Starting Solids

Well we have a meeting tomorrow with the school. I kept Wesley home today and we did a bit of homeschooling. It felt good to teach him again during the day. I’d love to pull him out and bring him home but besides the educational assistant issues he LOVES school. Its such a catch twenty two.
I was planning on sending Wes to a piano class. I have to start calling around. My mom feels I shoud send him for swimming first. However, right now he is not good at following directions from other adults and I honestly can’t be there in the pool with him. So I think piano would be good for discipline and brain building. He’s hoping I can find a good quality class in the middle of the season for a decedent price.

Yesterday October 28th we started solids with Baby Z. We were about a week or so earlier then the 6 month mark. But he was showing signs of being ready for solids. I decided to start him on avocados, instead of the using rice cereal. IT went fairly well, he kept opening his mouth for the spoon, but would gag a little and spit some out. But by this evening he was keeping most of it in his mouth and no gagging. I talk to a nutritionist and she said since he kept coming back for more, he sounded ready but was just learning how to swallow.

I planned on making all of his baby food, including cereals. But after talking to the nutritionist this afternoon, I realized I can’t fortify the cereal with iron. SO I’m going to look for a good quality brand.

Because I was upset with all that was going on with Wesley’s school I took a little break from Early Learning. We still did a lesson here or there. But Pamela for Tweedlewinks recommends taking a break if either parent or child is out of sorts. Today I pulled out the Doman Math Dots and he started to giggle with joy.

Its so different teaching a child that is unable to respond to testing. My oldest was 2 when we started some very basical Early Learning and I was always falling into the testing trap. But I can’t help but wonder what is sinking into that brain of his???


Back in the Dayhome Business again

Well I’m back into the daycare business. Monday, Wednesday and Friday I’m watching 2 children and Tuesdays and Thursdays I’m watching one other child. Come December I’ll be adding one more child Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays.


As much as I would love to just spend one on one time with my little man, that is just not possible at the moment. But it is a lot of fun now that I can expose a few other little ones to the wonderful world of early learning. While I do design my Early Learning program around Zakari’s needs, the other children benefit as well. I wish I had the time, energy and resources to create individual programs for each child, but right now this makes the most sense. For them to sit in and participate in a Montessori/Doman style lesson that is tailored to Zakari is much better then then not get those lessons at all.


Right now we are doing:


Your Baby Can Discover in the morning


Your Baby Can Read in the Afternoon


Tweedlewinks before nap time (we are on Lesson 24)


Doman Dots flash cards 1-3 times a day


Doman red word cards 1-3 times a day


Homemade white, black and red shape cards 1-3 times a day


Little Reader on the iPad 1-2 times a day


Babies Don’t Count 1-5 times a day on the iPad


Listen to Musical Math System for 1-2 hours daily


Tummy Time while watching Sparkablities 1-2 times a day


Plus Several time a week we attend local playgroups. Right now I’ve slowed down on that so I can get some new daycare kiddos settled, but I plan to pick up on those again soon! Because they get in our structured craft time, story time and now that the weather is cold and parks are harder to get to with really little ones, it gives us our gross motor skills time in the gym.


Then you through in nap/rest time between 1:30-3:30, my days seem to fly by!


Tummy time update

Tummy time is not so bad when you have Sparkabilities!! Photobucket Pictures, Images and Photos Last time I wrote I talked about how Tummy Time is not Baby Z’s favorite thing in the world. But if I can prop him up on a Boppy Pillow or C shaped pillow and play Sparkabilities Babies 1 DVD. He will stay on his tummy and lift his head, or turn that way or this for 22 mins. Since a child at this age should be on his tummy for a minimum of 45 mins, this is a very good chunk of his tummy time done. I know that the Boppy Pillow is preventing him for crawling, but right now its about building neck strength. Which seems to be going VERY well. I’m excited to see what his physiotherapist says when she sees him next time. Photobucket Pictures, Images and PhotosWe have also had Baby Z spend some time in his exersaucer, usually 3-10mins at a time. Once again, I know this is not very “Doman” and specialist don’t usually recommend these types of baby equipment. But our therapist feel that this and the Bumbo are actually beneficial to Baby Z. So we try to make it a bit more Doman Photobucket Pictures, Images and Photos We just retired a few black and white “doman” style cards. Tomorrow we are moving on to the cards with color. I know he is a bit “old” at 5 months to be using these, but he seems to like them, so I figured it can’t hurt. Photobucket Pictures, Images and PhotosI made them using cardstock and my Cricut machine. We also retired about 10 words this weekend from our Doman Style reading program. All and all things are going wonderful! I honestly can’t wait for Christmas. I have so many EL/Doman/Montessori inspired toys I can’t wait to get him.

Long Overdue update. 3 trips to the Hospital

Lilypie - Personal pictureLilypie First Birthday tickersImage hosted by>ย  Well up until just recently its been super hard for me to update. My computer is dead. Updating on my iphone was a lot of work and frankly I was too lazy. But I recently managed to get myself an Ipad and wireless keyboard. So updating now is much easier. Since Wednesday things have been crazy. That evening I changed Zakari’s diaper and laid him on the couch next to hubby. Hubby started playing kicking and tickling games with him, but called me over after only a few minutes. He showed me his poor little toe. It looked like it was being cut 360 degrees around. I started to panic. I tried to find what I thought was a hair cutting in but I couldn’t see anything. Hubby thought we could just slide a knife under the hair, but I knew that was not possible and when he got a closer look he agreed. After consulting Dr. Google, I realized it was a pretty bad case of : “Hair tourniquet is a medical condition where in a hair or other thread becomes tied around a toe or finger tightly, so as to put the digit at risk of damage. Occasionally this is known as Toe tourniquet.” So I quickly packed him up and drove him straight to Children’s Hospital. Well by straight, I mean curving different directions to try and avoid construction. After about a 5 hour wait in a waiting room that was poorly designed with my non immunized 5 month old, SURROUNDED but children who were coughing up a storm. As well as their parents who failed to enforce the “if you have a cough wear a fricken mask” policy. I ran back to the car and got my CuddleWrao and wore Zakari and covered him with a blanket. After hours of watching kids who were suppose to be sick, running around, licking the walls and kissing the floors of a dirty ER waiting room, I was relieved when we were finally called in to a room. Also I was pleasantly surprised the nurse who called us in actually said Zakari’s name right. (oh man he’s going to kill me when he’s older and has corrected someone for the millionth time…) The nurse and doctor came in. Apparently I was correct and it was a hair. I was asked a million times if I had removed any hair, and each time I said “No we jumped right in the car and came here. We didn’t touch it.” They started off by slathering it in hair remover. But it was so deep and bad that he suspected it did not work. So started plan B. They wrapped my little man in a towel so he could not move his arms. I held his head and talked to him while they froze his toe. He cried and screamed. Then once frozen they made two little insertions on each side of the toe and dug around. Since there was so much blood and the hair had gone so deep, he wasn’t a 100% sure he got it out. So we wrapped it, and he gave me his personal cellphone number and told me to unwrap it in the afternoon and call him. From that description we would decide if we should follow up immediately or at 7pm that night. Once the nurse left the doctor who must have been in 50’s told me, “Your a wonderful mom. I’m not sure I could have helped and held my baby down if I was in your position. I brushed it off saying it was my past experience as a peds dental assistant coming out of me. But he thought otherwise. So I left the hospital with my baby and his 10 toes and stopped at Shopper’s Drugmart for some Infant Advil. The next day at around 10:30am I unwrapped it and this is what I found. Photobucket Pictures, Images and Photos It looked worse then the day before. I didn’t know what to do. I had my daycare kiddo, and a van with no gas. Finally at 11am I called the doctor’s cell. When it started to ring I realized that maybe it was too early to call because he just got off the night shift. But it was too late the phone was ringing. A groggy voice answered. Opps… it was too early. But he was still polite and took my concerns seriously. He said he was going to call the ER and tell them I was on my way. He wanted it seen asap. I got off the phone with him and called my daycare mom. Luckily she works for her mom’s dental practice and her mom was out of town so Isaac was able to go hang out with her at work. I went to grab my KOBO ereader to bring, but of course it was dead. Since my daycare mom works close to children’s I drove him to her and headed to the ER. This time there were less people and nobody was running around, or licking the floors. Nor did anyone seem to have a serious cough. The nurse at the desk was the same from the night before. She also agreed it looked much more swollen then the night before. We waited only 2 hours. When we were called in, the doctor on call looked it over. She said the difference between toe that is reddish purple and healing, and reddish purple and bad off is only slight. So to the untrained eye look the same. But she was confident it was going to be ok. We were told that while the blood circulation returns it can be painful so to provide him some analgesic. ~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~* The the next day we went back to Children’s hospital. But not to the ER. Zakari is now 5 months old. At his 4 month check up we realized that his body was in the 3rd percentile for weight, 10th for height and 97th for his head. At birth his head was in the 10th percentile. Apparently this can caught some concern because he’s jumped over 3 lines on the table. She told us that if this continues at his next check up she would like to send him for an MRI to insure that there is not extra fluid building up around his brain. Well now we wait, but in the mean time. My kid is not able to life his head like other children his age and he is still bobbly headed when sitting up. I decided to call the public health nurse to get some tips on what I can do to help him adjust to his huge head. She over and saw what I was concerned about and offered to send in a referral for physio and OT. I accepted. She called back after talking to our doctor and she said the doctor was willing to send the baby earlier for an MRI if I was losing sleep over it. Since even if he has extra fluids, its not life threatening right now, and an MRI for such a small child requires the child being put to sleep I decided to stick to the original plan and wait till November to reevaluate. Anyhow Friday was our appointment. Turns out Zakari has right torticollis. Luckily it has not affected his head shape too much. They gave us some exercises and we head back next month for a follow up. After that we came home and before that I went and got the iPad from the store. When Wesley got off the school bus I hid it, but forgot to put away the app card I bought. Well Mr.Hawk eyes spotted it. “Mom! What’s this?” he asked “What does it look like?” I asked kindly “An app card.” he replied “Yep,” I said ” Can I have it? he asked. ” What do you want to do with it?” I asked ” I want to use it for my iPod.” He replied I reached under the pillow and pulled out the iPad and asked “How about if we use it on this.” His Eye balls popped out and his jaw dropped. He then played on it for 2 hours till supper. Then we packed up and went to his school for Family movie night. Saturday was Open House at all the first halls, so I took all 3 kids to the fire hall in our area, who happens to be home to the Pink Firetruck in support of breast cancer. Here are a few pics of the kids ๐Ÿ™‚ Zakari and Gizmo Photobucket Pictures, Images and Photos Wes and I Photobucket Pictures, Images and PhotosZakari and I Photobucket Pictures, Images and Photos Zakari on the Fire Truck Photobucket Pictures, Images and Photos

Due In May

OMG I’m a crunchy mom…

Well its official! I’m a crunchy momma. But you know what? I’m happy. Parenting a newborn is so easy when you just relax!

I’ve discovered that if you wear your baby on a regular bases, they are actually more content. Its contrary to what people think, carrying them more as newborns does not spoil them. It makes them more content so that when you put them down they are ok with it, because they got their Mommy fill.

Let them sleep where they want to sleep. My little one sleeps in a swing. For the first few weeks it was constantly going. Now we got a new one (with a plug in instead of batteries, thank God!) and it goes for 90mins and then stops. He sleeps from 12am to 7-8am. He’s happy, I’m happy, so why not. If he needs to sleep with me one night, that’s ok too.

Breastfeeding. I’m going to be honest, I thought it would be lots of work. But once I gave up on setting a schedule and just followed his lead, its so easy. And to be honest, now I’m less likely to quit, well because I’m lazy. Really, who wants to wash bottles, buy formula, and clean stinkly formula poopy diapers.

Like I said before I’m using cloth diapers! Yes the same person who use to throw out Wesley’s sleepers if we had a poopy blow out is washing cloth diapers. Now with this one, I’m not likely to go back to disposables because 1) Hubby said I would never follow through and well I want to prove him wrong because, well I like it when I’m right LOL(just kidding…kinda) 2) I’m cheap, who wants to go drop $40 for a case of diapers and another $16 for wipes. Heck I can think of a million other things to spend my money one then something that is pooped on and thrown in the garbage. 3) The diapers are so much cuter, and don’t smell like chemicals. 4) He knows when he’s wet or poopy because he feels it. I’m hoping this will help with potty training. 5) Honestly is better for my baby’s tushie. He has yet to have a diaper rash in cloth. No crappy zinc oxide on his tushie.I’m super excited that as of last night he is officially big enough that we can use the pocket diapers I bought. Geez these are super simple and make cloth diapering even easier.

My children visit the chiropractor. They have regular adjustments. Wesley started going at 7 weeks, and Zakari was just over 5 weeks. It helped both my boys with colic, and Zakari went from screaming bloody murder everytime he was in his carseat, to only crying when he needs something. If you think as a mother you went through hell giving birth, image how your little one feels being squished out of the birth canal. Yikes!!

I have also been researching Baby Lead Weaning. Which is waiting till atleast 6 months to start solids(which I would do anyhow) skipping the puree baby food and going to foods baby is interested in and when they are ready for them. I refused to be stressed if my baby doesn’t want to eat a certain type of food. I remember the nutritionist telling a friend and I we had to get our 9 month olds use to stage 3 foods. They had to eat food with chunks. Well you know what, after he threw up a few times, I knew he was not ready. Yes he ate a lot of baby foods till he was two, but you know what, he eventually was able to eat normal foods. Why rush them? They won’t live off baby food forever. So I decided this time, we will learn how to chew first, swallow food second. And I must get over the fact that, Yes my baby will get dirty while eating, and preventing this is actually harming him.If Zakari does get puree foods, it will NOT be from a jar. I’ll whip him up fresh foods at home.

Stepping back, relaxing and following my gut has made me a better parent. Babies cry, its natural. As long as they are clean, fed, the right temperature and sometimes all you can do is hold them and rock them while they cry. It doesn’t last forever. Also being crunchy seems to be very frugal, allowing me to continue to work part time and spend more time with my boys.

Wesley has been attending Vacation Bible School in the mornings with his tutor. Today was his first day and he loved it! He participated in all the activities, painted a tshirt and just had a blast! $25 for the week, it was worth every penny! I just found another VBS that is offered for free in August, so I think he will attend that one as well.

When he came home I had him do his second last Reading Eggs lesson (our subscription is up next month and he is almost done all the maps). Then we spent sometime working on Hooked On Phonics Grade 2. As he was reading me the story he kept getting quieter and quieter. I thought he was goofing off and kept asking him to read a bit louder. Suddenly he stopped all together and I looked down and he was sleeping. LOL!
This evening I took the boys to my parents. We hung out, had dinner and just vegged! Wesley got to spend some time with his Papa and play. Which he loved.

Anyhow off to bed. I have one daycare kiddo this week instead of my usual two(one is on holidays). But I still need to sleep.

Guess whos back!!

Well I’m back!!

I’ve been taking a little break from the blogging world to adjust to my life as Mommy to 2, and reopening my daycare part time.

Zakari is doing wonderful! He is 10 weeks old, and weighing in at 10lbs. Can you believe I have been blessed with a baby who sleeps through the night. He falls asleep between 11pm-12am and doesn’t wake up till 6:30-7:30am!!

He’s been exclusively breastfed since birth. And he has been wearing cloth diapers since about 5 weeks old. I’m realizing now, EBF is much easier then bottle feeding and as a lazy mom I see it now. And cloth diapers are not nearly as hard as I thought they might be. Especially since he is breastfed! Just an extra load of laundry every 2 days.

I’ve been struggling a bit with some postpartum depression. Not towards the baby, but towards life and the others in my life. At first I was embarrassed and scared to ask for help. But I’m glad I did. I’m feeling much better. No point in suffering if you don’t need to!

So now that I’m feeling settled, I plan on updating regularly! Hope you enjoy!


Zakari’s Birth Story

Yikes!!! Its been a while since my last update! I started having issues near the end of my pregnancy with my blood pressure. So I was very focused on taking care of myself, and avoiding getting pre-eclampsia like I did with my first child.

Lilypie - Personal pictureLilypie First Birthday tickers
On Monday, April 30th, I went to my OBGYN and at the time my blood pressure was just moderately high, it looked like my medication was keeping things under control, but the side effects were AWFUL. So the doctor decided that we would keep me pregnant until the following week(38 weeks) and then we would induce. She did say she had a VERY low tolerant to any changes, and if my BP went up, Baby wasn’t doing well on the fetal assessments, or my lab work came back high should would induce sooner. I’m not going to lie, I was upset about this, I went to my car and cried. I just felt in my gut that the baby needed to come out sooner then later.

On Wednesday May 2nd I went to the hospital for my weekly fetal assessment and lab work. During the assessment I asked the nurse how much weight they likes to see babies gain in a week. She told me at least 6 oz. So at the end of the assessment she got my chart to compare the numbers for my last fetal assessment, and the baby was the same size. But she told me that they were not concerned until the baby was not gaining 3 assessments in a row. When I took my antenatal chart home for the nurse that visited me every day to watch my BP, I looked inside and it said the baby was in the 25 percentile. I called the nurse and asked her what he was at last week and she told me the 40th. Red flags were going off for me, even though no one else seemed concerned. That night my BP started to climb and the medication wasn’t controlling it.

On Thursday May 3rd it was still high, so my nurse called my doctor who had just gotten off call the night before and wasn’t available. She talked to the doctor that was on call(he happened to be the doctor that originally prescribed me medication in L&D 2.5 weeks earlier.) So at around 4pm that night I got a call from the nurse telling me that I had an appointment with my OBGYN the next day at 12:30, but if my BP pressure stayed high the doctor on call would induce me that night. I watched it all night and it wasn’t going down.

So I woke up the next morning, May 4th with another high BP I decided not to wait for my doctors appointment and went into L&D. My hubby and I decided that we were not just accepting an increase in medication. We were going to get induced that day. The doctor that night before seem to think it was the best option and my own doctor said if anything changed this would be the plan. So went the doctor and resident came in, I told them my history with Wesley and the preeclampsia, and how I needed Magnesium Sulfate(sp?)and what a recovery that was. I told them what my doctor and the doctor on call had said, and then went to decide what to do. That’s when I overheard them planning my induction. When they came back the said they originally had thought they would just increase the medication, but since I was going to be induced in 4-5 days anyhow, they decided they agreed with my doctor and they would get the show on the road. Well as much as this is what I wanted, I was very nervous.

 So when they checked me I was still only a finger tip dilated, very posterior but soft, so at 12pm they inserted Cervidil to ripen my cervix. They told me this alone VERY rarely actually puts a woman in labour, so they would leave it for 12 hours, then start pitocin. So a few hours later I started feeling slight contractions, but really nothing to write home about. Around 6pm they got stronger, but once again my false labour was a lot worse, so I decided to walk around to keep things going. I had sent my hubby home to nap and get us food, so I called him to hurry back because as soon as I was in active labour I was no longer allowed to eat. He came back, we ate, walked and then he went and chilled out in the room while I kept walking. The nurses aid that night was one of the same ladies who had be there when I went in in February due to bleeding. She was super helpful and kind.

Suddenly at 10:30 I felt a bit of wet fluids between my legs. I stopped dead in my track and the nurse on the antenatal ward who was watching me asked if I was ok. I told her I think my water broke. She asked me if it had happened earlier when I was sitting down. I told her “No, right now.” I rushed back to my room and while running into the bathroom told my hubby “I think my water just broke.” Sure enough when I got there I was leaking fluids. Suddenly my contractions picked up. I had my bed propped up to a sitting postion and was leaning on the top with my knees on the bed. The nurse called the L&D floor and the doctor and resident came up to see me. The first thing the doctor on call said when she saw me was “oh you are in a lot of discomfort.” She asked if I knew for sure my water had broken or if she should do and exam before bring me up. I told her it had broken for sure. So they ordered a room on the high risk L&D floor be prepared.

Just a note, the rest of my labor written here happened within a 1 hours and 15 mins time period.

Around 11pm I was being transferred upstairs by the sweet nurses aid. She was telling me that I was going to the same room she had her son 30+ years ago. And lone behold it was the same room I was induced when I had Wesley. I didn’t deliver him there because I needed to be moved to the operating room so they could use forceps. The nurse then asked me if I wanted the radio on. I was in so much pain I told her no I won’t hear it. The doctor that was on call for my doctor checked me and I was only 2 cm, and 50% effaced. I remember asking her, with all the pain I’m in, HOW CAN I ONLY BE 2CM??? She told me that things move fast. Her and the nurse left and the nurse went to get anti-biotic started since it turns out I was Group Strep B+. Well they left me hooked up to the monitors, well I just freaked, the contractions were coming 30sec to a min apart, and I needed to move. I started climbing out of the bed, hubby didnt know what to do, and wanted me to wait for a nurse to come. I told him I couldn’t lie there. And I started to fight to get out of bed. Another nurse heard the commotion and came running in and told him it was fine if I stood up. She helped me up and got a mat under me so I wouldn’t slip on my amniotic fluids. She then brought me a birthing ball and taught me how to use it. The resident came in and checked me and I was now 3cm. Hubby kept asking what he could do to help me and I couldn’t tell him anything. He then asked the nurse what he could do, and should showed him where to rub my back, but then the contractions came and I needed to stand and move.

At this point I said I couldn’t do it without drugs I wanted an epidural. The resident checked me again and I was 6cm. They ordered a epidural and gave me some Fentanyl(after the assured me it only stayed in mine and the baby’s system for 20mins)It took the edge off, but the pain was still there. After about 15mins it wore off, but I was still dopey. Suddenly I started to FREAK OUT. I felt like I had to go number two. I told the nurse I needed to use the bathroom before my epidural was started. The resident told the nurses to get me on the table ASAP. By now I’m crying and yelling, “No you don’t understand I need to GO!” I was scared  I was going to go right there during delivery. The nurse assured me that if I did I wasn’t the first person to do it. Well that wasn’t good enough for me. Then come the shock. The resident announced I was 10cm. I started freaking out even more. OMG if the contractions hurt so bad, the baby actually coming out of me was going to be terrible!!! I started saying “No I can’t be! I have to Go and I haven’t had my epidural. The other nurse informed me I actually did not need to go, it was the baby pushing on my rectum and it was time to start pushing. No time for and epidural! So they told me to take a deep breath and pull. Well I took a deep breath alright. But I was so scared instead of pushing I’d just scream. After doing this 2 or 3 time, they covered my face with Nitrous Oxide and told me to take a deep breath, hold it and push. Well the N2O calmed me enough and after a few pushes, and an explosion of fluids that both Hubby and the nurse had to dodge, Zakari was born at 12:17am.

 They quickly placed him on my stomach, and this is when I knew something was wrong. He was blue and not crying. I started to panic, “Why isn’t he crying??” I asked. “Why is he blue?” “Why are you giving him to me like this?” They quickly whisked him to the little table and started trying to stimulate him. Then I saw them pull out the CPR bag. At this point I started screaming. I was yelling at them to help him, I was yelling at him to start breathing. I was saying I would never forgive myself if something happened, I would have blamed myself for pressing for an induction. Even the nurses and resident that were working on me, stopped to watch. What seemed like hours, but I’m sure was only a few minutes hubby said “Listen he’s trying to cry.” I stopped screaming and sure enough there was a little cry, and then it got stronger and stronger. I know all was ok when my resident and nurse got back to work and had me deliver the placenta. I landed up getting 2 stitches and then they brought him to me. I later found out he scored 4/9 points on his first Apgar test, and then he scored a full 9/9 on his 5mins. They figure its because he was born so quickly. 

This is going to sound crazy to some. Maybe others with understand. I was shocked that the process of him coming out didn’t hurt, it almost felt good. It was a relief. And then the rush of hormones after when I was holding him. I felt high, and the fentanyl had long worn off. We stayed in that room for 2 hours. They weighted him and he was 5lbs 15oz, 18.25 inches long. Full head of hair. Looks exactly like his daddy. The doctor on call came in after, things progressed so fast, she did not make the birth, and the resident had to deliver him. But I really liked this resident, she was much more confident and handled herself a lot better then the resident present at Wesley’s birth who botched my stitches. Photobucket  I was able to nurse him, and then get up and the nurse took me to the washroom and helped me clean myself up. I was shocked! I could walk! I didn’t walk for 12 hours after having Wesley. Once we were good to go, we were moved to a private room. Zakari had to stay in the nursery for 4 hours till he could regulate his temperature. They gave him his first bath, after his temperature was ok, and I was so grateful I was allowed to watch it, since I missed Wesley’s. The joys of having a baby in the middle of the night is the fact you are guaranteed not to be flooded with visiters right away and can just bond. My parents brought Wesley to visit. Photobucket We were released after 24hours on May 6th. Photobucket ZakariFirstDaysofLife044 He’s doing great! Clothes have been a struggle, since he is so tiny. A friend of mine brought me some preemie clothes from her son. My brother gave me money for an outfit for his newborn pictures as a baby gift, and I found one that worked at Sears. He landed up just wearing a plain sleeper home since his take home outfit was HUGE! I took him for newborn pictures at Superstore on the Tuesday when he was 3 days old. They turned out great! PhotobucketPhotobucketPhotobucket
 We are doing great. He is nursing like a champ, gaining weight and doing well. He’s in the 3rd percentile right now, but is growing so the doctor is not worried. He’s still sleeping lots, but I’m enjoying the cuddling time. We have yet to start our Doman program because my main focus has been learning everything I can about breastfeeding so I can be successful, and bonding with my new little guy. However we are watching Sparkabilities Babies 1 every other day. Hopefully I can slowly start adding things from Doman’s How Smart is Your Baby program. But honestly, I’m in no rush, he was not even suppose to be here till the 23rd, and I’d much rather focus on bonding.


Did your child have 1000 hours of one-on-one reading by first grade?

Well I knew I should blog today, but I didn’t feel like I had anything really to say. That was until I read an article that popped up in my Facebook news feed.
This is a MUST read for parents of young children.  

Did your child have 1000 hours of one-on-one reading by first grade?

I could not believe that statistics I was reading! It truly broke my heart that these little people are not getting the one on one reading time that they really need. I was blown away that low income families were averaging only 25 hours of one on one reading by grade 1. Especially when I looked back at Wesley’s reading log for January 2012 to present and in not even 3 months he has gotten over 17 hours.

Please I urge you to read this article and if you can pass it on. Post it on your blogs, your facebook, if you have twitter, post it there. 

And Parents please!
1) Read to your child for a min of 10mins a day
2) Visit the Library
3) Buy your kiddos books. I know how expensive they can be, that’s why we buy our books at library sales, garage sales, thrift stores, online, etc.

Documented Day

Well I thought that I would document what Wesley did in regards to after-schooling today. Now keep in mind, most of these things are enjoyable to him and he still had time to sit and veg in front of the TV and watch and episode of Avengers on Netflix and just play in his room.
– Little Musician(beta testing)

  • Start Here File
  • Nursery Rhyme in Solfage 

BrillKids Little Reader

  • Chinese (1 session) This is totally for input. Since I don’t know Chinese, I’m not tempted to test him

–  5 mins of Prodigy Mozart
– 15 Mins of Suzie Piano Primer (Then his bus came)

PM (afterschool)

Reading Eggs (Lesson 99)
Soft Mozart Gentle Piano

  • Alphabet Song x1
  • Mary Had a Little Lamb x2

– Addition Problems (54 problems)
– Subtraction Problems (20 problems)
Sensible Pencil (1page a&t’s) He knows how to make all his letters, but sometimes a little practice is good to help him from getting sloppy. I’m not sure this would be my first pick if he was just learning. I actually prefer Handwriting Without Tears, but since I had a bunch printed out from his Preschool ABA, I figured we should use them.
Follow that Dot (Memory Magic printouts) 
I would love to use the computer for this, but my DVD drive won’t open now ๐Ÿ™ So for now the paper version is better then nothing.

  • Card 1
  • Card 2
  • Card 3 

– Practiced Skip counting by 3’s
– ABA session with his tutor (5pm-6pm)
– Free Craft time

Before Bed
– 25pc jigsaw puzzle (he could do more advance ones, but his old ABA consultant would use to use puzzles to regain compliance and they became aversive, so I’m am trying to make them just fun Mom and Me time)
The Reading Lesson (lesson 15)
– As he falls asleep and while we read he is also listening to SmartWav Babies – The Music Math System 
After I wrote it all out, I couldn’t believe how much we get done in the 1.5 hours in the morning, and 4 to 4.5 hours in the evening of time together. I’m sure once things outside dry up, we will be spending more time outside. But for now between the rain and the snow, this schedule works. And like I said, he still had time for a non-educational tv show, to play bakogons, and trucks.

Be a Door Opener, Not a Door Shutter – No Greater Joy Ministries

Be a Door Opener, Not a Door Shutter – No Greater Joy Ministries

This month’s NGJ magazine came in the mail a few minutes ago and all my daycare kiddos were down for a nap, so I broke the seal and started to read. I felt like God slapped me in the face when I was done and said “Wake Up Monique!”
Don’t get me wrong, I’m not a monster to Wesley, but I am strict. I mean I have to be, he is the type of child that needs clear guidelines and rules. However, I think of the times recently that I was chatting for a while on the phone and Wesley kept interrupting me. I took it as a act of disobedience, but really the more I look at it, he just wanted me to spend some time with him. I had been on the phone for a while. If I had given him the attention he needed maybe he would not have been pestering me as much.
This article made me realize, I need to balance my relationship with my son a little more. Its not awful, but there is always room for improvement. I want my boys to think of me as an open door, not a closed door. Phone calls to friends or family can wait till they are in bed. They are only little for a short time. If I don’t do my job right now, and take advantage of this short window of opportunity, they may in turn slam the door in my face when they are older.
I just felt called to share this. Of course my little man is going off to his daddy’s house for the evening, and I won’t get to spend much time with him before bed. But I guess that can leave this time to soak into my heart.
Patience is not one of my strong points. Especially since becoming pregnant. I need to focus on patience and being a door opener, not shutter.