IAHP VS NACD – Autism Treatment Options

IAHP vs NACD Family Led autism treatment, which is better?

UPDATED Nov 2020: Since I wrote this post, IAHP split into two separate organizations. We are now working with Doman International.

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Debating between programs to help your child with autism? 

Family led autism treatment are a great option. But which program is better? Two that come to mind are Institutes for the Achievement of Human Potential aka IAHP and the National Association for Child Development(NACD).

I should mention right now, that my family has been involved in both of these programs. We are still involved with one. This article may seem bias to some, however, it is strictly based on my personal experiences and feelings. Others may disagree, and they are entitled to their experiences and feelings.

I’ve known about The Institutes for the Achievement of Human Potential for years. But I had it in my mind that Philadelphia was too far away. I could never put together enough money to make that happen. Right?

The National Association for Child Development

However, in 2014, I heard about a program run by Robert Doman Jr, Glenn Doman’s nephew. It was called the National Association for Child Development(NACD). A few things intrigued me about this program. They could conduct their assessments via Skype and I did not have to travel to start. Also if we did want to see them in person there was a chapter in Minneapolis about 7 hours south of Winnipeg.

I don’t want to say that they mislead me, but I was sold that this was a better, more modern version of what they do at the Institutes for the Achievement of Human Potential(IAHP). I guess I believed this because of what a speaker at a homeschooling conference years ago had also told me about the IAHP when he had suggested that I skip the IAHP and go to yet another program called The Family Hope Center.

Over the years I had heard stories that the IAHP was like a military camp, everything was their way or the highway.

I was led to believe that if you could not commit 10-15 hours a day to run IAHP programs, you were not good enough for them. These other treatment centres are sold as if they understand families, and they can help you and your child in the amount of time your family has available.

I should also disclose that in the past I have been quick to drink the kool-aid when it comes to helping my boys. I can be easily swayed on and sold an idea if there is hope that it can help my boys. You could say I have curriculum coming out the wazzu because others have said it was amazing. Over the last year or so I have become more selective of what I jump into because I realize I might be wasting money that could be better spent on proper treatments.

Maybe This Is Not What I Signed Up For?

As we got more involved with the NACD, I started feeling like it was not what I signed up for. The monthly fee of $260 US dollars a month started to really hurt when the Canadian dollar took a dive. This wouldn’t have bothered me so much if I felt the money was well spent. However, I just didn’t understand what these programs were really doing to help my children.

I was also told we would have a coach available to answer all my questions and be in constant contact with us to help us stay on track. While my emails were answered when I emailed my coach, the constant contact we were promised was just a Monday thru Friday mass email. Nothing personal, no checking up on how things were going.  If I didn’t email them, the only contact I got was this mass email.

Enough Is Enough

I guess the straw that broke the camel’s back was when one Skype evaluation, our evaluator suggested we make some changes to Little Z Man’s diet. When the report came back with all the program changes, there was no mention of the diet. When I emailed to ask for more information I was told it was not actually part of the program. She suggested that we avoid processed foods and simple carbs, but besides that, if I wanted more guidance I would have to set up a consult with one of their doctors for the fee of $250 US dollars. This was on top of the $260 a month I was paying for their support, and the extra $250 4 times a year when we had reevaluations.

I felt with the money I was paying, and the fact that the gut is the second brain, this should have been a more important part of the program. Eventually due to the lack of understanding why I was doing the programs, and the constant need to spend even money on subscriptions to programs, apps, mp3 lectures, CD programs we discontinued treatment with the NACD. The minimal changes in the boys were not worth the kind of money I was spending.

The Institutes for the Achievement of Human Potential – IAHP

Eventually, I started connecting more via Facebook and phone conversations with a mom who had attended the Institutes for the Achievement of Human Potential course for well children. She started getting on me about having to go and take the What To Do About Your Brain-Injured Child course. I agreed with her, but I didn’t really believe I would.

Make It Happen, Captain

However, she became ruthless about it. She cleared up some misconceptions that I had about the IAHP, and kept telling me, “Monique, you just need to make this happen.” Make this happen? How does one just make something like this happen? Money doesn’t just materialize when you need it.

Okay, maybe money doesn’t just materialize. However, it is amazing that when you make up your mind to make something happen, you can make it happen. I decided I was going to Philadelphia and I put down my deposit and made the rest happen.

Boarding A Plane

On that early September morning on the way to the airport, I had butterflies in my stomach. This was really happening. I had been dreaming about stepping foot onto the campus of The Institutes for the Achievement of Human Potential for 9 years. Now after 5 months since deciding I was going, I had made it happen. It was surreal.

Nearly 10 months since taking the What To Do About Your Brain-Injured Child Course(WTD course), life as we know it has changed forever. The programs that I learned to implement are making a HUGE difference for Little Z Man. We have in a general sense, to treat his whole body, physically, intellectually, and physiologically.

The Why Is More Important Than The How

I realized that knowing WHY you are doing a program with your child is just as important as HOW to do the program. The staff at the Institutes made me realize that without knowing WHY you are doing something, I am less likely to be motivated to do it. This is why the NACD programs did not work for my family. The short 10-minute videos and 1-2 page write-ups about their programs did not answer the WHY for me.

Notes and charts from the IAHP course

The literature available to me all about the programs available from the IAHP helps guide me on my journey and helps refresh all that I learned at the WTD course. After completing the course you can always find on my nightstand or kitchen table my binder full of notes, What To Do About Your Brain-injured Child, How to Teach Your Baby to Read, How Smart Is Your Baby? and How to Teach Your Baby to Be Physically Superb(the newer version is called Fit Baby, Smart Baby, Your Baby!)

Sometimes Books Don’t Do It Justice

 Honestly, when I was sitting in that course I realized a lot of the information was available in the books, however the course explained to me in more detail the WHYS and the HOWS in a way I could really get. Without the history of the program, the science behind how they figured out the brain works in children with brain injury, and the experiences of other families who were successful, the books did not have the same power as they do to me today.

These books are also not the type you read once and put away. I’m always coming back to them and rereading them and referencing them. Every time I read them something else jumps out at me. Something that we were not ready for the first time I read it and I forgot about jumps out at me and gives me new ideas.

No Secret Handshakes 

I kept hearing that the IAHP is a super secretive cult, and unless you are part of their Intensive program you can’t access their wealth of information to help your child. I have learned this couldn’t be further from the truth. The IAHP honestly wants to help as many families as physically possible. They are doing what they can to do that in a safe responsible way, such as:

  • Free webinars on Youtube
  • The What To Do About Your Brain-Injured Child book. This is a must-read for families and the prerequisite to all of the other programs.
  • The Home Program Consultation- After you take the course you can do with with your advocate via Skype
  • The What To Do About Your Brain-Injured Child course
  • Public Facebook group available to all families of special needs children thinking of taking the WTD course
  • Private Facebook group for families who have already taken the WTD course. Several staff members frequent this group.

Except Maybe Masking…

There is one program that the IAHP seems very hush-hush about, that is the masking program. However, this is for good reason. The masking program is only prescribed to children that have had a complete medical evaluation. They must be found to be fit for this program. If done on a child that is not a candidate it could be very unhealthy for them. It has nothing to do with the IAHP wanted to keep their methods secret. It’s about protecting children from well-meaning parents without the proper information.

That course is enough for many families to change their children’s lives without ever having to go back to the Institutes. However for myself, to keep my momentum I need to continue to learn. I need more, but that is just a personal thing. I have seen so much change in Little Z Man. Even so I feel like I need the staff at the Institutes to do a thorough evaluation on him. They will help me come up with a more personalized program for Z. I’m the type of person that will take on too much and not get anything done. I feel that having the staff guide me will keep me on track.

Once Was Not Enough

Next month we are jumping on a plane and the staff will be getting their hands on Little Z Man. Through the power of answered prayer and determination, we have made another trip to Philadelphia possible.


In order for any program to work, not just therapies. It could be a diet, financial plans, etc, the WHY is as important, maybe more important than the HOW. I need someone with the heart of a teacher guiding me through the process. It is very discouraging when I’m promised a coach and a whole program to find out that parts of the program are not included. Let alone only come at yet another fee.

For me, the IAHP is the tried, the tested, and true path for my son. They have 60+ years of experience and data to back them up. Yes of course they do have their cases where they cannot help that particular child. After taking the course I can now see that the kids they cannot help are not forgotten about. Actually, the opposite is true. Those are the kids on the back of their minds day in and out. Pushing them forward to find new techniques and programs to solve that problem.


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Must have IOS apps for babies and toddlers

One of the most helpful tools I have used to teach Baby Z a lot of has been our iPad. From an early age I would sit him on my lap and we would spend a few mins going through some educational apps.

As he got older he would get excited to do his lessons. He could be running around playing, ignore me as I walked in the room. But as soon as the “Hooked On Phonics” app theme song would start playing, he would come running and sit in my lap.

I’m so sad this technology was not available when Wes was a baby. I feel this gave Baby Z such an upper hand. Baby Z does not let me videotape him often, but here are some videos of him working on his shapes and sight words at 16 months old. 

My top 5 must have ISO apps for babies and toddlers are(in no particular order):

Now some of these apps your child will not be able to do on their own. I did the hand over hand method with my son. I would guide him hand and talk to him about what we were doing and why we were selecting that answer. If he didn’t want me to guide his hand, I would just have him sit in my lap and I would do that activities and explain what I was doing. Eventually when he learned how to do it, I would feel his hand tug away from mine and he would answer himself.


Baby Doesn’t Count


Any Preschool Prep app. We love them all!


Teach Me Toddler. Afterwards we went straight to Teach Me Kindergarten.


Hooked on Phonics

2014-11-04 13.25.15

Splash Math

What apps do you use with your baby or toddler? Why do you like them? Leave me a comment and share!

Teaching my toddler. What apps are we using?

I wish the iPad was around when Wes was a baby. It is a educational teacher, with millions of amazing educational apps, that can keep a child’s attention. What more can you ask for.

SAM_0965It is the perfect tool for Little Z. I have been using the iPad and the iPhone with him since he was a toddler.

We started with apps like Little Reader Touch, that allowed us to play Little Reader lessons from out apple devices. I found it a lot easier to sit cuddled up with him and the iPad instead of sitting at the computer doing the same lessons. We also did the app Baby Doesn’t Count. This app is based on Glenn DOman’s method of teaching babies math by using baby’s ability to perceive quantity intuitively

After a while we introduced Little Z to the wonderful world of Preschool Prep apps. With these apps he had an educational explosion and learned so many things, and in such a short amount of time.

So what are we doing now on the ipad?

2014-11-05 13.26.09

Brain Pop Jr: This is a paid for subscription. However if you are a member of Testingmom.com, you receive assess to this program for free. You select which topic you want to learn about that day and there are tons of videos where Annie and Moby teach your child about that topic in a short 4-6 min clip.

Reading Eggs: We were doing Reading Eggs, however my subscription ended. As much as I love the program and I know it did wonders for Wes. I think its a little too repetitive for my busy 2.5 year old Little Z.

2014-11-04 13.27.132014-11-04 13.27.422014-11-04 13.28.00

Teach Me Kindergarten: Now this is a favorite of Little Z’s.

This program teaches printing, Sight reading, Spelling, addition and subtraction.

While you’re working through the program, the little teacher mouse gives you green checks for items you got right and yellow checks for things that may have taken a few tries. In the parent settings you select how many green checks your child needs to earn a coin. We do the max with Z and have him set to 10 coins. AFter you collect coins you can select things to buy in the virtual stores.

Honestly Z doesn’t understand the coin system. He plays because he loves it. We use the coins to indicate when we have done 10 questions.

I believe this program has helped Z get a real good grip on his math skills and spelling skills.

2014-11-04 13.25.15

Splash Math(Grade 1): I bought this app a while ago when it was on sale. But Little Z was not ready for it at that time. Well a month or so ago I was trying to do MathSeeds with him, but it was too slow and too easy. So I heard people on my Early Learning Facebook group talking about Splash Math again, and I decided to try it again with Z.

Well turns out he was ready. At first he would only sit for a couple of problems. Now he can sit for a good 5-10mins doing the program.

I should also mention, we use this as an INPUT program, as I do with many of the apps I use. I sit him on my lap and guide his hand around and talk to him about how we work out the problems. After a while I feel his hand start going to the answers before I guide it there. I follow his lead, if he goes for the correct answer I allow him to. If he doesn’t move, I guide him to the right answer and talk about why its the right answer and how I got to that conclusion. If he could to the wrong answer, I redirect him and explain why.

Overall a great program that records your child’s progress.

2014-11-04 13.26.27Memory 4 U: This is an app that was used with the NACD up until this week. I believe they made a better app, but seeing as I paid for this one already, and its serving our purpose, I’m going to continue to use it.

Basically it is designed to help your child work on their memory skills. You can set the levels and buy extra packages to change the icons. For us we use the preset icons. I have never felt the need to spend the extra money.

2014-11-04 13.25.50Classical Conversations Cycle 1: This is an input only app for us. We go through the material for each subject once a day for a week, and then we move onto the next subject.

This app was on the pricey side at $14.99. But for the amount of information in it, I believe it is worth it to us. farfaria1

FarFaria: This is a subscription based online library for kids. We use it to read books. Want to learn more about this product and maybe win a subscription for yourself? Go here to sign up, the winner will be drawn on Friday.


What apps do you use with your children??

1 year old Genius? Preschool Prep Apps Success (Throwback Thursday)

At 16 months Z loved his Preschool Prep apps. He was learning so much, but was very hard to catch on camera. That being said I was able to catch him a few times using them. If you have a child who is working on their letters, letter sounds, shapes, colors, numbers, and sight words, these apps are for them!

Also using this programs as a source of input in small children who may not be able to answer the questions is an excellent idea! I would sit with Z when he was very little and guide his hand to the right answer. So he was pulling his hands away from mine and answering himself at 16 months old.