Autism & Chiropractic Care

Up until recently I never really thought of seeing a chiropractor as a type of Autism therapy. That’s not to say my kids or I have never seen the chiropractor.

Growing Up With Chiropractic Care

I grew up getting adjustments at the chiropractor regularly throughout my childhood. My mom saw a chiropractor for her migraines, and back then several appointments were covered by our health care a year, so we would just get adjusted while we were there.

Its funny, I remember when I was very little getting stamps on my hand everytime I went. Little happy faces. That doesn’t really help this blog post, but as I was sitting her remembering my childhood, that came to mind.

Adjustments While Pregnant? Your Crazy…

As I got older, I continued to see the chiropractor as I could afford it. I remembered how shocked one of my co-workers was when she found out I was going after work to be adjusted while pregnant. Here exact words were, “Your crazy!”

To her this was very dangerous, especially while pregnant. However for me it was just something I did. It was no different then going to the doctor for a check up.

First Adjustment at 7 Weeks Old.

I didn’t even tell this co worker when I started getting my baby adjusted at a few weeks old.

Yes thats right, Wes was 7 weeks old the first time he was adjusted. I had gone for an adjustment myself, and I was telling the chiropractor I hadn’t been sleeping well at night because the baby was colicky.

He went on to tell me how a lot of times an adjustment is all they need to get some relief. I was a tired, sleep deprived, 20 year old mom, wondering what I had gotten myself into. The idea of giving this poor child relief sounded great.

So has Wesley sat in my lap with his chin in my hand for support, I could feel him go from being complete tense, to a puddle in my hand. I felt all the tenson leave his body. That night he slept like a dream.

When we went in the following week, Dr A asked how he was doing. My reply was, “I could kiss you!”. We were really upset when Dr. A moved to another province.

So it seemed like a real no brainer that when Zakari was born, I would have him adjusted too! I believe Zakari was 10 days old when he had his first adjustment.

Car Accident…

Do you ever have a place that just seems cursed? Everytime you go there something bad happens.

For us that was IKEA.

The first time we went, our battery died while we were in the store. The second time we had a flat tire. The third time I thought we were golden, we came to the van, got in and drove away.

Yes! The curse was broken…

Yeah, no. Suddenly an ambulance siren was screaming behind me. I slowed down and pulled to the right lane, like a good little driver. After it passed me, the person in the van ahead of me whipped into our lane as I was accelerating.

If you want to know more about this accident, you can check out my post:

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Thankfully after a few adjustments from our chiropractor, the pain caused Zakari’s whiplash was completely resolved.

Ear Infection that never ends…

Chiropractic care because even more life changing for us this past year.

Zakari was suffering from severe ear pain weeks after an ear infection. We were being brushed off by doctors left right and centre. They were convinced that he was not in pain, but these outburst were Autism behaviours.

Our chiropractor believed me that he was in pain. Using manual spinal manipulation, Dr Kory was able to help Zakari with the pain he was experiencing in his ears after only one appointment.

Since then we have been visiting Dr Kory regularly, and we are noticing that he is calmer, happier, and overall doing so much better in daily life. I believe a lot of his “autism behaviours” had to do with pain.

What to hear more about our story?

Check out the video below to hear more!