Little Z Completed Wink to Learn English


My long time readers may remember back when Wes was little I did a review for a DVD program called Wink to Learn English. Wink to Learn English is a 4-DVDs program aims to help your child to recognize more than 500 words and to form proper phrases and sentences using proven flashcard-techniques developed by Dr Glenn Doman and Dr Shichida. Each lesson is based on the flashcard principles of Glenn Doman. Lesson duration is short (less than 5 mins) and captivates your child’s attention using real life photos and videos. It consists a total of 48 topical lessons which systematically help your child to recognise words and to form proper phrases and sentences.

If you would like to read my original review from 2016, you can find it HERE. I also wrote about using this program back in 2012 when Little Z was an infant, you can read that Here. Sadly dealing with the balance of running my home daycare with an infant, I struggled to stay organized and we never finished the program. I could never remember which lesson we were on.

Well now Little Z is 4 years old. He reads 1000s of words. However my next goal has been to provide him more couples, phrases and sentences. He will happily read words, but prefers not to read outloud phrases and sentences. However in true Doman/IAHP style, I am trying to avoid testing him. I also often see him looking at books and his eyes are tracking the words. I believe he is reading in his head.

When looking through our collection of DVDs to add some media to our IAHP flashcard program, I came across this program. Because he is able to read, but we are looking to fine tune his skills, we decided to watch the lessons only once. I presented him two lessons a day and wrote them on the calendar to stay organized. When we got to lessons 5 & 6 we presented them once and at the end played the right brain track that flashes through the phrases and sentences very quickly.

Six years after my first review what are my thoughts?


  • Organized lessons that allow busy parents to present awesome lessons to their little ones.
  • Clearly printed words on a plain background, separate from the pictures.
  • Real photos were used, not cartoons.
  • Follows the Doman method, words, couplets and phrases.


  • Strong accents. However since my boys live in an all English environment, I’m less worried about this.
  • Little Z wasn’t crazy about the videos after each lesson. They sort of bored him. So we skipped them. My oldest liked them, so this may just be personal preferences and all children have different reinforcers.

Overall I’m very happy that we used this as a review to fine tune Little Z’s current skills. I would suggest parents write what lesson they are on on a calendar or make a checklist on an index card to store in the DVD case.

Disclaimer: I was provided a copy of this program 6 years ago in exchange for my honest, unbiased opinion of the program.

Right Brain Window

Well we were suppose to head over to my aunts for my Memere’s birthday last night when Wesley got home from his dad’s house, but he came home not looking so good. Running nose, bloodshot eye, saying he was sick. So I called my aunt and cancelled. I just can’t take him out when he is not feeling well.
This morning he climbed into bed with me, still not 100%. He really wants to see his Mama and Papa. He is so attached to them. I figure its because we lived with them from the time he was 5 months old till he was 14months. From what I read in Brain Rules for Baby, before 8 months children form there greats bonds. If I child cannot bond before this age it can really effect their brains. So it makes sense that he is so attached to him Mama and Papa.
We skipped soccer today and when hubby is back from dropping of my stepdaughter, I’m going to first stop by Wal-Mart with Wesley to get him some winter boots. In the last few days so much snow has fallen there is about a foot of the white stuff in my backyard. Then we are going to go to my parents for dinner. I don’t mind going there when he is not a 100% because he feels at home there, he has his own room and well just being around Mama and Papa makes him feel better.
This morning we took it easy, We watch a few lessons of Wink to Learn-Speak and Read English and Japanese, then an episode of Tweedlewinks. Then we sat down and did a lesson of Singapore Math, and a page of Touch Math. After watching some of the Tweedlewink course, I’m realizing how important right brain programing is to my son. The more together a child’s speech is the more the right and left brain are connected. Wesley is still very behind in the speech department, so this means I have been granted a longer time with the right brain window open. I plan to take full advantage of it. I’m also not forcing him to do his math on his own. We walk through each set together, and work it out together. The more we do this, the more it seems to stick. I guess this way he is able to learn with little stress. I don’t give him the answers but we work together so he can come up with the answer. All of this took us 20-25mins, now he is free to do whatever he likes till bed time where we will practice violin, do his Doman flashcards and read together. According to the Tweedlewinks course, children tend to do better if you cluster half there work in the morning then the other half in the afternoon. This allows them to learn what they need to, but still have lots of time to explore.
Hope everyone has a wonderful Sunday!