Wink to Learn Animal DVD Review and Giveaway

Well this is my second review for the company Wink To Learn. The first was on a product called Speak and Read English, you can read it here.
I just love dealing with this company! Their products are amazing and they take what they are doing very seriously. They state right on their web pages their promises.

Within 6 Hours – Customer Service email response time

Free Local Shipping for Singapore customers
Free International Shipping by air (except for restricted countries like Indonesia and Saudi Arabia)
100% Compatibility – our DVDs are in NTSC (Region-free format)
Free 1-to-1 Replacement for any defective DVDs for ALL customers
Free Gift-wrapping for ALL customers upon request

I know myself sometimes when I want to order a product the price doubles when I factor in shipping and handling cost. I love that when you order something from Wink To Learn, its free shipping!
The product that I had the honor to review was there Animal Facts DVDs in English. This was exciting for me because a)I’ve been dieing to try this series and b) I know my Brillkids friends online would like an honest review on their product.
The bundle I reviewed included:
African Safari
Amazing Rainforest
Australian Wildlife & Asian Reptiles
Jungle Feathers
Threatened Species
Wetland Wings
Here is a little preview from their website

Each DVD Helps your child to learn more than 70-100 encyclopedic facts on animals in Singapore Zoo and hence learn more than 100-150 words & phrases.
The first time I played this for my son, it was a few minutes before my hubby came home. When he arrived he looked at the TV and there was a Malayan Sun Bear. He asked me what the heck that was and sat down and started watching the DVD with my son. I find that even as a parent, I’m learning tons from this video. We keep our sessions short just like the people at Wink to Learn recommended. We do 3-4 animals 2-3 times a week. This way it keep the kids wanting more.
The quality of these DVDs are second to none. The videos are amazing and you get close and personal with the animals. I also love the little clips in cartoons that help explain some of the facts. The only thing like I mentioned in the first review the narrator has a slight accent. Once again this does not bother me at all, but some people are particular about accents when teaching their child.
Would I recommend this product? Yes! The information is interesting for both parent and child. Overall an excellent collection of what we call in our home “Children’s Documentaries”. My hubby and I watch several  documentaries a week and wanted to pass on the thirst for knowledge to our children. I feel these DVDs do just that. Not to mention the price is right and the no charge shipping is a MAJOR bonus.
Now the SUPER exciting part!!
Wink To Learn has offered my readers a chance to win a copy of the following titles. (Amazing Rainforest is my personal favorite, so I’m thrilled that it was included!)
– African Safari
– Amazing Rainforest
– Threatened Species
The contest is open WORLDWIDE (except for restricted countries like Indonesia and Saudi Arabia)
How to Enter: Complete any of the following task, and get one entry each. PLEASE include your email and leave one comment for EACH task. The more tasks you complete the better your chances of winning.
– Head over to Wink to Learn and tell me which of the Animal DVDs you would like to show your child the most
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Contest Closes October 15th at 11:59pm
Thank-you so much to the great people at Wink To Learn for giving me the chance to review their product, and at the same time educate my children. I was in no way required to write anything in my review, and the option here is mine and mine alone.

Headsprout Review and coupon codes!!

Well my son learns best by using computer programs and flashcards. So we started using a computer program, but eventually as he progressed through the program and he started getting board with it. It was time to spice things up. I went online and started looking for something that we could use on the computer to learn to read, plus would hold his attention. That’s when I found Headsprout. I tried some of their sample lessons and knew right away this was for my son!

So far we have just completed the first 11 lessons. I love that I can click on the Early Reading Progress Report and see what percentage of answers my son got correct, the total number of responses (clicks) made thus far in the program, and how much time he has spent on Headsprout learning. It also tells me which sounds or blends he has learned so far, words he has learned, Potential Readable Words (an estimated number of common words consisting of the elements learned thus far in the program. A child’s ability to sound out and read these words will grow as he progresses through the program).

What I really like is the program is very good at explaining what the child has to do. With other online programs I had to sit right beside him and explain to him step by step what to do, and sometime it even stumped me too! I still stay in the same room as him so I can see what he is learning, and sometimes I just in and join him. But if I have a pile of dishes to do I know I can set him up with the laptop at the kitchen table and he can work away and learn.

When you order Headsprout you received a life subscription for that child. They will also send you in the mail, a folder full of great information and tips, a progress map with stickers, and 12 Headsprout books. There is also a set of readers you can purchase separately HERE for a great price; this provides you one book to read after EACH episode. I’m waiting for mine in the mail, so I will tell you guys what they are like in my review of Episodes 12-23. There are also books available to print out. You can read them and then have your child color the pictures.

So far we have completed Episodes 1-5 which happen in “Space World” – Introduces the basic concepts of reading: sounds make words, words make sentences, and sentences make stories. Wesley read the book “See” after episode 5. It is very simple and only a few pages long. However I think this is important because it helps build confidence in our new readers.

Then we completed Episodes 6-11 which was Dino World! – Reinforces previously taught and introduces new sounds and words. Emphasizes hearing words sounded out and then blended, and firms word and story reading. And after episode 11 he read the book Fran and Lee to me. Once again, another short book, but he was super proud to be able to show off his reading skills to me.

I already see my son progressing with his reading, even though he is reading slightly more advance books then See! and Fran and Lee. It is important for the learners to start from the beginning of the program to make sure he does not miss any of the rules to reading. It also builds his confidence right from the beginning. I noticed already that he has started combining two letters together when sounding out words instead of sounding out everything individually. For example he sounds out car, ca-r instead of c-a-r.

One thing a friend pointed out was they pronounce the sound R, “er” instead of “r”. When reading run, you don’t say “er-a-n, eran” you say “r-a-n, ran”. But so far this has been the only “funny” sound I have noticed and it has not affected my son at all.
The other nice thing is that Headsprout offers a Money Back guarantee:
With Headsprout’s Amazement Guarantee, you have 30 days to try Headsprout Early Reading and if you’re not amazed, we’ll issue a full refund. You don’t have to return a thing. All these great Headsprout materials are yours to keep.

So far we love his program. One episode is never enough. Although I try to keep it to one so we don’t lose interest, but he usually talks me into a second one lol. Also for families who have to keep records to submit to their state or province, it’s so great that you can just get progress reports that your can print out. Overall I think it is a great program and we plan to continue using it right up to Episode 80. The other great thing about Headsprout is that once you’ve done these lessons you can start their other program: Headsprout Reading Comprehension.
Interested in using Headsprout with your child?? Everyone who reads this review and wants to order can use these special promo codes:
When a person reads my Headsprout review and purchase a program they will receive a FREE Scout (the bee) puppet at checkout. Click HERE to purchase. Promotional codes are as follows: Headsprout Early

Reading (Episodes 1-80) = DOMANERBEE

Headsprout Reading Comprehension (1-50) = DOMANRCBEE

I also love that Headsprout realizes their product can be expensive for families, so they offer multiple types of payment plans, as well as a 50% discount for the second learner in the family purchasing the same product.

I want to thank Headsprout for letting my son and I review your product. I was given a subscription to Headsprout for my honest option.  

Wink to Learn- Speak and Read English Review

Wink to Learn- Speak and Read English
Well this time while reviewing a product I was pleasantly surprised! I actually thought I was just reviewing the Wink to Learn Animal Adventurer series. When I opened the package I was confused to see “Speak and Read English”. My first reaction was, “My son knows How speak English, why would they send this?”Well I opened it up and threw Disc 1 in. Well I was very pleased. I now understood that this product is good for both English and non-English speaking families.

“Speak & Read English 4-DVDs program is your child’s best tool in learning English.Each lesson is based on the flashcard principles of Glenn Doman. Lesson duration is short (less than 5 mins) and captivates your child’s attention using real life photos and videos. It consists a total of 48 topical lessons which systematically help your child to recognise words and to form proper phrases and sentences.”

When I put on these lessons, I usually have 3 daycare babies gather around the TV and my son sits on the couch. When the lesson is over they almost always want more. If your looking for something that is very right brain, and you can use it would both a baby and an older child, this is the right product for you! I was very excited to see that it is designed for 6months to 7 years old! So if you children between that large age group you are going to get lots of use out of this amazing product.
The Wink to Learn Speak and Read DVD Series claims to:
• Develop Positive Interest in Languages
• Recognise English words
• Speak accurate English
• Form Proper Phrases and Sentences
What I really like about this program is the fact it seems to follow Glenn Doman’s plan. Single words them couplets, then right into sentences. Only thing I noticed is the accent of the woman reading the words on the DVD. This is not an issue to me because for now it’s cute that when my son is following along with the video says watermelon with an accent. I know that because he is living in an environment of people with a Canadian accent that’s what he will have. In no way is the accent on the video so hard you can’t understand what she is saying. But it’s there and I know some families like knowing this when deciding to buy a new DVD reading program.
Would I buy this product?
In a heart beat. As a mother who got on board with right brain learning when my son was a bit older(started on and off at 2 years old, and full force at 4 years old) I loved that they sent a little booklet that had directions on how to run this program according to your child’s age. I also like that the booklet includes all the words in the lessons. I plan to use this to make books using these words to help the children learn even more. Great Job Wink to Learn! This is an amazing product.
If your interested in purchasing this product or any other Wink To Learn products, please go to the Wink to Learn website
Keep your eyes open on my upcoming review about Wink Learn Animal Series.

Time4learning Review

Wesley and I got the chance to try the online program Time4Learning. It is a near complete online homeschooling curriculum. You can also use it to supplement your child that does attend school.
I ready wanted to try this program since last Black Friday while standing in line at Toys R Us. I got into a conversation with the lady ahead of me about homeschooling. She swore up and down what an amazing program this was and that her daughter was basically homeschooling herself and just thought she was playing videogames.
Of course this site has pros and cons. I love that they offer science along with the basic math and language arts.
One thing I wish this site offered was a placement test. I found I wasted a lot of time trying to find lessons that were my sons level.
All and all this site looks like it could be great, but the lessons are very disorganized. Like I said a placement test would be helpful. I’m sure we could have figures it out, however my son was not feeling it at all. After a week of using the program daily my aon started begging not to do Time4Learning. Overall we enjoy Headsprouts and Reading Eggs for reading and hands on programs for math and science.
If you are a family that travels a lot and space to carry school supplies is limited, this might be the program for you.
Now I usually don’t like writing reviews that are not positive. I contacted the company and told them I could not give them a raving review and offer them I could either a) write the review but I will be 100% honest b) or not write the review at all. They asked me to write it anyhow so they could get suggestions how to improve there services. I think in the end this says a lot about the company. Instead if covering up a not so happy customer they wanted the truth. Good for you!!
Thank you Time4Learning for letting my son and I sample your product.
If you want to try this product you can go to

Super Star Speech Review

Super Star Speech: Speech Therapy Made SimpleAs a parent of a child with speech issues, one of my biggest frustrations was waiting lists. I’m am so grateful to live in a country that provides speech therapy for free through the public system, but even still it is so frustrating. First you have to convince your child’s doctor that there is a problem and to write a referral. Then you get put on a 9 month waiting list to be assessed, after that it is another 1.5-2.5 years before you get services. Meanwhile as a parent your being told, ” You had better hope little Johnny gets into the preschool program, because once their school age, the service is left to the school system, and god only knows what will happen then!” You have to be proactive as a parent of a child with a disability, if you don’t fight for your child NO ONE WILL!!!!
Personal story: We had waited, then got assessed and FINALLY got assigned a speech path a couple weeks after we got our autism diagnosis. When I was arranging to meet for our first appointment I told her about our last appointment at the Children’s Development Clinic and our diagnosis and she paused and said “Oh that changes everything… Your son is on the wrong waiting list, there are special speech paths for children with autism.” So I stood there in the lunchroom at work and started to bawl my eyes out on the phone begging this woman to still take my son on as a patient. Then while I should have been working argued with the keeper of the “Autism Speech Waiting List” that our referral date should be honored. Finally I received confirmation that it would be, so the wait started again. Luckily we had the occasional visit from a speech path from the development centre, but eventually her funding was cut. I hired private speech paths, but they all said I was doing everything I could and none could make me any suggestions. Finally it had been 14months since we were put on the “right” list and they said it would take 12-14, so I called and found out we were not put on the right list and had I not called we would have had to wait another year to year and a half for services. Even worse, people referred after us already had services, and we were still waiting. They were really good about have a therapist for us in about a week. However had I not been on the ball my son would have had a long wait for therapy.What I really wanted was something I could so with him to help him. I knew he was a bright boy. He justed needed some help with his speech.
I wish I had known about Super Star Speech by Deborah Lott back. Then I may have caught some of the little problems with his speech much earlier, and had the tools to do something about it. Debbie’s program is amazing! She walks you through step by step, first with a speech assessment, then you make a treatment plan and then she provides you with list of words to use and games that help you provide your child practice to master those sounds.Like I said in past entries about Super Star Speech. This program is only to help children with minor articulation problems. If your child has more complex issues it is very important you have them see a speech path. However if you want to supplement your speech program, correct a few minor errors in your child’s speech or work on something while you wait in the dreaded wait list for therapy, this is an amazing program. Plus you can’t beat the price. I remember paying $80 an hour a few years ago for speech, I don’t even know the going rate now but I highly doubt it’s gone down. This program is less then $25 for the first book, if you want all 3 books it’s available for $50. I mean that is a great deal, plus it’s also available in ebook for less.
My son’s tutor and I talk about this program in great detail today. I created one of the games with the list of words recommended in the book, and she is creating a list of words she notices he is have problems with and we are going to use those words in another one of the games in the ebook. This is so exciting for us to have the tool to help Wesley with this!!

Thank-you so much Debbie for allowing me to review this great product. It is becoming an important part of our homeschooling curriculum, so you can be sure this is not the last you will here about this program.
Contest closes August 31,2010, at 11:59pm. Open to everyone World Wide

Why do I homeschool????

Why Do I Homeschool?
Well I saw a few people jumping on this linky and I thought what a great topic, I always love knowing WHY people do things. Especially with homeschooling, everyone has such different reasons. 
Schools are different now then when I went. Cliques are starting in kindergarten. I remember talking to someone I knows daughter who was in kindergarten at the time and she told me who was “cool” and who was a “loser” in school. She was in kindergarten!! When I was that age I was friends with everyone (lol except one girl who cherry bombed me on the tetter totter. But I wasn’t mean to her, I just didn’t care for her). Now a days young kids are being threatened by peers, sexually assulted by adults, and having there self esteem torn down to nothing. Because my son has a speech delay, I feel I would be send him to the wolves so to speak. He is finally building confidence and improving, why would I sent him to an environment where he would be torn down to nothing. 
Another reason I homeschool is because I know as a mother what areas to challenge my son and what areas to take it easy on him and support him. I don’t understand how one teacher can teach a class of 20,30+ students who all have different learning styles, interests, dislikes, etc can learn to their full potiential in a classroom settling. It’s so easy now to get some extra help online as well. It’s not just me that is doing all the teaching. If I think that he is struggling with chemistry for example, I just go online and type in chemistry homework help online. These types of sites are great for giving just that extra bit of information, so I know that my son isn’t missing out on his education.

Now please don’t think I’m bashing teachers. No that’s not it at all, teachers are doing the best they can with what they have to work with. Some are amazing and dedicate their lives to making sure their students have the best education possible. However the system does not reward these teachers who stay late, work through lunch and try to get their kids the best marks and education possible. No those Heroes have the same benefits, pay cheques, bonuses as the teacher who walked in as the buzzer rings for class to start and is out the door before the students are. 
Plus I have seen it with even my sons tutors and therpists, they think because he has trouble talking he must be slow. When it’s actually the opposite , he is extremely bright, he just has trouble expressing it to people. He suprises me daily and this reminds me to keep challenging him. 
Will I home school him right through to grade 12. Oh I don’t know. Right now I go one year at a time, and I take it from there. 

Starting our home speech therapy program with Super Star Speech

Home Speech Therapy

Well for those of you that have been reading me for a while, you would know the number one reason I decided to homeschool my son was because of his speech delays. So about half a year ago when I stumbled across a blog entry written by someone who was reviewing Deborah Lott’s program “Super Star Speech“, it really peaked my interest. I really can’t remember if the child had speech delays or the blogger had just received the book to review, but I kept thinking, this might be something for my Wesley.

Why Parent Led Speech Therapy?

Lets be honest, speech therapy is expensive. Not only for the actual sessions, but there is also the cost of traveling to and from therapy. Not everyone can comfortably afford it. Even if families has insurance coverage a lot of the time either the deductible can be super high, or the yearly cap is pretty low.

Parent Led Speech Therapy can be helpful for families:

  • that have no speech coverage
  • waiting on wait list for government funded speech therapy
  • waiting for the new year for speech coverage to reset, or
  • that live in rural areas with limited access to a speech therapist


Now I want to make sure that everyone that reads my review realizes that this program is designed for children that have a few articulation problems. Its not designed to “fix” children who have many articulation problems, speech delays, stuttering, or physical problems (ex: cleft palate, hearing impairment, cerebral palsy) If your child has these issues, they should see a speech pathologist.

How We Are Using Starting Super Star Speech

I decided to start with the book “Super Star Speech”, last week I printed it all out and placed them in plastic page protectors.  Now my son has speech delays and is seeing a speech pathologist once a month. However I look at this program like this, the more you exercise a muscle, the stronger it gets. I plan on using this book to exercise my son’s brain and oral muscles. In hopes speech will come more easy to him. It breaks my heart when I meet adults that have speech issues that could have easily been fixed when they were children, yet were not. Now they have to live the rest of their lives struggling to make people understand them.

Articulation Test

The first thing we will be doing next week is the Articulation Test. Debbie has set up an easy to follow check list(in order of what sounds your child should be able to make at different age levels) as well as the pictures. She provides you with pictures to test if your child can properly pronounce certain letters at the beginning, the middle and the end of a words.
After this test you then go on to word on the areas you child needs help with. She provides word lists, exercises and fun games.

Our Plan With Super Star Speech

So next week I’m going to run the Articulation Test, and I’ll update you guys about how it went. I’m super excited to get started. Even though my son is already seeing a speech path, I still feel he needs a lot more work then she is suggesting we do throughout the month, till her next visit. So because of Debbie’s program I feel as a parent I have more control in my son’s final outcome. I love that she is offering parents who could otherwise not afford speech therapy an affordable option to help their children.
Thank-you Debbie!
Please check out Debbie’s Website here and her blog which is also full of great ideas here.

Something I dropped the ball on, time to make up for it now…

One thing I really dropped the ball on when it comes to educating my son early at home was pencil work. He never cared for coloring or crayons, so I never offered it to him much. Then when we were working with his ABA staff we realized that his drawing/tracing/printing skills were lacking. SO this is one area we have been working very hard at, and things are getting better. His occupational therapist isn’t concern as long as we keep practicing everyday. She figures we will get the skills, and the reason he doesn’t have then yet is not because of motor skill problems, just because we never excerised this before.
So what do we do for practice?
I got a few of those cheap dollarstore workbooks, you know the ones I’m talking about. They coming with different characters to interest the child(Pooh, Bob the Builder,etc) I removed them from there binding and I give him a worksheet. Its less overwhelming and distracting for him then if I were to give him the whole book.
Hooked on Handwriting- Learn to PrintHooked on Handwriting- Learn to Print– Like I’ve mentioned in other entries we are just finishing up Hooked on Handwriting. He seems to be enjoying this one. We do a lesson or two a day depending on what he is up to

I bought this set of wooden stencils from a lady on Kijiji. We used them for the first time today. He seemed to really like them. I figure whatever can get him more interested in write/coloring.
What do you do with your children to work on this type of motor skill?


Monki See Monki Do Review and GIVEAWAY!!

I’ve had the honor to review the Monki See Monki Do Learning Made Baby Reading Program. Krista Guerrero the creator of MonkiSee and a homeschooling mom of 6 has used this system to teach her two youngest children to read. Krista has been involved in childhood education since her first daughter was born over 12 years ago.
The set includes:
MonkiSee "Baby's First Words" DVD Vol 1 Baby’s First Words– Which teaches babies to read and identify their first 40 words, including all their body parts. This is designed for children 3months to 2 years old.Baby’s First Words
MonkiSee "All About Colors" DVD Volume 2 All About Colors– teaches baies to read, recognize and spell all the colors. This is designed for children 3months to 4 years oldAll About Colors
MonkiSee "All About Shapes" DVD Volume 3 All about Shapes– teaches baies to read, recognize and spell all the different shapes. This is designed for children 3months to 4 years oldAll About Shapes
Memoflix Video Flash Cards Volume 1Memoflix– Memoflix Video Flash Cards Feature 80 Categories and 800 words to teach your baby to read. Now available on DVD. Babies learn to read and recognize 100 animals, vehicles, actions, colors, quantities, items around the house and much more. Memoflix video flash cards have words, pictures and sound effects, making learning a fun experience for your little one.
A Guide to Teaching Babies to ReadA Guide to Teaching Babies to Read– An 80 minute guide that is jam packed with all the information you would ever need to know to begin teaching your baby to read

I have been showing my children and daycare children these videos for a few weeks now, they range between 14months and 5 years old. They just love Skip and Howie the monkeys. My one daycare child gets excited when he sees me pull out the DVD box and starts making noises like a monkey. I play it during free play, the children have the option to play or watch the video. Most of the time they do both. They will start playing and then get interested in the DVD and watch for a few mins. And they are kind of back and forth. You know what, this is perfect, because young children don’t learn like we do. They are right brain dominant and can pick up stuff from the videos even though they don’t appear to be watching. They really enjoy the catchy little songs and get up and dance along.
The thing that shocked me was my five year old son and four year old stepdaughter sit down and enjoy these videos too. I thought for sure they would be too old for them, especially seeing as they no longer want anything to do with other “Teach Your Baby to Read” products out there. This was a fresh new way to look at words for them. They seem to especially like the colors video. My kids love changing their favorite colors,  and every weekend when we pick up my stepdaughter, the first question they ask each other is “Whats your Favorite color this week.” I like that the DVDs don’t stick to the basics and get some less common colors like gold and silver involved. Its great that Skip and Howie also focus on teaching the kids how to spell the words they are learning too.
I really enjoyed MemoFlix. Usually right brain flashcards and me don’t mix. I’ve actually contacted other companies about their products because they have made me feel like I’m getting car sick or have even give me migraines, and I feared what effect it had on my son. Turns out that some people are just more sensitive then others, and as we all know kids process things different adults, so my son has never had the same reaction. That being said I still like to sit down and watch these videos with my son, and Memoflix does not trigger these episodes for me. So my son and I can sit and watch it together, and its nice to actually be able to look at the screen when he gets excited about a new word.
As for the Guide To Teaching Babies to Read. Very well done, Krista offers parents ideas and tips on helping your baby learn to read. She does shows parents how to make flashcards and book, as well as how to show them to your child. After watching this video she’s motivated ME to start collecting flyers and magazines so I can create some books for my children too.
Be sure to check out Krista’s blog here. She has great articles about helping your children learn to read, lists of wonderful books and great links for other resources. I visit often and get tons of ideas from her.

Good Luck!!

Trebellina and Friends DVD Review – Updated June 2019

Trebellina and Friends

Trebellina and Friends

Are looking for a great, fun way to teach your child how to read music? The Cristofori Baby Company have created a wonderful, fun DVD called “Trebellina and Friends.” They also carry flashcards and cute t-shirts with the characters on them too. I have the honor of reviewing this great product.

UPDATED June 25th, 2019: Right now looks like the only place to purchase this DVD is through Amazon. I cannot also no longer find the T-Shirts or Flashcards on their website.

(How come my son who use to be a ham for the camera will not pose anymore without a fight lol)

Awards Won

“Trebellina and Friends” have won many awards including “Dr.Toy 100 Best Children’s Products” and “iParenting Media Award” The moment I turn on this DVD my five year old and my 3 daycare babies(under 2) are instantly drawn to the bright colors and clear music. The DVD not only teaches your child about music notes, but also different instruments. My son actually corrected another children’s DVD that called tubular bells, chimes. He turn to be and said “No those are Tubular Bells”. So it is clear that he is absorbing the information.

Attention to Details

I especially like the little attention to deal, for example during the “boring” copyright warning at the beginning of the DVD they have a little count down on the side of the screen for the kids to watch and countdown to the start of the movie.

UPDATE November 2018: While DVDs created now 10 years later are of course are created with fancier technology, this DVD is still a hit with my daycare kids.

But why would even what your child to learn music?

While I don’t think this video will teach your child to read music overnight, its a great introduction. Enough to get the child interested to learn more.

You can read study after study that shows that children who learn to play an instrument have a major upper hand. Learning to play a musical instrument can improve fine motor skills, language, math skills, the list goes on.

All and all I found this a great DVD to share with my children. The characters are lovable, and educational.

UPDATE Nov 2018: You can check of these articles to learn more about how music affects young developing brains

Children’s brains develop faster with music training

The Importance of Music in Early Childhood Development

Why music is key to your child’s development

Interested in Getting a Copy For Your Child?
As of November 2018 Cristofori Baby Company website no longer seems to have an online store. However I was able to find copies of this DVD on Amazon. Trebellina Ages 1-4 Music Dvd

I was provided this DVD at no cost for an honest review. I was not paid to post this review, however this post does contain affiliate links.