Raising Bookworms: What We Read In August 2019

We Did Not Hit Our Goal This Month…

But you know what? That’s OK. Because it was not because we were not read, but because we devoured a nearly 400 page books!

This year I am a member of the TOS Homeschool Review Crew, and we had the chance to review Britfield & the Lost Crown. So this book landed up taking up a HUGE part of our read aloud time in August. But that doesn’t matter, because the story was worth the time.

The most important thing is that we are reading, not how many books we get through in a month. As Zakari gets older, the books we will read will get long, and we will get through less in a month and that is alright!

The End Of Our Monthly Series

So I have been trying to decided how I want to move forward. This year I have been wanting to do weekly homeschool updates. Since we are working with Doman International, I want to record our journey for two reasons. 1) To record our progress. Sometimes we are so caught up in the NOW, we for get about the PAST and don’t see where we have come from. 2)If I can share our journey and help even one other family, it is worth the time and effort.

So instead of sharing what we read during the month, I will be sharing this with our weekly updates.

So this will be the last Raising Bookworms: What We Read This Month Video. But don’t worry, you can see all that we read in our upcoming weekly videos instead.

Raising Bookworms: What We Read In August 2019

Britfield & The Lost Crown: What an awesome read! If you want to read what we thought, check out my review: TOS Review: Britfield & The Lost Crown

Fizz and the Police Dog Tryouts: Fizz 1

Fizz and the Dog Academy Rescue

Fizz and the Show Dog Jewel Thief

Fizz and the Handbag Dognapper

Puppy Pirates 1: Stowaway! This month my YouTube friend, _little_mama_purple got this book free from a Kellogg’s program. When I saw that I remembered we owned it. So we gave the series a try. Its not a MUST read, but its a nice to read. Sweet story. We have a few more of the series that we will read. I would never pay full price for it, but garage sale or thrift store prices are worth it for sure.

Calendar Mysteries 8: August Acrobat: Of course a month would not be complete without the kids from the Calendar Mysteries!

Dolphin Freedom: Zakari and I were introduced to Wayne Grover and his dolphin friend “Baby” when we were working thought Bookshark Level K. We read Dolphin Treasure and Dolphin Adventure:: A True Story and just fell in love. I was surprised to find out there was a third book that was not included in the curriculum.

I actually had trouble getting my hands on it. We ordered it twice through Amazon Marketplace and both times it never arrived.(Don’t worry, I was refunded.) Finally one of the woman I buy used books from on Facebook came across a copy. So I bought it from her.

This was actually our favourite book out of the three, so I’m glad I did not give up trying to get a copy.

What did you and your kiddos read in August?

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