his regular routine. When we were in Philadelphia, Zakari’s sleep schedule was so out of sort. So he was not really showing the staff his best self because he was so sleep deprived.
  • I did not have to figure out how to entertain and keep Zakari busy between appointments. We just went on with our day. During appointments I did not have to stop Zakari from “redecorating” a staff members office. I could set him up and know for the most part my home is “Zakari Proof”. Sure he interrupted us a few times. But the staff were VERY understanding.

So unless we feel that there is some reason that Zakari should be seen in person, we will continue to do any upcoming appointments remotely.

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Disclaimer: This post is written from my perspective as a parent. It is not to say that my opinions are right for every family. I just want to encourage parents to do their own due diligence before booking an appointment for their own child. By sharing my experience I hope that it might help another parent along their journey from Special Needs to Wellness.