Teach your Baby Math, Reading & Music

If you are interested in teaching your baby, toddler or preschooler to read, do math or learn how to read music, but you don’t have tons of time to plan, create materials, and figure out how to get your child to participate, BrillKids products are exactly what you need!

WAIT ONE MINUTE. Teach a baby, toddler or preschooler to read??Yes thats what I said! Not only can they do it, its easier for them to learn a young age, than in the 1st grade.

Check out these products and see how its possible!

Little Reader


One of the first products I purchased from BrillKids was the Little Reader Program.

Little Reader uses the same concept as Glenn Doman’s “How to Teach Your Baby to Read” program, except makes it easier for parents like you to use with your child. It also adds in pictures and multisensory videos to make it more interesting and fun for your child.

If you were to just follow the Glenn Doman method, you would be required to create 200 word flashcards to start with. Then as your child goes through the words you have to create more flashcards. If you fall behind, your child’s program stops, while you catch up making more materials. And trust me, it is easy to fall behind. Things always seem to pop up.

BrillKids Little Reader program offers you 12 months worth of pre made curriculum. So instead of spending your evenings when your little ones are in bed making more materials, you know the next days lessons are ready to go at a click of a button.

Some people worry when they seen 12 month curriculum. Do you have to finish it in 12 months? What if I want to use it with my next child? Don’t worry! it doesn’t mean you have 12 months to get through it. It is yours to keep, and use with every child you have. 12 months worth of curriculum simply means if you and your child complete 1 lesson, 5 days a week, you will be finished the course in 1 year.

Little Math


BrillKids Little Math program is based on the Glenn Doman’s “How To Teach Your Baby Math” Program. It also includes 12 months worth of curriculum.

The reason I love this program so much is the simplicity for parents. If you have ever tried to do a Glenn Doman physical flashcard program, you will know that it is hard to present in a quick enough way to keep the child interested. I was always stumbling and second guessing myself.

But know at the click of a button I can teach my child, and know I’m showing them the correct cards, and teaching them the correct answers.

Little Musician

Now the BrillKids Little Musician program is my FAVORITE BrillKids product! My boys love it and they have really learned a lot from it.

You can set the program to either teach your child Solfege or the Musical Alphabet.

This program teaches your child Solfege, rhythm, chords, musical sight reading. As well as information about composers, musical instruments and musical time periods.

This is an awesome product, even if you know nothing about music. Little Musician will make teaching your child music effortless.

My oldest did this program and was able to skip 2  levels in piano. His teacher was so impressed.


So if you are looking to give your child the upper hand with as little effort as possible, please considered BrillKids products.

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2 Responses to Teach your Baby Math, Reading & Music

  1. Zeina Ossi says:

    I have a bunch of Glenn Doman materials (word cards, blank cards, math dot cards, books and CD’s) that I no longer need. Is there a site / blog / forum where I can post my materials in case some one would like to purchase them at a deeply discounted price? Thanks for letting me know!!

    • waterdreamer77 says:

      Have you looked at the BrillKids Forum. Some people have had success there. There is also the “Early Learning Parenting group” on Facebook

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