Homeschooling Hauling This Summer Part 2… Throwback Thursday

Last week I started a post to share the videos I had made this summer about my homeschooling related thrift store finds. During the summer I found it really hard to get on the computer and blog. Some days it was just easier to jump on my phone and film about what I had found. Especially when I’m wanting to talk about the books I found. Videos allow me to flip through and show you exactly what is inside each book.

Since I found the videos were popular on Youtube, I thought I would share them here for my readers that are not regularly on Youtube. Originally it was going to just be one post. However once I started actually working on it did I realize I had filmed a lot more than I thought. So it has become a Throwback Thursday series.

Homeschool Materials for free!! Preschool homeschooling and 5th Grade Afterschooling. August 2015

Value Village Preschool Homeschooling Haul/Thrifty (Cat in the Hat, Brain Quest, leapfrog) August 2015

Once Upon A Child Thrift Store Book Haul / Preschool August 2015

Dollarama Haul. Shockingly Good Homeschooling Workbooks August 2015

Goodwill Hauling. Leapfrog, Cars and Fly guy for Preschool. (Was accidentally deleted) August 2015

Stay Tuned next Thursday for the last part of this series: Homeschooling Hauling This Summer Part 3… Throwback Thursday

Homeschooling Hauling This Summer Part 1… Throwback Thursday

So I’m always looking for new things to use to help teach my kids. Even though Wes is in public school full time during the year, I still feel responsible to make sure that there are no gaps in his education. As well Little Z is now 3, so we have started continued to working on preschool skills, as well as reading and math skills.

I also know, more then likely I will be homeschooling Little Z for at least kindergarten. So in order to homeschool on the cheap, you have to plan ahead.

Back in the summer I found it much easier to film a Youtube video then it was to take pictures and post about all of my thrift store finds. But I figured I would compile the videos here so if you are not often on Youtube, you can still check them out.

Homeschooling on a budget: Thrift store/Costco Haul July 2015

Homeschool and Road Trip Haul (Dollar Tree, Thrift Store and Superstore) July 2015

Thrift Store and Dollar Store Homeschooling Haul July 2015

Homeschooling Thrift Store and Garage Sale Haul July 2015

Homeschool hauling at the local MCC Thrift Store. Brain quest, leapfrog, etc. August 2015

Great Homeschooling Finds for Cheap! Local library Sale. Building a home library. August 2015

Preschool Homeschool hauling. Thrift store/ Goodwill  August 2015

 So while I was working on this I realized how many videos I actually posted during the summer. So watch for Homeschooling Hauling This Summer Part 1… Throwback Thursday, next Thursday.

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Get outside!!! Are Canadian Kids Becoming Basement Babies?

20150523_014557161_iOSRight now I’m sitting in my lawn chair outside with my laptop in my lap, baby monitor by my side and my 3 year old struggling to take off his shirt in the trampoline jumping away I stumbled upon this article on Facebook: Canadian children in dire need of outdoor play: report

This got me thinking to my childhood. Growing up I had a mom with LOTS of anxieties about us being hurt. I mean she was super protective of my brother and I. One thing though was we were allowed to play a lot in our back yard unsupervised. I was required to stay in my yard or my cousins yard when they lived next door to us. I remember having so much fun. When I turned 10 or 11 I was allowed to bike around our small town and hang out with friends.

Things have changed a lot since I was a kid. Now I should remind you that I’m only 30, so really it wasn’t that long ago. Now I worry when I run into the gas station to pay and leave my 3 year old and 10 year old in the van (running and locked). I worry that some “good samaritan” will call CFS on me. I worry if I let my 9&10 year olds go off to the park together that that same “good samaritan” will call the police on me. Now all this worry is making it so parents just give up and keep their kids inside.

This summer I decided things are going to be different. Wes got a scooter and a skateboard for his birthday. His step sister and him also have bikes. Since the big kids are getting older we are allowing them some more freedoms. They are allowed to bike on the sidewalk on our block. Skateboards, because they are new and not very experienced, they have to stay within 2 houses both sides of us.

I’m going to fill up the sandbox with sand,  they also have a trampoline. This year we are aiming to spend 3 hours a day MINIMUM outside. Ideally I’d like them out there all day. So while I’m not ok with them running all over the neighbourhood, there are lots of stuff available here, and on our block.

We are also making a conscience effort this year to get the family outside doing things. Like hikes, family bike rides, day at the beach. Its how memories are made.

Do your kids spend as much time outside as you would like?

Little Zman is THREE

IMG_3271Well I have to apologize, Little Z has decided that he’s too cool to nap now, so I’m having a bit of trouble working in blogging time. But I think we finally have worked in a little bit of routine here, so I’m hoping to update everyone more often about our journey.

Can you believe that Little Z has turned 3!!!! In a blink of an eye, pow! He’s three. I am having a hard time wrapping my mind around that.

FullSizeRender (1)

The night before his party, I tried to be all Martha Stewart and make him a Pinterest quality birthday cake. LOL well in the end it turned out ok. But let me tell you, it was almost a pinterest FAIL. The icing started drying as I was laying down the M&Ms. I only had enough icing sugar to make icing the cake, not enough to make a bit extra to reapply if it started to dry. But over all I was happy with the outcome.


I couldn’t help but burst out laughing when we finished singing Happy Birthday. Little Z is so use to cheering at the end of the song when it is sung for other people, that instead of blowing out his candle he started cheering and clapping.


And after a busy birthday party, we stopped by for a visit at my parents house where Little Z passed out on their couch, hugging his brand new plane.



Must have IOS apps for babies and toddlers

One of the most helpful tools I have used to teach Baby Z a lot of has been our iPad. From an early age I would sit him on my lap and we would spend a few mins going through some educational apps.

As he got older he would get excited to do his lessons. He could be running around playing, ignore me as I walked in the room. But as soon as the “Hooked On Phonics” app theme song would start playing, he would come running and sit in my lap.

I’m so sad this technology was not available when Wes was a baby. I feel this gave Baby Z such an upper hand. Baby Z does not let me videotape him often, but here are some videos of him working on his shapes and sight words at 16 months old. 

My top 5 must have ISO apps for babies and toddlers are(in no particular order):

Now some of these apps your child will not be able to do on their own. I did the hand over hand method with my son. I would guide him hand and talk to him about what we were doing and why we were selecting that answer. If he didn’t want me to guide his hand, I would just have him sit in my lap and I would do that activities and explain what I was doing. Eventually when he learned how to do it, I would feel his hand tug away from mine and he would answer himself.


Baby Doesn’t Count


Any Preschool Prep app. We love them all!


Teach Me Toddler. Afterwards we went straight to Teach Me Kindergarten.


Hooked on Phonics

2014-11-04 13.25.15

Splash Math

What apps do you use with your baby or toddler? Why do you like them? Leave me a comment and share!

Prepping for the NACD

NACD Logo-Letters OnlyWell things are about to start getting interesting around here. This week the boys are having their evaluation with the NACD- National Association For Child Development via Skype.

The NACD is run by Glenn Doman’s nephew Bob Doman. They combine over 3000 methods of therapy to create the perfect program for your child.

I have looked at 2 other programs:

The Family Hope Center and The Institutes for the Achievement of Human Potential(IAHP). Both of them seemed awesome.

However the IAHP seemed a little to strict. I am not able to quit my job and do programs 10 hours a day. Also I am using some alternative treatments that are working well for my boys like NAET(Nambudripad’s Allergy Elimination Technique)

The Family Hope Centre seems very good too. I have watched some of there video seminars and have been very impressed. The one thing stopping me is the travel cost. The cost of paying for passports to fly into the states, plane tickets for 2 adults and 2 kids, accommodations, dining out while there, and missing nearly a week of work is just not possible for us right now.

I have been saving to do either the Family Hope Centre or the IAHP, but could never pull the trigger. Then I discovered the NACD. All assessment can be done over Skype, and if we want to go down the Minneapolis for an in person evaluation, we can hope in the motor home and be there in 10 hours. We could easily book a Friday appt, book Friday off of work and make it there and be back before work on Monday.

So this is a new adventure for my family. I’m so excited, as it seems so promising.

Stay tuned for more updates!!

Educational, Yet Fun Christmas Gifts for 2014

I love Christmas! The family, the friends, holiday traditions, etc. I could skip the cold and the snow, but besides that I love the holidays season. One of my favorite things is gift giving. I love giving gifts!

My favorite people to buy for are my boys. I know they don’t need a ton of gifts at Christmas, but I love to see their faces light up Christmas morning when they see the presents around the tree.

Thing is I’m a toy snob. I wasn’t always that way. But over the years I have seen what toys last the test of time and which ones fall apart after being used only a time or two. I also like toys to serve a purpose. I want to help my child learn something or build a skill.

I could sit here and write about each two, but instead I decided to make a video. This year I made 2 videos one about what I bought Wes who is 9 years old and the other what I bought Little Z who is 2 years old.

I hope you enjoy them! If you do please give the video a thumbs up and subscribe to my Youtube Channel. This way you can keep up and current with all the new videos that are being uploaded almost daily Monday to Friday.

Teaching Toddlers with a Learning Binder

A while back I was trying to figure out how to organize all my flashcards and other things that I wanted to present to Little Z. One day I decided to organize it all into a binder and started telling Z that we were going to look at his Learning Binder.

Check out my Vlog on what is inside Little Z’s Learning Binder and how we use it.



Also don’t forget to check out my review on MonkiSee video and Enter to win a copy for your child!

Howie & Skip’s MonkiSee ABC Round Up

 photo monkisee.gif

As many of my long time readers know, my family and I are crazy about Howie & Skip’s MonkiSee videos. If you haven’t already, please check out my past reviews MonkiSee Reading Program(The First 3 DVDs First Words, Shapes and Colors), On the Farm, Around the House, and Action Words.

 photo abcroundup.gif

Now I have the opportunity to review yet another awesome video in this series, this one is called “Howie and Skip’s MonkiSee- ABC Round Up.” Little Z is crazy about this one! Well he loves all the MonkiSee videos, but this one is new and fresh to him.

This video combines Glenn Doman’s method of teaching babies to read, with multi-media and several awesome songs and raps. A word is presented with each letter of the alphabet a in clear bold font on a white background. Then Howie, Skype and the creator Krista’s children show the kids what sound that letter makes and other words that begin with that letter.

What makes this DVD different than other ABC DVDs? MonkiSee uses a more expanded vocabulary. They don’t just say “A is for Apple”, they also use A is for Awesome. Other examples are like for H they use the word Habanero, or S they use spectacular. It is an awesome way to expanded your child’s vocabulary.

Check out my MonkiSee Vlog Review below

Would you like to win one of the MonkiSee Digital DVDs? Well Krista has agreed to allow me to do a giveaway! The winner gets to pick one of the MonkiSee DIgital DVDs! So please go and enter!

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