What We Read in June 2016

20160612_233816159_iOSLately I have been spending a lot of time on Pinterest looking for book ideas for my preschooler. When find a good list, I take it and use it to order books from our local library. I have also been reading through the books in our personal library with Little Z as well. I thought that I would start to share what we read each month, in case any of my readers are looking for some book ideas.

Little Z’s attention span towards books is getting longer and longer. This is allowing us to hit up many books that in the past were to long for him. This is super exciting for me, as it allows me to expose him to new vocabulary.

So this is what my 4 year old and I read in June 2016

  1.  I Love You Always and Forever
  2.  Grandfather Twilight
  3.  Light Up the Night
  4.  Max and Ruby: Super Max Saves the World
  5.  My Grandpa Is Great
  6.  This Little Pirate
  7.  World of Reading: Jake and the Never Land Pirates Pirate Campout: Level 1
  8.  My Ponies (Hello Reader!)
  9. Your Baby Can Read Book 1
  10. Roadwork! (Disney/Pixar Cars) (Step into Reading)
  11.  Thomas and the School Trip (I Can Read It All By Myself Beginner Books)
  12.  The Berenstain Bears Catch the Bus: A Tell the Time Story (Step into Reading, Step 2)
  13.  When We Go Camping
  14.  Night Lights
  15. Superman Classic: Superman versus the Silver Banshee (I Can Read Level 2)
  16. Olivia Helps Mother Nature (Ready-to-Read Level One)
  17. Puss in Boots- I Can Read- Level 1
  18. Parts (Picture Puffin Books)
  19. I Can Do It! (Step into Reading)
  20. The Chick That Wouldn’t Hatch
  21. Dinosaur Ed (Reader’s Digest) (All-Star Readers)
  22. Olivia Helps Mother Nature (Ready-to-Read Level One)
  23. Blackout
  24. Curious George Cleans Up (CGTV Reader)
  25. Super Spies (Disney/Pixar Cars 2) (Step into Reading)
  26. Pumpkins (Science Sight Word Readers)
  27. Milk and Cookies
  28. 1, 2, 3, Bunny (Focus on Family)
  29. Old Mother Hubbard
  30. Good Night Bear! (Troll First-Start Science)
  31. Down The Drain – Finding Nemo Phonics Set
  32. Beauty and the Beast – Level 1 – I Can Read
  33. First On The Moon
  34. I Have to Go (Sesame Street Toddler Books)
  35. Planet Earth: Baby Penguins
  36. A Very Busy Firehouse (Community Helpers)
  37. Halloween Countdown
  38. Thank You Prayer
  39. Just Like Dad (Little Golden Book)
  40. Grover’s Adventure Under the Sea (Peek-a-Board Books)

Now this might not look like many books, however we also have been reading stories out of the book Random House Book of Easy-to-Read Stories. As well as a story from My Good Night Devotions (Bean Sprouts) each night.

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What books have you and your little ones read recently?

Update on our 1500 book challenge

I have had a few people ask me where we are in our reading challenge. We have until June 9th/11 and we are sitting at 300+ books. Yes we are behind, but I still have confidence. The last two months we have been focused on Wesley reading. That means he has been reading and rereading easier readers. He reads about 6-10 a night and I read him one long story. However the easy readers can only count for one of the 1500 then when he rereads it it doesn’t count again. But with the winter coming I know we will be spending a lot more time reading, and as he reading skills improve we will be moving through the easy readers a lot faster.
Some of our favorite books have been by
Animals on Board: Adding (Mathstart Level 2 (Steck-Vaughn))– Stuart J Murphy’s Math Start books
The Lonely Little Monster (WorryWoo Monsters)– Andi Green’s WorryWoo monster books
Franklin's Bad Day– Paulette Bourgeois’s Franklin the Turtle
The Berenstain Bears and the Trouble with Chores-Stan and Jan Berenstain, Berenstain Bears
-Headsprouts Mini Sprout Stories
These are just to name a few. Watch out for a review on a few Math Start books and a review/giveaway on the Worrywoo book series.

I missed so much…

It really hit me today. By my son being in daycare from 11.5months old till he was almost 5years old. I missed so much of his life. It was a nessessity. There was not much I could do, being a single mother. I had to put a roof over our head and food in our bellies, but today while I sat and played with my daycare babies, I couldn’t help noticing all the things there parents were missing. And with that all the things I missed with my son.
They say the little things matter, and they do… I laughed as I watched babies who could barely talk yell, “touch down!” and they through a foam ball down to the floor. I cuddle them when they are hurt, read them stories, teach them to share… This is all stuff a complete stranger taught my son. I promise myself, I will NEVER work outside the home full time while I have children who need me. I want to raise my children.
With my son, he still has his tutor that comes to do therapy with him, but they are upstairs and come down to see me often. I can sit down and have 3 meals a day with him. I can read with him on his breaks and as soon as my daycare babies are gone home for the day, we sit and do his school work for 45mins or so. Then because I haven;t spent hours in the car commuting and have been picking away slowly at house work through out the day, I have time to read more then one book at night with him. Today is our second week doing out 1500 book challenge and we are right on schedule at 58 books read 🙂
Well I’m off to get some printouts for Wes and the daycare babies relating to our theme next week, cows and summer 🙂
Have a great evening!

Busy week…

Well we had a busy week… Evenings before dinner,which are our regular “school time” have been replaced with other things. I’m hoping come winter, which my son and I both dislike, we will stay on track.
Tuesday was my cousins baby shower so my dad came over and babysat Wes. Then Wednesday his dad took him to a live event, and Thursday was his regular even to spend with his dad.
This morning a friend of mine call to say she was running a few minute behind our regular 10am plan for her to come by. *Bing!* I forgot it was Friday. I was so mixed up in my days of the week. Anyhow I was glad she came, it was nice to visit with her.
Then after all my daycare babies went home, Wes and I sat down and did some of him Math U See. He has been asking me all week to do this, but at this point he needs my undivided attention to help him and our evenings have been shot this week, so we do some of this. Then we ate dinner together. I offered him Reading Eggs, which he LOVES. Today to be honest he really amazed me. Games and skills he was having trouble with 2 weeks ago, no longer were issues. I have been thinking about buying those readers from Reading Eggs because he seems to love reading the books at the end of the lessons. I turn the sound off and have him read them to me. But I’ll wait until August when the American site launches and hopefully they will have product available in the US so there is less shipping cost for me.(The company is based out of Australia)
We also messed around with his new Glenn Doman Cd-Roms. Now I’m not sure if he is past the age where he can learn like this. But I figure if the instatue suggested I continue to try their Math Program with him(because of his diagnosis) I figure why not this, especially if he sits for it.
Then we sat down and read so more books for our reading challenge. Does anyone remember those Summer Reading programs the schools use to do, I’m not sure if they still do. I remember signing up and keeping a log of what I read all summer, then when the new school year started I brought my list in and got points for all the books I read. Then those points bought me prizes. When Wes is reading independently, I might start my own program like that with him.
Our plan for a walk was foiled by the rain 🙁 We watched a Leap Frog video and he went off to bed.
Anyhow I should be off to be now too. I have to be up early for our first trip to the Farmers Market 🙂
Have a great weekend everyone!

Five Year Olds 1500 Book Challenge!

So I decided that we dont read enough in our home. This being said, my son now has trouble sitting for stories, unless he is stalling for bed. I realize that this is one of the most important things for him. He needs to hear me, or other adults read outloud to him. When I was working, if there was time we would read a book or two at night, sometimes we were great at this, other times not so good.
Now that we are at home full time, he is not getting any reading outloud anywheres but home. So I created a challenge. On his Fifth birthday (June 9th) I made a new list on my iPhone, called “5Year Olds 1500 Book Challenge”. We are going to read together atleast 1500 different books by June 9th, 2011. Sounds like alot, but really, its like 4.1 books a night.
I think this will keep me accountable, and is exciting for my son to see his list grow.
Another thing I’m going to do is start collecting books again. For a while I thought, “Really Monique! The kids got enough books already!” But I read somewhere (shoot! I forgot to book mark the site!!)that the more books available to a child the better they did in school in the future. Basically the larger the home library, the more the child wanted to learn, and went further in there education. And really! At this age you can get tons of great used kids books at thrift stores and garage sale. Forget having to pay $4.95 for a storybook, you can get them from 50cents used sometimes. I’ve also seen great titles at the dollarstore, like Franklin or Clifford.
Anyhow 4 days in we have read 20 books 🙂
I challenge you, keep a long of what you and your child read, and set a goal! Its fun!