Since September of 2016 we have been working with the staff of Doman International, creating personalized therapy plans tailored to Zakari’s individual needs.

This originally involved me flying from Canada to Philadelphia in the USA, to take a 5-day course. Then our family flying back to Zakari evaluated by the staff and to be taught how to use these programs with him.

But when it came to our revisit last year, we realized that travel expenses were going to make it very difficult. So we opted for a Remote Consult.

If you’d like to know more about how that looked for us last year, check out the post I wrote and you can catch all the daily videos I did then too! Doman International Remote Advance Consult: August 2019

Plans Don’t Always Go According to… well Plan

This year we had planned on traveling down to Philadelphia with the whole family. We finally had a vehicle we trusted to make the long journey, and our big kids were so excited. We were going to make a road trip out of it.

But all that changed because of the Novel Coronavirus. The Canada/USA Border was shut down, and travel became very unsafe.

Thankfully, Emma at Doman International was able to quickly switch us to a remote consult.

What is a Remote Consult?

A remote consult is when the staff at Doman International meet with your family virtually. No traveling involved.

A few weeks prior to our appointment, I sent our Staff Coach:

  • videos of Zakari doing his programs at home so they can see his progress
  • Detailed reports on the successes and challenges of the last 6 months
  • Lab results
  • and Food Diaries

How Did Our Remote Consult Look This Year?

  • First, we met with Jordan to go over Zakari’s History. Once she was sure she had all the information she needed, we started the Evaluation. Jordan went over all the details that might not have been included in the videos I sent. Or that they needed clarification on. I would have Zakari complete pieces of his programs in front of her, via Zoom, and she would decide whether he met the criteria to advance on the development chart. (Spoiler Alert! He earned 3 Victories this appointment!)
  • Our next appointment was the Summary with Rosalind. During this appointment, we went over what happened since our last appointment, and our goals for Zakari.

Finally, we started working with different staff to learn about all our new programs that were carefully tailored to Zakari’s needs during a round table with all the staff. These programs were also designed to keep our family’s dynamics in mind too.

We met with:

  • Spencer Doman for our Cognitive program.
  • Marlene Marckwordt for our Respiratory Program.
  • Dr. Aravind for our Nutrition program.
  • Melissa Doman for our Physical program.
  • Then we circled back to Spencer, who is Zakari’s Staff coach, to do the ‘Overview of the Programs’appointment.

Each staff member spent as much time as possible making sure I completely understood each program and recommendation before letting me go.

Stay tuned for posts & videos about each individual program!

Why Someone Might Pick a Remote Consult

While an in-person appointment is usually the best way to work with Doman International. That is not always possible. Now with the opinion of meeting remotely, the following problems are no longer a reason not to have your child seen:

  • COVID19 is preventing your family from traveling for a multitude of reasons.
  • Getting time off work to travel to the appointment is not an option for your family
  • Your child does not qualify for travel insurance because of their medical conditions
  • Travel cost
  • Passport Issues
  • Child Care for other siblings

While I would have much prefered the live visit we had scheduled, Zakari received an equal quality program to work on at home.

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