Week 1: Homeschool Update Grade 2

School is well on its way, and I’ve been sharing our journey this year on YouTube. As the weeks have gone on, I’m realizing that this has not been as smooth of a year, as the past three have been.

I find most homeschool YouTubers like to just share the positive. Of course this is great. Usually homeschooling is awesome.

But what happens when mom has overplanned. Anxiety kicks in. Everyone seems to be getting sick…

Well week 1 was looking good for us. But as the weeks went on, things have been getting harder and harder. I feel like we might be pulling out of this funk, but I wanted to share our journey. I also want to record it for me. So I can see what we did.

So here we go with Week 1….

Week 1

The week before our official start, we began easing into school by starting some of our Doman International Programs.

We started off with:

  • masking
  • Doman Math Program
  • hanging from a dowel(or monkey bars)
  • & EASe Listening Therapy
  • Ionic Footbath

For our first week of homeschool, we started:

  • Bookshark
  • Handwriting Without Tears
  • Math Lessons for a Living Education
  • Explode the Code 1

One thing I really over planned was in regards to read alouds. Prior to starting school, we were just flying through read alouds. However I scheduled 3 much longer read alouds.

I also forgot that I was out of town that first weekend back to school, so we also lost a lot of time reading there. As well our first week was short to start with thanks to the Labour Day long weekend. So needless to say, I was overconfident and did not plan well.

Highlights of the Week:

I’m noticing a huge maturity in Zakari. His focus during table work has increased.

He is also able to demonstrate that he is reading in his head, and understanding what he reading.

How did your first week of homeschool go?

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