TOS Review: Reading Eggs 240 Essential Reading Skills for First Grade

240 Essential Reading Skills & 200 Essential Math Skills  {Reading Eggs Reviews}

Years ago, we used Reading Eggs with my oldest son to help him learn how to read. So I was super excited to get the chance to review one of their many workbooks, 240 Essential Reading Skills for First Grade.

Reading Eggs gave my oldest a solid foundation in reading, phonics and spelling. We also used it for a while when Zakari was very little before our iPad broke. It really gave him a jump start on his early reading.

What Is Reading Eggs?

Reading Eggs is a subscription based, online program designed to teach children ages 2 to 13 to read. You can sign up for a free trial, and see if it is a match for your kiddo.

I really like that the placement test is very interactive and engaging for the student. So they are more likely to really try and you get the best results.

Reading Eggs is also available on ISO and android. Which is great for little ones like Z who have fine motor skill issues that make using a mouse difficult.

How Reading Eggs & Essential Reading Skills for First Grade Workbook Go Hand In Hand

240 Essential Reading Skills for First Grade covers lessons 61-120 of the Reading Eggs program. The workbook can be used alone, but is best to used along side the online program.

Using this proven program for just 15 mins a day, your student will learn phonics, vocabulary, writing and reading comprehension.

The company suggests that your child complete the online lesson first before working through the matching workbook pages. I also agree with this. It allows the online program to teach the lesson, and the workbook to be a way for the student to practice what they learned.

What Exactly Is In This Workbook

Sometimes I find it really hard to decide if a workbooks is for us by just the description and a few sample pages. Sometimes the samples look like the book is perfect for my son, but when I get it, its too hard or too easy.

So seeing as I can’t let you physically take a look through my book, I thought I’d give you a virtual flip through. Check out the video below to see what is all included in this Grade 1 Skills work book.

What Did We Think About: 240 Essential Reading Skills for First Grade Workbook

Overall I found the books aesthetically beautiful. They were colorful and engaging for students. The lessons complimented the online subscription very well.

For kiddos who might not a have a solid understanding of phonics and sight words, these workbook will help them get that foundation that is so important. A good friend of mine started using this program with her almost 7 year old son with autism, and it brought him from a non reader to reader in a very short time.

For us, we plan to use the workbook to continue to working on penmanship and reading comprehension.

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240 Essential Reading Skills & 200 Essential Math Skills  {Reading Eggs Reviews}
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