Thrift Store Find – Hooked On Phonics SRA Reading Power


I can’t be the only one who does this? I’ll be at the local thrift store and I will see something totally cool, for next to nothing, and buy it. Even though it is not age appropriate for my child. I mean you will eventually us it right? Then usually you forget about it and find it once your child has outgrown it.

Well for once I found something I bought a few years ago BEFORE Wes has grown out of it. Actually we will get a LOT of use out of it.

IMG_3574Hooked on Phonics: Your Reading Power (Adapted for Home and Personal Use from the SRA Reading Laboratory Series) : Which is a book full of stories that are designed to be read by the child and then there are questions that the child has to answer.

These are basic on the SRA lab method that is used in many schools. Thinking back, I remember using something similar in elementary myself.

For now Wesley and I are working on two leaflets a day. But right now its fairly easy for him. Once it starts to become a little more challenging we will slow down to one story a day.


As you can see it does become more difficult. SO I can see this being a program we work on long term. I doubt by the end of the summer that we will be finishing this program, but I can really seeing us making a good dent in it.

Have you ever found any Thrift Store deal that you couldn’t turn down that your child was still not ready for?

NACD Update for Little Z- Second Quarter in the Program

Well I can’t believe its taken me this long to write about our March evaluation! Yikes!

The NACD is an organization that will help parents create a program plan to implement with their children to help them be the best they can be. These programs can be for children with disabilities, who are gifted, who are average, as well these programs can even be created for adults.

If you have read about what we were doing with Little Z before, you can check out our First Quarter NACD Programs Here.

Before the actually evaluation I had to do a reading test on Little Z, nothing fancy. So I gave them the test back an our evaluator marked it. Little Z’s reading recognition is at a Grade 2.8 level. Now we can’t test reading comprehension just yet, but this was pretty exciting for us.

– Continue the Listening Program
– Continue Targeted Sound Intervention
– Continue Encyclopedia Program
– Start Memory 4 U app x2

– Read books x2: For this program I have been using a mix of Farfaria, as well as regular picture books. 

– Continue Language Play: I don’t know why this program is difficult for me. If you ask my childhood friends, they will tell you I was queen of make believe play. But in my “old age” I guess I’m having trouble going back to that state of mind. 

– Start Experience books (Using Picello): This program I am creating books using pictures to tell a story. Right now we are working on a book about going to visit a family friend. 

– Language Related Photo flashcards (Using Picello)x3: This program we are teaching Little Z what to say for different situations. For example I have a photo of him in a high chair, so we would prompt him to say “I am hungry.”

– Functional Directions x20: Basically I have to give Z 20 directions, “put this in the laundry basket, could you put this in the sink, go to the bathroom for bathtime, etc”.

– COntinue Spontaneous Scripts x20. I talked about this before, but using a whiteboard I’m suppose to write things that Little Z might think. 

– 1 step directions x10: This is a bit different than Functional Directions. Here I have to ask him to do things that are not really functional, but still useful. Like point to the horse in the picture. Or touch your nose. Etc.

– Stairs x5: We are back to working on climbing stairs. This is to help build the muscles in his thighs.

– Mouth Stimulation x4: And we are still using one of those Nuby Rubbery ToothBrushes. This is to help desensitize his need to put things in his mouth. It really does seem to be helping. 

 We have had to make a super hard decision, and on the first of May I gave our 30 days notice to go into vacation mode with the NACD. RIght now we are working so closely with the herbalist/energy work, that money wise I cannot swing running both programs. Don’t you wish there was an endless supply of money to help your kids out. Sadly I have to make sure my kids are health physically, otherwise I am basically wasting money in the other areas.

But stay tuned because I finally have gotten out of my little funk I was in and have created a schedule for Z that combined what we learned with the NACD, plus sneaking in some other programs I feel are important.

Dave Ramsey Starting February 1st. Getting Back On The Wagon!

Dave Ramsey Total Money Makeover

Example of the online program

Last year I did really good using the Dave Ramsey Snowball Plan and Budgeting system( Then I fell of the wagon. I paid off some debt since then, but not nearly as much as I could have, So I decided that February is the month to get control of my money, instead of letting it control me.

My goal is to pay off $10,000 dollars by December 2015.

Yikes! That is a scary number to write…

But it is important to me that come September 2017 I be nearly debt free. Little Z is scheduled to start Kindergarten then. I don’t want debt to be the deciding factor to whether we choose to homeschool him or send him to school. I want to decide on what’s best for him, not have to send him because I can’t afford to stay home and focus on his education.

I’m finding that I’m spending too much time searching Kijiji and buying little things here or there. I should be purging and selling the stuff I have here in my home and garage cluttering our space.

So I am getting back onto the Total Money Makeover! And I WILL pay off $10,000 dollars of principal debt(not including interest) by Dec 2015.