Another DAN! Update and other random things.

Well it’s a Wesley and Mommy night tonight since hubby is working. These days I’m usually able to get lots of school stuff done that we missed during the week. And then we can cuddle on the couch and watch a movie on Netflix. It landed up being more cuddling on the couch and less school. I’m taking a round of antibiotics for a kidney infection and it’s just knocking me on my butt. 
Since I only had two daycare children today I had a lot of time to go through my homeschooling items. I need to get a good feel for what I have before the conference. I’m so excited this year now that I know what to expect. Last year I felt like a deer in headlights. This year with one year of homeschooling under my belt I feel like I can benefit more from this. 
I also have to get down to the basement and make sure everything is off the floor. Things are melting outside and with the record snow this winter on an already over saturated ground, I worry our basement will get water in it. But then again it doesn’t look like spring is ready to come yet, now that the sun has set there is yet another blizzard running through Manitoba. I don’t mind because we are inside but tomorrow morning I hope there is not too much snow because we have violin lessons. But give me a blizzard over earthquakes and tsunami any day. 
Oh I feel for all those people in Japan. A friend of mine from high school teaches out there, but thank God she updated her Facebook and let everyone know she was ok.  
I spoke to Wesleys DAN! doctor in Calgary today. I told her we started the DMG and his eczema flared up something bad, but has seem to settle down. She said since DMG is a detox he must be detoxifying through his skin. If his eczema gets too out of control to lower the dose, but since it started looking better this morning not to worry too much about it. At the end of March we should try and up the dose from 1/8 a teaspoon to 1/2 a teaspoon. Then call her back a week after that.  We will also be discontinuing 4 items we no longer need. Some of the other items will need to be run for about 3 more months. His body is so clogged up with toxins from all the antibiotics and immunizations he had as a young baby. 
His tutors have told me his inter-verbal programs that were a constant battle before treatment are finally going very well. As well they have requested more programs because the programs they have that use to last him all day now last 45mins. 
Every evening before bed we cuddle and talk about his day. Usually he says “Mom you cuddle.” meaning he wants to cuddle with me. This even he said “Mom hope in my bed. We cuddle!” This is like music to my ears. I love watching him develop like this. It makes all the money of sunk into this treatment so worth it. 
And the kids appetite has gone through the roof! This afternoon about 1.5 hours after lunch he wanted a snack, so I made pancakes. He ate 4 large pancakes!! I can’t eat that many! His tutor and I were just shocked. It’s so nice to see him able to sit still at the table, not struggle to digest foods, and obviously be absorbing so many nutrients from his foods. I figure this is way he’s eating so much now. His body is working better and realizes “Holy smokes this food gives me vitamins and minerals that I can actually use!”
Well I should get to bed, we have violin tomorrow should we not be snowed in. It’s blowing pretty hard out there. 

Preparing for the next school year

So with the homeschooling conference happening in 2 weeks I figured I’d better get all my ducks in a row. Figure out what I have and what I still need.
I’m looking at purchasing Early Bird Start Up Science. It’s made by the creators of Singapore math. A friend of mine from the board uses it and seems to enjoy it. And Wesley has fully been enjoying his science class every afternoon with his tutor Cassandra. I’ve been getting together little projects from some kitchen science books. But I think a more solid curriculum would be beneficial. The kid loves Science!
Geography, I think I can do this for now without a curriculum. There is so much available on the Internet and we have our Canada map as well as our world map. 
Math, mixture between TouchMath, Christian Light Units, and Singapore Math. 
Language Arts, I’ll be using those Little Books, Headsprout, and I’m thinking of starting up those books I had call Pathway to Phonics and Pathway to Reading. 
Now the only thing I need to decided on is my handwriting program. I’m leaning towards HWT, however A Beka has some workbooks for young children to start writing cursively. So I’m interested to hear what that vendor has to say about that. I really don’t enjoy the Canadian Handwriting program I ordered from HR, it’s like pulling teeth. I guess the sessions are too long for Wesley. His OT always says short session are the key. Otherwise he will get sloppy and just be practicing mistakes. 
I also have some dollarama workbooks, and some Reading Eggs workbooks I need him to complete. Eventually I would like to get us back to doing his Explode the Code workbooks as well. 

Dan! Update and homeschooling info

Well I just got off the phone with Wesley DAN! doctor. She is sending him some homeopathic medications to deal with his horrible eczema outbreak. Thankfully this is the only negative side effect we have had with our protocol. And to be honest, this is a small price to pay for the positive outcomes we have had. That being said, I still feel bad for the little guy. He told me “Mom I just scratch it off and it will be better.” Yikes! No! Overall his language is improving, he’s adding more words into his sentences, and he tells me about his day. Last night before bed we told me about all the characters on Bob the Builder and his favorite foods.

His reading is excelling! We completed Set 1 of the Little Books series, and we started Set 2. Now while the stories a very basic, my son loves the antics of all the characters. After completed Set 1 we are very familiar with all the characters and both of us have become very fond of them. I figure it won’t take us nearly as long to get through this set, but we also don’t want to rush through it either.

We are also using Education Cubes. Which is proving to be a Wesley Favorite. Right now we are primarily using it for Sight Words. But soon I’m going to progress to adding provinces as well. In the evenings after we complete our reading, we play a game with these. The game is simple, but Wesley loves it. We basically just take turns rolling the giant dice and reading the words. The fun part is throwing high in the sky and seeing where it will land.

We also started working on Canadian Geography. I printed up these maps from Montessori Print Shop. I was very lucky to receive this as a gift from a wonderful friend. This CDROM is full of so many useful printouts, that the morning after I received it, I ran to Walmart to buy new ink cartridges. Last night we sat down and started flipping through this book and he jumped up on his bed and flipped over his Scholastic Bilingual Talk ‘n Teach Blackboard Playmat to the map side and started finding the provinces and territories on that map too. So it turned into a fun time!

Wild Ride to the Heart Review

“Make a face that shows frustration or happiness. Tell about a time you felt calm or scared. What color would your heart be if it were a color? Those are just a few of the challenges players face in HeartMath’s new Wild Ride to the Heart™ game, where the first player to reach the heart at the center of the board, wins. But win or lose, the whole family will soon learn the true fun in playing Wild Ride – again and again – is because it makes you feel good in your heart.”

Wesley and I have had the chance to review this great game called Wild Ride to the Heart. Its designed for children ages 4 and up. It takes teaching your child feelings up to the next level. Most kids 4 and up know the basics, happy, sad, mad. But Wild Ride to the Heart helps your child learn more complex emotions like; calm, disappointment, frustration, thankfulness, etc.
I was quite impressed with the quality of the game when it arrived. For the low price of $14.95, the whole product is well made and sturdy. The game-board is beautifully illustrated, and made of thick durable material. We were also able to pull out the Emotions Definition Cards and use them in a ABA program. Then when we were done that program for the day, my son’s tutors would pull out and play the game as a reward. Even the box the game comes in is strong and won’t break after a couple of uses like most board games now a days.

For children who have trouble expressing their emotions, or have disabilities like autism that make it difficult for them to understand and express how they feel, this game is such a powerful tool. But don’t over look this, even if your child seems to be able to express their feelings well. It is a great way to help your family bond and understand each other, in a fun way. I think it opens the doors of communication so well between families that one day when your child does need to talk to you about something, hopefully the time you spent sharing your feelings and being open with each other will make it easier for them to approach you.

Overall I think it is an excellent game, that can be adapted for younger children to play along too. It fosters close family bonds, and can also be used in classroom settings. It has a permanent place on our game shelf 🙂

Thank-you to the people at HeartMath. They provided me a copy of the game Wild Ride to the Heart, in exchange for an unbiased option.

1 in 110.

Well I just watched online the Dr.Oz’s show on autism.
When Wesley was diagnosed the odds were 1 in 150. Since then the odds have now changed to 1 in 110…
Watching this show made my blood boil. Its TERRIFYING. With odds going up so fast how can anyone feel safe having a child now a days.
Why is not more being done? What will happen to these children when their parents can no longer care for them?
This is a hot topic for me. As all my readers know I’m on the road to bankruptcy searching for a cure for my son. Our hard work has paid off so much and like I said before I hope we are on the home stretch. But I know for so many parents of children with autism, the road is not so clear for them.
The day I found out my son’s diagnosis, is the day my BIGGEST fear came true. I remember being 6 months pregnant working in an orthodontic office when I had an autistic child come in my chair. After I finished working on that patient, I prayed my child would not be cursed with this horrible condition and I prayed this child would find a miracle and  be helped.
When you have a child with autism, as a parent(this is more directed to those who follows biomedical treatment) you, eat, think, sleep, live with autism on your mind. You read every ingredient list, make sure that everyone around your child knows what they can and can’t eat, you call restaurants ahead of time, beg your child’s other parent (if your no longer together) to help you pay the cost of treatment.
Its hard…
Its hard to watch your child struggle.
Its hard on your relationships.
Its hard on your sanity.
Its hard to stand up against people time and time again to get your child the help they need and deserve.
I’ve heard of parents of children with autism giving up. The lack of love expressed for them from their children make the job HARD. I’m grateful my little man has always shown me love, it gives me fuel to fight.

DAN! Protocal Update!

Well we are noticing little differences. For example Wesley’s inter-verbal programs were always a struggle. He hates them with a passion. Well he worked on them today with little convincing.
Also meal times at home he seems less fidgety.
Getting him to drink his 2 bottles of spring water before 6pm is proving to be hard. The first bottle is a necessity because it contains all his homeopathic drops. So every break from ABA I take one of those medicine drops and get him to drink a bunch of water/drops from there. It makes plain boring water more fun. Then once that bottles done, I get him to work on a second bottle. Today we got done 1.5 bottles. I could have gotten him to finish the second, but it was after 6pm and his naturopath said not to give it to him after that time because it can disturb his sleep.
Right now he is taking 129 drops, 3 pills, 4 capsules, and 9 pellets. My hubby has been calling me the “Witch Doctor” LOL. Whatever to help my little man.
Monday I have to call Dr.Poole and let her know about our progress. At that point we can add Selenium Liquid.
Hope I’m not being too boring with all the autism/DAN! talk, but its kind of in my face a lot lately. I can’t wait to beat autism!! I plan on writing a book based on our story.
Thank-you everyone for being my support! I promise a few more reviews in the near future!


I know I’m suppose to be taking care of myself. But I’m so stressed. I think I’m still just tired from our weekend. It was a lot to do in a short period of time and there was really know time to relax. I pray everyday this works, but I’m scared if it doesn’t I won’t have any more money to try another type of therapy.
Wesley has been taking half the meds for 4 days, and the full program for 2 days now. He’s still recovering from our trip and being out of element and routine for so long. So its hard to see if its working. Too me he seems like his chronic cough and runny nose are WAY better. Last night we did the dreaded Methyl-B12 nasal spray. He took it pretty good. The first shot he sat fine, but as soon as it was done he told me I’m all done feeling better!” I finally convinced him to let me do the other spray in the other nostril. I personally HATE nasal sprays, so I feel awful doing it to him. But I guess its better then giving him a B12 shot in the bum. Thank God its only every 3 days.
The other difficulty were having is his Wobenzym N tablets. I crush them into piece in apple sauce so he can just swallow it, but he chews the pieces. Then he remembers the taste and doesn’t want to take them. I’m going to have to figure out how to turn them to powder and THEN mix them with apple sauce.

Our First Visit to our DAN! Doctor

Well we’re back from our first visit to our new DAN! Doctor! What a trip. Wesley did fantastic flying. While I was struggling with my ears popping, Wesley didn’t even flinch. For his first flight I was so proud of him.

We arrived in Calgary Thursday night to beautiful weather. My aunt met us at the airport with open arms. Ever since I was a little girl, I loved when we got to go visit my aunt in Alberta. We arrived at the house and my aunt had prepared late night lunch for us. She had gone out and bought toys for Wesley to play with while we were visiting.

Friday woke up and ate a quick breakfast. My aunt had to work, but she made sure her kitchen was stocked with everything we needed. Including Wesley’s gluten and dairy free food.

After breakfast we drove down to the DAN! doctor’s office in Okotoks. It was about a 40 min drive from my aunt’s house. First Dr.Poole met with me alone and we went over Wesley’s medical history. I learned a lot during that one on one time. For example Tylenol prevents your body from naturally detoxing for 21 days. Also she explained why Wesley cannot sit still at the dinner table. It is because he is busy moving trying to get his food to digest.

Wesley was amazing when he came in. I could tell the doctor was nerve that he was going to get aggressive, no matter how much I assured her he wouldn’t. She told me none of the parents of the children that attacked her expected them too. But by the end of the appointment she was amazed by Wesley and told him he was the best patient who came in for a first visit she has ever met. She went on to tell me, that I did him a great service cutting out gluten and dairy when I did. It may have saved his gut from more damage. She found that the cough his peds doctor told me was “Just a virus” was actually the start of bronchitis. Also we found protein in his urine. So this is a sign his kidneys are not working properly.

After her thorough evaluation these are the remedies she suggested to us.

1)      Solidago Similiaplex- Kidney Support

2)      Nuxvomica-Similiaplex- GI Support and Leaky Gut

3)      Lymphdiaral- Lymphatic Support

4)      Pascoleucyn- Enhances the body’s natural defences in acute and chronic illnesses

5)      Drosera Similiaplex- Bronchial and lung conditions

6)      Guna VRS- Viral Infections with acute and chronic Inflammatory presentation

7)      B12 plus folic Acid Nose Spray- Supports Methylation and Nerval

8)      Vaccinium vitis idea- Heals the mucosal membranes in the intestine

9)      Euphorbium- Chronic sinusitis

10)   Guna Flam-  Acute and Chronic inflammations in various areas.

11)   Tartephedrel- Cough, Asthma, Bronchitis

12)   Wobenzyme-  Useful for breaking down problem protein. Helps eliminate reactions from gfcf/IgG infractions. Muscle support

13)   Selenium- Antioxidant, immune system, Heavey metal detox, basic formula for ADHD, supports brain functions (start on day 7)

14)   Focus DMG- Improvement Behaviors : More eye contact, decreases frustration, improves speech and interest in interacting socially, decreasing aggressive behaviour towards self and others in severe cases, immune functioning (start on day 14)

For most of them I can put the morning/noon/night drops in one bottle and have him sip on it throughout the day. As long has he is done by 6-7pm. This is such a relief for me as a parent, I can’t image giving him 14 different products throughout the day. This allows me to prepare a bottle and only little pill box of things when Wesley does to his dad’s or my parents. Heck even when we are or out and about I don’t have to carry 14 bottles in my purse.

During this appointment I also got a talking to about my own health. Dr Poole sent me home with supplements to help heal a bad cough I had developed since arriving in Alberta. She also recommended I start taking Vitamin B12 shots to deal with my stress levels and my shaky hands. I feel like she hit the nail on the head on a lot of the problems I have been having.

One thing she made clear to me, I need to start caring for myself because I’m not taking enough time for me and in the end everyone will suffer if I’m not well. (Update in 2018: Only now 7 years later have I truly come to understand this statement. I have put my body through hell and back. I wish I had made this a priority back then. I could have saved myself a lot of trouble.)

One thing I would recommend to any parent buying remedies from their DAN! Doctor, if possible check prices. My ND at home charges the same price as I would pay online sometimes cheaper. If she can’t sell it to me at that price or cheaper, she doesn’t and just sends me to the store/website to order in myself. With our DAN! Doctor sold me almost everything way above what I would have paid online. Ranging between $10-$20 more. One item even cost me $65 more!! I was kind of in a tight spot. Since we were the last patients on a Friday night, I could a) buy everything and hope it’s cheaper then online or b) wait, and risk that online will be more or that I wouldn’t be able to get it. So now I buy what she recommends to me at first through because she has put in the time and effort to research this and I can respect that. She is a business woman and needs to make a profit. Afterwards I order the products locally or online if I can and it happens to be cheaper.

For the rest of the trip we went to Banff, Lake Louise, and Chinook Mall. My aunt planned a special outing for Wesley and took us all to the Loose Moose Theatre for a kids play. Back when my cousin was a kid, they had session passes.

Friday night I was just exhausted and fell asleep right away. Saturday night I stress about our meeting on Friday, I worried about bring our remedies in carry on because they are radiation sensitive, worried about money, etc. I was just tense and uptight.

Now that we have started using the remedies we got at our visit, I notice Wesley seems to be feeling better. He is finally getting over this cold that wouldn’t go away. It’s hard to tell too much just yet as he was so exhausted from our trip. I hope though as he gets settled in the routine we will began to notice more changes.

2 days and counting till our visit with our new DAN! Doctor

2 days before we leave for Calgary to meet out DAN! Doctor.
I’m so very grateful for family. Without them we could not afford to do this. I’m still waiting for the response for my consolidation loan. They partially approved yesterday, but the proposal didn’t make any sense, so my bank guy sent it back with an appeal and also told the manager, the manager said there is no reason I shouldn’t be approved for the full amount. However I’m still stress and my house has never been cleaner LOL. Its funny when you miss work for your child’s therapy and the cost of supplies how fast in debt you fall.
My parents are lending me the money to pay for the $375 consult, and between $400-$600 treatment, but I’m eventually going to have to pay them back. Sigh! Can’t forget the $1300 to fly there. I pray this is all effective. I wish I could host a social or fundraiser of some sort, but that would draw attention to Wesley’s condition. In real life I try to respect his privacy. I know people would judge him and treat him differently. So his diagnosis is on a need to know bases. So I’m just going to have to pay my parents off slowly. All I can do is pray that God will provide me a nice income tax return…
I hope this doesn’t come off as a pity party, its not. Its just part of dealing with autism. I don’t know when our government will open their eyes and start supporting people affected by autism. Sure they do a little, but its not enough. They need to focus on treatment and prevention. It makes me SO MAD, that parents are basically given little to no hope for their children. This is my first step, if this doesn’t help, or it helps but still not enough, I have no choose but to go to the IAHP in Philadelphia. A good friend of my pointed out to me that the guest speaker at our local homeschooling convention next month is trained in the Suzuki Method AND graduated from the IAHP!!! Last year the guest speaker was available to talk to between sessions, so I have a feeling Kizudo and I will be picking his brain 😀
I will not rest until I help my child, I will go bankrupt for him if I have too. But I don’t think it will come down to that.
I’m also so blessed to have my aunt who is letting us stay with her. I talked to her last night. She was going grocery shopping and wanted to know exact details of what Wesley can and cannot eat. She also told me to not worry about packing lots of toys for him because she went and bought him a bunch. She is such a wonderful hostess. I mean, just by allowing us to stay with her and feeding us while we are there she is saving us hundreds upon hundreds of dollars.
Can you believe I’m almost packed. LOL I’m usually the last minute type of girl. But yesterday I did TONS of laundry, packed some clothes for Wesley and I. Tomorrow I’ll have to do all of hubby’s laundry(he doesn’t have as many clothes as Wesley and I, so if I pack his away early he will miss them) I stopped at Dollarama and bought some cheap headphones for the plane, gum to help with our ears, and a few little snacks so we don’t have to buy expensive airplane food.
Tomorrow, I’m going to have to finish packing, clean up the house because my parents are coming to feed the cat while we are gone. Thursday I have my new daycare baby starting. She seems very sweet, so I’m hoping it goes well. Its an early dismissal day as we have to be at the airport 2 hours before our flight.
SHOOT! I have to send the paperwork ahead of us, and take a copy with us. I have to go to the post office and send it express tonight.
Anyhow, I should get cracking on dishes and finish up laundry.

Biofeedback, and conversation with a 5 year old

This evening while Wesley and I were having our cuddle/talk time before bed, I was talking to him about our trip to Calgary.
Me: “Do you know who were going to see in Calgary?” (I was trying to imply my auntie)
Wesley: “The Doctor. She’s going to fix me. My head, my knees(pointed to his eczema), my elbows(eczema)…”
Me: “Baby, your perfect the way you are. She is just going to help your tummy and skin feel better. Maybe make it easier to find the words you want to use. But even if she can’t help, your perfect the way you are. You know Mommy loves you no matter what, right?”
Wesley: “I love you too Mom”

Its so sad, it breaks my head. We did a biofeedback session on Saturday, and the feeling panel said he felt:
– confused
– powerless
– shameful
– inadequate
It was so hard to hear this as a mother. Its amazing what effect lack of language and lack of the ability to communicate leaves a child feeling. He has the mind of at least a 5 year old, but the communication skills of a 2.5-3 year old.
We also discovered that even though I’m loading him up on DHA oils, his body is not absorbing them. All the more reason to work on healing his poor gut.
My friends mom who did the session also recommended wheat grass juice. Its like a super food. 1oz of the stuff equals 2+lbs of the best veggies. So she is sending me an oz of the stuff to try and if I can convince Wesley to drink it, I’ll buy a bunch. I figure if I give it a cool name and let him drink it with a syringe he will take it. Its like his CalMag, I called it Bone Medicine and not its no problem with him taking it.
Tonight I made chicken pot pie. It was the easy Bisquick version, because I don’t know how to make pie crust, but it turned out. I can’t say I LOVE chicken pot pie, I’ll eat it, but to me its just meh! But hubby loves it, so that’s why I made it. He was behind me tell me it was going to be soggy, this that and the other. Finally i put it all down and asked him if he would like be to throw it all in the garbage and he got the hint and left to to my devices. Sure enough it was tender and flaky 🙂
Still in the market for a new daycare child. Im getting nervous about the lack of income, but I truly believe I can’t rush it and I have to wait for the perfect match. It will come.
Started getting back on track with homeschooling.