BrillKids Learning Adventures!

Zakari is now 3 months old. Since before he was born I was excited for this particular milestone. Why you might ask? Well 3 months old is the PERFECT age to start teaching your baby reading, math and music.

OK I know some of you are thinking, “Umm… Monique, your crazy!” But thanks to the research started by Glenn Doman, we now know it is possible. Actually its more then possible, it’s easier to teach a 3 month old then it is to teach a 6 year old. Infants, toddlers and preschoolers are programmed to soak up information like a sponge.

The problem with Doman’s method is its sometimes not practical for a modern day mom or dad. Hours upon hours of work creating large flashcards by the hundreds. When my oldest Wesley was 22 months old, I tried to do this. But as a single mom who worked full time, it was just not possible.

Well now parents don’t have to do this. They instead can spend their valuable time teaching their children instead of spending that time making materials.

BrillKids has created three different programs,

Little Reader
Little Math
And the newest member of the BrillKids family
Little Musician

All three programs are available with a 12 month curriculum. They allow you to customize your lessons and create your own

My family has the most experience with Little Reader. My oldest son used this program when he was considered “old” in the early learning movement. The ripe old age of 4 years old. However he did have some experience with some other reading DVD programs. However Little Reader I believe help develop his reading skills. Even though he has speech and language issues, he has always read above grade level.

We also did beta testing for Little Musician. Thanks to just playing with the program with no curriculum, Wesley was able to learn Mary Had a Little lamb and play it on any piano with or without stickers. 2 weeks ago he managed to play it on the harp. He had never touched a harp before, but he managed to play it.

So this week we started a journey. My oldest Wesley will be doing Little Musician and Little Math. Generally once a child is over the age of 2, dot style math programs don’t work. But if you have a child with special needs, IAHP(Institute of Achievement of Human Potential) suggests giving a try because these children may be able to absorb this information later in life.

My 3 month old Zakari has started Little Reader, Little Math and Little Musician. I can tell he loves it. He smiles and kicks at the computer. His favorite word so far is chin. LOL I’m not sure why but gets excited when he sees it.

If your interested in learning more about any of these BrillKids products check out their website. Get a free trial off all the programs.

Stay tunes to hear more about our BrillKids adventures!