Busy week…

Well we had a busy week… Evenings before dinner,which are our regular “school time” have been replaced with other things. I’m hoping come winter, which my son and I both dislike, we will stay on track.
Tuesday was my cousins baby shower so my dad came over and babysat Wes. Then Wednesday his dad took him to a live event, and Thursday was his regular even to spend with his dad.
This morning a friend of mine call to say she was running a few minute behind our regular 10am plan for her to come by. *Bing!* I forgot it was Friday. I was so mixed up in my days of the week. Anyhow I was glad she came, it was nice to visit with her.
Then after all my daycare babies went home, Wes and I sat down and did some of him Math U See. He has been asking me all week to do this, but at this point he needs my undivided attention to help him and our evenings have been shot this week, so we do some of this. Then we ate dinner together. I offered him Reading Eggs, which he LOVES. Today to be honest he really amazed me. Games and skills he was having trouble with 2 weeks ago, no longer were issues. I have been thinking about buying those readers from Reading Eggs because he seems to love reading the books at the end of the lessons. I turn the sound off and have him read them to me. But I’ll wait until August when the American site launches and hopefully they will have product available in the US so there is less shipping cost for me.(The company is based out of Australia)
We also messed around with his new Glenn Doman Cd-Roms. Now I’m not sure if he is past the age where he can learn like this. But I figure if the instatue suggested I continue to try their Math Program with him(because of his diagnosis) I figure why not this, especially if he sits for it.
Then we sat down and read so more books for our reading challenge. Does anyone remember those Summer Reading programs the schools use to do, I’m not sure if they still do. I remember signing up and keeping a log of what I read all summer, then when the new school year started I brought my list in and got points for all the books I read. Then those points bought me prizes. When Wes is reading independently, I might start my own program like that with him.
Our plan for a walk was foiled by the rain πŸ™ We watched a Leap Frog video and he went off to bed.
Anyhow I should be off to be now too. I have to be up early for our first trip to the Farmers Market πŸ™‚
Have a great weekend everyone!

Early Learning Window of Opportunity

The window of early learning opportunity is between 0-5 or 0-6 years old, depends on who you are talking to. I feel under so much pressure these last few weeks, and I guess its because Wesley’s fifth birthday is quickly approaching. He is still learning info at a crazy speeds so I’m going to keep exposing him to things like Little Reader and Tweedlewinks. I guess I just feel with the big 5 coming, its kind of now or never, and I know soon enough that window is going to be closed.

Wes had his preschool graduation yesterday. Even though he left his daycare last month they still called me and invited him. Sadly I could not go because I had already taken Monday morning off for an MRI, I could not ask my daycare parents to move their schedules again. So my parents took him. How can he be kindergarten age already! I’m 25 years old but I feel years and years older now that I have a 5 year old.

Wesley helped my boyfriend and step daughter plant a garden in the back a few weekends ago. We thought with the crazy rains and flash floods it was going to be ruined, but when the water went away our garden was ok and actually growing better!!

Wesley had an amazing day today with his senior tutor, she baseline mastered and generalized a lot of his ABA programs. He came down and did some Math U See with me and Hooked on Writing.

Anyhow, if anyone has any tips of things I should be working with my son at this stage of the game that would be great right now this is what we are doing. (Not everything is done everyday, but at least a few times a week)

Have a great day!!

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Doman parent in hiding

Ever find yourself hiding what your doing with your child. Making sure all the “Your Baby Can Read” and flashcards of the digestive system are put away before company comes over. The pediatrician laughs at you when you tell him your two year old know his letters and sounds of the letters, and knows some EK knowledge. You might be a Doman parent…
I was having coffee with a fellow Doman parent, or as we call ourselves the crazies. Its just too bad we have to be the miniority, I wish this could be more main stream. Every baby, toddler or child deserves the chance to be exposed to all these great things. I mean I speak as a working parent, it is possible, if you make it fun its a great way to spend your evening with your child.
I can only image where my son would be right now if I hadn’t been sitting alone at work one day, everyone was away on a confrence and I was there “maning the desks” Well you can image you can only stare at a phone and wait for it to ring for so long. So I was looking how to educate small children and I fell upon Glenn Domans site. I got on the phone and called Chapters book store and put my copy on hold for when I got off work. Of course I was then exposed to YBCR. We had a really rough start. My son was 21 months and was not yet diagnosised with but we were waiting to be seen at the Children’s Development clinic. He wasn’t terribley interested in YBCR, but he LOVED the powerpoint I had found about colors. He could not verbally answer but he would sign as the words came on the screen. He also watched Leap Frogs “Letter Factory” he would yell out the sound of the letter before they even started talking in that seen. We were learning, but I for lack of better words sucked at being consistant. Well this last August, I fell upon Brillkids. After a mixture of flashcards, books, music cd’s, DVD’s, and Little Reader. We are learning more and more each day. If I hadn’t found brillkids I would proabley not have even considered homeschooling πŸ™‚
I wish I could stand on a soap box and proclaim that early education is the key helping a child learn, and teach them how to enjoy learning. But until then, I’ll just stand on my virtual soap box πŸ™‚

How to Teach Your Preschooler the Days of the Week

Well I just counted out all Wesley’s retired flashcards that he has shown me he can read 90% of the time(other 10% he’s not focusing)and we are at 195 words!!! That’s not bad for just really starting just 4 months ago!

Some of these words he has learned were the days of the week. While its great to be able to read the words, I wanted him to learn in what order they go in. So Mr Wesley is also learning to sort the days of the week.

The first step is using the Doman method in the book “How to Teach Your Baby to Read (The Gentle Revolution Series)“, and teach your child how to read the days of the week.

I start with Monday Tuesday and Wednesday. I mix them up and asked him to sort them in order.


After 2 days I added Thursday. We did this for 3 days before we added the next one because I found that unless Wesley was really focusing he often mixed up Tuesday and Thursday.


Today I felt he was ready to add in Friday. Of course he was able to sort them no problem, mistake here and there when he was rushing, but when paying attention got it right away.


LOL then he asked me were Saturday was. So in regular Doman style, I stopped when he still wanted more and told him we will introduce Saturday tomorrow πŸ™‚

I also played the “Days of the Week”, found on this CD Learning Is FunΒ every day in the car on our way to daycare.
I’m hoping that our next step will be the months of the year.

Share with me how you teach your children the days of the week!