Our Story: Autism & Lyme Disease

Over the last year, Zakari has gone from a bullet proof immune system, to getting sick more often. Prior to this year, Zakari had only needed antibiotics once before for an ear infection in 2017, compared to the 2 times in 5 months.

In the past, there were rare time he did catch a bug or virus. But they would only last 12-24 hours, and then he was back to normal. However the same sickness would take out other members of the family for several days.

Then at the end of April he started a nasty virus that wiped him out for nearly 4 weeks. This involved vomiting, fevers and completely sucked the energy right out of him. It was so weird to see him so quiet, spending a good chunk of his time sleeping. We thought after a few weeks we were out of the woods. He seemed like he was going back to his old self.

Lonely Long Weekend

One week later, on the May long weekend, my husband was out of town on business, and my eldest was at his dad’s. That weekend everything went south. Zakari started fevering, he started vomiting, and he became aggressive. I knew he was in pain, because this was so out of character.

I was walking on eggshells, trying to take care of him with no in house back up. Luckily he slept a lot, but I knew when he would wake up, everything would be chaotic again.

On the Sunday, I desperately needed a few things from the grocery store, but because of how Zakari was feeling I knew I couldn’t take him in with me. So I called my mother in law to sit in the van with him while I ran into Sobeys to get some basics. I was in the store for a max of 10 mins. When I came back, he had unbuckled himself and was screaming on the van floor.

That’s When It Hit Me…

On my way home from the grocery store, it hit me. The only time I have ever seen Zakari like this was back in 2017 when he had an ear infection. At this point I felt like the worst mother, how could I have not realized this! I had called the nurses hotline, and they told me to give it a few more days. But now that I knew in my heart what it was, there was no waiting.

I called my dad to come with me, and we drove to the rural emergency room. Zakari was irate. He has anxiety of doctors on a good day. Because he was clearly uncontrollable, they brought us right in.

I had prayed the whole way there that this one particular doctor would not be on call. Of course, he was the one seeing patients that night. When I explained what was going on and I was sure he had an ear infection, he tried to blow me off. I couldn’t believe it when he tried to write it off as just autism.

I made him check his ears. It became clear to him that I was not leaving until he did. He looked in the first one and was quite smug when he told me that it was clear. Then I saw his expression change when he looked into the second. A few moments later he told me he did have and ear infection and wrote us a prescription. Later I found out from our actual doctor that it must have been bad because he gave him a very strong one.

That Should Have Been The End…

Well you would think that, that would have been the end, but it wasn’t! We had to live on Advil for weeks because he was in so much pain. I go into detail of what happened in my Chiropractors & Autism video.

Needless to say, the medical system wrote my son’s pain off as Autism again. Thankfully I was able to help my son without them. You can hear the story in the video below.

Our Chiropractor Story

Fast Forward A Few Months…

Suddenly Zakari is getting sick again. I just couldn’t believe it. He was vomiting, and was sleeping a lot again.

We just started bombarding him with chiropractic adjustments. I was terrified he was going to get another ear infection.

We also took him to a walk in clinic and we were told it was just a virus. But once the fever kicked in a few days later, we took him back. This time we were so lucky. We met an amazing doctor, who checked him and discovered he was of course developing another ear infection.

Even though he landed up developing another ear infection, between the chiropractor and the walk in doctor, we caught it early. Zakari only had one day of real unbearable pain. Unlike the weeks of pain after the last ear infection.

The Suspect: Lyme Disease…

I contacted our staff coach at Doman International, because I had some concerns. Zakari’s convergence was off again since the infection. We had been working so hard with him and our gains in convergence(getting his eyes to work together) seem to be slipping. Zakari had been running the strangest fever. He was running between a normal temp of 98.6F to a fever of nearly 103F. Even though he was already on antibiotics for the ear infection.

Our Doman Coach cautiously suggested maybe we consider Lyme Disease. Through research, I realized that the test run by Manitoba Health often produce false negatives. I didn’t want to put Zakari through a blood draw if we were not going to get accurate results. Beside my doctor already thinks I’m annoying for requesting all the bloodwork I have in the past for our first evaluation. I knew I would have trouble convincing him Lyme disease was a possible option because he did not have the bullseye mark.

Cost an Arm & a Leg…

After contacting our naturopath, we priced up Lyme Disease testing though a respectable Lab in Germany. Sadly the cost was just too high for me at this time. If I did these test, I wouldn’t be able to afford a lot of other treatments we are already doing on.

So we decided to contact our NAET practitioner, and she said she is familiar with and has had success with Lyme Disease. So we booked an appointment.

In the end, if we decide that this is just not enough, we will proceed with the more expensive testing. I just want to make sure I am using my resources wisely.

Therapy Night: Chiropractor, NAET and Losing a Tooth:

Wednesday we spent the evening running Zakari to and from his appointments. First his visited his chiropractor for his weekly adjustment. Then we had his first NAET visit in a while to talk about a possible Lyme infection. Check out this video and join me while I run around.

Want To Learn More About NAET?

Check out some of my past post from when we first started NAET therapy.

Zakari’s Appointment Results

During Zakari’s NAET appointment we muscle tested him for Lyme Disease and he failed it. This could mean one of two things.


a) he has Lyme disease or

b) he is just susceptible to Lyme Disease

So we decided that we are going to treat it using NAET. Either we will help get rid of the infection if he does indeed have one. Or if he doesn’t I hope that it will help him be less susceptible in the future.

Our NAET practitioner has been working with another NAET practitioner who specializes in Lyme Disease in Alberta. She had recommended a Brain Mix vial we had never used before with Zakari on all her Lyme patients. So we chose to do that one first. Next week, we will treat actual Lyme.

There are are list of other things to treat, which is suppose to help support the body fight the Lymes. So we will go through that list as well, however I think we have treated many of them in the past already. But it doesn’t hurt to double check the list.

Have you or anyone who know had to deal with Lyme Disease?

If so leave a comment below and share your story with me.


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