Preschool Prodigies eBook And Bells Review



If you haven’t heard of Mr Rob’s preschool music program, you must go check out his website Preschool Prodigies Lessons for the Young Musician.

I’ve been working on music with Little Z since he was 7 months old using a program called BrillKids Little Musician. We ran thought this programs 1 year curriculum twice and Little Z did learn a lot. But I was stumped, now where do we go from there. Z is too young to start taking piano lessons. Now I know that, yes I’m sure I could convince Wes’s teacher to take him on. However he is just a bit too active right now. Maybe in 6 months I will reevaluate and I might pay her to do a weekly 10 mins lesson. Before for now I need something different.

Then my dear Early Learning friend told me about this Mr Rob guy, that has a band that host “Baby Raves”. Baby Raves?? I will admit the first thing that came to mind was a bunch of babies dropping acid and dancing to techno. Turns out (Thankfully!) that Mr Rob is not trying to corrupt our little ones. Mr Rob and his band Nature Jam, perform at libraries and festivals, singing silly songs about avocados and awesome songs about treating other people the way you want to be treated. I love while watching Nature Jam’s youtube videos, that the words are scrolling on the screen while they sing. This is awesome for Early Learning Mom’s and Dad’s teaching your little ones to read.

 Well the reason my friend mentioned any of this was because Rob designing a program using desk bells with corresponding colors. Best part, the colors are super similar to the colors in the Little Musician program.

 While I was going through the Preschool Prodigies YouTube videos to create a playlist for Little Z, I stumbled across this video. It a brief explanation on how this program works.

This is one of the examples of the video lessons Mr Rob presents. What I like to do is play these lessons for Little Z while he eats his breakfast. Then later in the day we sit down with the sheet music and bells and practice what we watched earlier. Little Z is quite a busy boy, but if you have a little one that is a little less active, you may be able to get them to follow along and use the bells while watching the videos. I know this is what we are working towards.

20150519_222114687_iOSSo what do we think of Preschool Prodigies?

Wow! What a well put together package. BrillKids Little Musician was a tough act to follow, but Preschool Prodigies really offered everything I was looking for.

The sheet music is very child friendly. I can see kids who use this program being able to easily slip into sight-reading regular music when the time comes.

desk bellsThe whole program is so affordable. The e-book “My First Song Book Vol 1” is available for purchase for $9.99. You have the choice, you can us this program on the color coded desk bells(pictured to the left) which are available for $54, or you can also place color coded stickers on your keyboard. These stickers are currently on sale for $8.99. They also have available on their website in the same color scheme Boomwhackers and Resonator bells that can be separated into 8 different instruments.

It is completely possible to teach a group of preschoolers using this programs. You can also us this program with your toddler or preschooler and learn more than one instrument.

When you head over to Preschool Prodigies you can sign up for a free ebook called Raising a Young Musician. This guide will help you try this program at nearly no cost. Once you know this is the program for your child you can invest in an instrument then,

You can clearly tell that Mr Rob loves what he does. His passion in his podcast is clear. You can download these podcast straight to your apple device, or you can view them online here. Also according to the website, we can look forward to a mobile app in the spring.

So between the ebook and the new podcast coming up regularly this program is an amazing way to teach your child perfect pitch, plus set your child up for a love of learning music. The foundations will be laid out for them to really succeed in music.



Visit to the Herbalist

flat pigOh My Goodness! I really have been letting time get away from me. Honestly I was in a bad mental position lately. I felt like I was drowning. Then I took the boys to see a herbalist and she took one look at me and realized I was in worse condition than my boys. I’ve been on some herbs for about a week now and I’m realizing that it wasn’t life getting to difficult, it was my ability to deal with life that was the problem.

Both boys are seeing this woman, and I was really impressed with her. The whole experience reminds me of a book I read recently “He’s Not Autistic, But…”

She has 20+ years experience, plus she is very intuitive. She was able to look right at us and tell us what the problem was. I would have called BS except she is highly recommended by some people I respect and trust. As well my gut says she’s trustworthy. She was able to tell me things about my health as well as the boys that there would be no way of her knowing. Wes is going back on Wednesday for some energy work. Both the boys are going back next week to follow up with our herb regimen. The boys are both taking 6 pills twice a day, plus 2-4 droppers full of liquid herbs twice a day. I’m listing them here for my own log, however I would not suggest anyone try and replicate what we are doing as these herbs were picks specifically for me and my boys. I am not responsible if you try to use them without first consulting a doctor and/or herbalist. I am not a doctor, I’m just sharing my experience. 

Both the boys and myself are taking:

2 tablets of Natures Sunshine Cal-Mag PLUS, 2 times a day

2 capsules of Natures Sunshine Rosehips, 2 times a day

The boys are also taking:

2 Capsules of Alfalfa Leaf Vegetable Capsules, 2 times a day

Wes is taking:

1ml of Black Walnut Extract 2 times a day

1ml of Natures Sunshine Lobelia Extract, 2 times a day

Little Z is taking:

2mls of ALJ Liquid Herb (2 FL.OZ), 2 times a day

2mls of Natures Sunshine Oregon Grape Digestive and Circulatory System Support Alcohol-Free Herbal Extract

1 drop per foot of a Essential Oil blend, 3 times a day. Plus 3 drops in his bath. I’m also suppose to let him smell it as often as possible, so I put a drop of “Flat Pig” every night before bed.

As well I am taking:

4 sprays of Lady Mate Mist, 2 times a day

 So far I notice that I am feeling so much better. I felt out of control and an emotional wreck.

I’m not seeing a lot of change with Wes, but she seems to think that the energy work is what will help him more.

I’m noticing that Little Z is a bit calmer. More phrases are coming out of his mouth and he seems to be using words to converse. I’m noticing his bowels are more regular and that his appetite has picked up.

I feel like I have so much more to write about, but I won’t bombard you with too much at once. Just know I’m doing well and I’m hoping to get back on a regular writing schedule. I still have to write about what we are doing this quarter with the NACD. As well I’m so excited to tell you guys more about the new music program Little Z and I are doing, Preschool Prodigies.

NACD Early Learning at 32 Months Old

NACD Early Learning at 32 Months Old

So back in December we took the plunge and signed up with NACD, which stands for The National Association for Child Development. I decided that with Wes’s ABA coming to an end, and the waitlist for ABA for Z being 2 years long, we needed to do something. The beautiful thing about this program is there is really no waiting list. We signed up at the end of October and had our assessment done by the beginning of December. The only reason it took so long was because we wanted to be a part of the Minnesota chapter, as Minnesota is only about a 6 hour drive south. This Chapter had their assessments scheduled for December.

In December our evaluator spent almost 2 hours per child. Testing the boys, talking to me. She listened so carefully to each thing I had to say. But the real kicker for me was that she had an explanation for each and every thing that was going on with both boys.

At the end of the day she concluded that Little Z has a communication disorder. With some hard work, it is completely reversible. A few days later I had access to several programs tailored exactly to Little Z’s needs.

Another thing I needed to address was Little Z’s digestion. We had been depending on the fruits in his morning and afternoon smoothies to keep him regular. He always had a bloated belly


So this is what a typical day of programs looks like for Z:

1)  We have to give Little Z 10- 1 step directions. We help him follow through and then praise him like crazy.

2) 20 Spontaneous scripts. This has been a hard program for us but useful at the same time. The way I use this program is, I have little white boards I bought from the dollar store all over the house and in the van.

If Little Z is whining or fussing about something I write down on the whiteboard what he might be feeling.  Like if I’m putting him in his carseat and he is fighting and resisting, I might write, “But I don’t like buckling up!” Then I will take his finger and read what it says(ideally he would read it to me, but you know two year olds…) Then I respond to it like he told me that himself. “I know you don’t like buckling up, but we have to be safe. We are going to Mama and Papa’s then I will unbuckle you.” A lot of the time putting his feelings in words he can see helps him sort out his feelings.

But to just spontaneously come up with 20 things a day got to be difficult. My mind was drawing blanks and I felt like I was always repeating myself.

So I also started to use these scripts while we are reading. I will ask him a question and have the answer reading to go on the board. So I’m helping him realize what I expect him to say when I ask him a question. Best part! He answered himself last week without the board prompting him!

3) Another program we are working on right now is what I call the Modified Encyclopedic Knowledge program. We flip through either an Kids Picture Encyclopedia or a Kids Picture Dictionary and read random facts. As soon as we got our programs I ran to the store and bought a copy of Firefly Encyclopedia of Animals

The point of this program is not to read the dictionary or encyclopedia from cover to cover. But to flip around and read random facts. This will teach Little Z that we can learn from reading. That words have meaning and they are not just there for him to play with.

4) Imaginary play 2 times a day. This is another one for me that is hard. Playing make believe. Making animals talk, etc. *Sigh* I was SOOOO good at this as a kid. But I think that part of me died or something. I have a really hard time getting into it. My hubby is SOOOO much better at this than me. Confession time! When I hear him doing imaginary play with Z I get giddy knowing I can check that off as done on my list and I avoided it for the day.

5) Little Z still puts stuff… ok lets be honest, EVERYTHING in his mouth. For this we have started a mouth stimulation program. 4 times a day I use on of this gummy rubber toothbrushes, you know that ones you get in that baby kit with no bristles. Its decided to clean your baby’s gums before they have teeth. Will I brush his lips,  tongue, cheeks and gums with this 4 times a day to help desensitize his mouth. While he still does put stuff in his mouth, its starting to get better. Slowly but surely.

6) We have to read to Little Z 2+ times a day. This program should be a no brainer and I think every parent should take time out of there day to read to their child at least once a day.

For us we read at breakfast and lunch. Those meals happen every day, so its easy to build our routine around that. The trick part is, we have to present Little Z with a new book each time we read. No repeats. Fresh materials every day.

So now after we read a book from our personal collection, it gets put into a bucket and when the bucket is full it gets put away downstairs. *Sob* So now even though I can buy books for Little Z at the thrift store for 25 cents, storage wise, it doesn’t make sense. So now we are depending on our local library.



7) This weekend I received my package from the NACD. Inside I found The Listening Program and Targeted Sound Intervention Boost-Passive. We haven’t started this program, but I will update you more as we go through it.  Right now as I write I’m loading them onto my iPhone.


There are some other changes we have had to make.

– No repetitive TV programs, or watching videos over and over again. It always needs to be fresh materials. Preferably kid friendly documentaries.

– Cutting out the sugar, including fruit in our smoothies(except for berries, they are ok)

– Adding probiotics and Serovera to his diet. (This was not a recommendation from the NACD, but another mom who ran the NACD programs with her girls and has tons of nutrition degrees under her belt.) We had to add the probiotics very slowly, as they cause him a lot of tummy pain while they worked. But now that we have added the Serovera, there is no pain whatsoever. Also 2 days in with the Serovera he no longer has a bloated belly. I almost fell over the second morning when I changed him and he went from buddha belly the night before to flat washboard belly in the morning. We are slowly changing his diet to a less processed one. But I figure changing things slowly will make it more sustainable.

– We have to really focus on keeping him engaged. Pulling his chair right up to the counter while we are cooking and talking to him about everything. Chasing and running games, anything to keep him active and engaged.


Overall I’m very happy with the support I have received from the NACD. I love that they are tailored to your child. If you were to have your child assessed they would have a completely different program then my son.

We are noticing changes slowly, and in all honestly we haven’t been running the programs full force due to the holidays and not having all the materials. So here is to our first week, giving it all we got! Top 10 Posts of 2014

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Thank you so much to my readers. The last few months of 2014, I came back to my blog and got serious again, and my readers welcomed me with open arms. I have plenty of goals in place for 2015, so stay tune for a fun pack year at Early Learning Mom.

Have a safe and happy New Years Eve and all the best in 2015.

9 Year old Piano Recital

So my sweet Wes had his annual Winter Piano Recital. He performed Frosty the Snowman. This was a tricky piece for him and I wasn’t sure we were going to pull it off. Then a few days before he was able to really polish it off. I was so relieved.

But then the night before he started messing up, getting lost in the notes and not able to play the song. My heart sunk. I was terrified for him. I didn’t want him to go on stage, have a bad experience and be scarred for life.

Luckily the next morning we practiced and he nailed it. So we started getting ready to go.

As he walked up on stage I started praying for him. And he played, and he did well. He may not have played as smoothly as he did at practice, but he made it through without messing up or getting lost. I was so proud of him.

He walked off stage carrying his notes and I saw his little hands shaking. But he did it!

Check out his performance right here:

Do your kids play in annual Winter Concerts? Share your video links with me!

What is my baby listening to?

What is Baby Z listening to?
Well I have been back to using my Sound Beginnings music belt. I was having issues with my MP3 player, so I just gave up on it and hooked up my iPhone. I know they don’t recommended using cellphones, but I put it in airplane mode, so the WiFi and cellphone services are shut off. And now I have better control over what is playing 🙂
Today he listened to:
Surfing the Alpha Wave by Right Brain Kids
Music Alphabet Song Chant by the people at Soft Mozart
Themes to Remember 1 by the people of Classical Magic

This morning before school Wesley and I got through
Little Reader Chinese by BrillKids
Little Musician Beta testing by BrillKids
– Follow that Dot Flashcards print off Memory Magic
– Practiced Skip Counting by 3’s using the tune for Classical Conversations.

Well I’d be lying if I said I was doing good today. Well I was doing good. But then out of the blue I started having awful corkscrew like pains in the top of my belly. Its ok if I’m standing or lying down, but awful if I’m sitting upright or bending over. I called the doctor but I’m still waiting for her to call me back. Thank God all my daycare kids were well behaved today and I only have two tomorrow. But if things get worse I might have my hubby drive me to the hospital. The timing sucks because I have Wesley’s parent teacher tonight and he’s off school tomorrow.
Any how, enough complaining, I’m going to rest before my daycare parents start picking up and Wesley gets home.

What Are We Using For Music in Kindergarten: Themes to Remember Vol 1


Well I was super excited when I got the postal office slip to go pick up my package. And there it was, our new Themes To Remember, Volume 1 book and cd.

What is Themes to Remember?

Themes To Remember, Volume 1 is a 124 page hard bound book. The product is designed to help anyone {particularly children) to recognize 40 classical music themes, to know the name of the composer of each theme, and to be knowledgeable about and love classical music. It is a light-hearted, fully illustrated book that includes portrait sketches of the 24 composers and definitions of musical terms. Piano, a quiet little cat, and Forte, a rather noisy little dog, will accompany you through the pages of Themes To Remember. The book also includes “good listening” suggestions for each of the four classical music periods covered in the book. -Amazon

I quickly uploaded it into my iPhone so Wesley and I could listen to it in the car.
The music seemed to catch his attention, but I personally found the lyrics hard to understand at first. But over time we are getting accustomed to them, and they are catchy. I hope this will help him appreciate classical music more than I did as a kid.
One thing that I noticed that everyone said would happen. I never had to force him to listen to it. It’s like he instantly can tell good quality music.

What kind of music program have you used with your child?