DOMAN METHOD JOURNEY: Why We Don’t Pattern, But Why You Should…

What is Patterning?

Patterning is a sensory program created by Glenn Doman and taught by the Mobility Staff Coaches at Doman International.

Glenn Doman described patterning as “closed brain surgery”. Basically, instead of waiting for the child to spend enough time on the floor to increase mobility, parents are able to jump right in helping facilitate that same movement and treat that area of the brain right away.

Why is it Important?

Patterning is important because it helps a child improve in:

  • physical development
  • convergence (the two eyes working together)
  • sensory stimulation

Why We Don’t Do It?

But Why You Should…

Patterning is one of the staple programs offered by Doman International. If it wasn’t such an important program, it would not be listed on nearly every child’s program sheets.

My reason for sharing this is not to give you the impression that you should discard any program assigned to your child by the team at Doman International.

Then why I’m sharing this with you?

I want you to understand that if a single program truly does not work for your family, SPEAK UP. You do not have to stop all the other programs that are working.

Your staff coach is willing to work with you and adapt the program as needed. While patterning would have been ideal for Zakari, we were still able to get may of the same benefits from crawling, creep, aerobic running, etc. Just maybe to a lesser degree. The staff would rather see you do 9/10 of the programs prescribed than giving up on the program altogether.

Work with your coach. Between the two of you, there is a solution to every problem.

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