TOS Review: Easy Grammar: Grade 1

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Grammar is a subject that often I feel ill-equipped to teach. I feel that not enough time was spent focusing on this when I was in school. So I’m always looking for better ways to teach grammar to my kiddos.

Zakari & I had the chance to review and share with you our experience with Easy Grammar:  Grade 1 by Easy Grammar Systems.

What is Easy Grammar

Easy Grammar is a grammar program designed to be used as a teaching text. You can expect to spend between 5-15 mins a day per lesson.

Easy Grammar cycles through concepts. They understand in order for a student to fully grasp concepts they need the chance to have many encounters with it. Each encounter strengthens the students knowledge on the subject, making it more likely to stick.

Does You Need to Purchase a Workbook for Each Student?

No you don’t!

If you have more then one child, Easy Grammar can be reproduced and passed down from child to child. This makes the system even more affordable, as it can possible be the only grammar program your family needs to buy.

We received the digital version to review. If you plan on using the program with more then one child, digital may be the way to go. Instead of standing over a photocopier, you can just select the lessons you want to print and send it to your printer.

How Does Each Lesson Look?

Each lesson consists of:

Capitalization: The student is asked to look at the sentence and capitalize different words. For example: the word I, initials, days of the week, and names of states just to name a few.

Punctuation: The student is then ask to place a missing punctuation mark into a sentence.

Lesson: Then the student is taught a short lesson. For example:

  • Tracing capital and lowercase letters,
  • What is a noun,
  • What is a vowel,
  • and more

Sentence: Then the student is asked to trace or write a sentence to end the lesson.

How Did We Adapt This Program For a Child With Autism and Fine Motor Skills Issues?

While looking though the samples of this program I thought that it was going to require a lot of adaptation in order to use it with my son. However I soon realized that this program, at least in the early years is very teacher intense.

So Zakari and I went through the lessons, just as I would with any student. I supported him while he wrote his answers, but overall it needed very little adaptation.

What Do We Think About Easy Grammar Grade 1?

Easy Grammar Grade 1 was just as the title suggests, its easy. I like that it only requires 5 to 15 minutes of teacher/student time. The fact the lessons are short and sweet, my son never bored of them.

What To Learn More About Easy Grammar Systems?

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Easy Grammar, Daily GRAMS & Easy Grammar Ultimate {Easy Grammar Systems Reviews}
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